Could Ngong and Mike Meegan of ICROSS fame be in the frame for further investigation?

Foreign sex offenders escaping justice in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 20 – While Kenya has its doors open to tourists, businessmen, donors and charity workers, not all visitors have good intentions.

Some of them are sex pests whose aim is to sexually exploit and rob young boys and girls of their innocence.

Reports of children being exposed to appalling sexual, physical and psychological assault has been a growing trend in Kenya.

It is a development that shows thousands of boys and girls are suffering in the hands of foreigners in form of group sex, sodomy, defilement and assault.

End Child Prostitution in Kenya (ECPIK) report shows that Kenyan children are highly vulnerable to abuse by foreigners.

The report further documents that there are more than 50,000 children involved in child sex tourism.

Besides child prostitution, there are children abused in the least expected places – in the children’s homes.

So rife is sexual abuse against vulnerable children that international activists have petitioned Kenyan and British governments to review their commitment to address trans-national child abuse.

They want the two governments to ‘implement international obligations and set up national and international law enforcement teams to protect children.’

In Kenya, children mostly salvaged from abject poverty of street life and others orphaned at tender age bear the heaviest brunt of sexual violence.

They suffer in the hands of paedophiles and rapists cocooned in the guise of charity workers and tourists.

Behind the commendable images of generosity and humility painted on the walls and gates of most orphanages, are depressing social evils that degrade and leave ineffaceable harm on thousands of children in Kenya.

They suffer lifelong injuries in the hands of those entrusted to care for them.

But the puzzle is that most foreign sex offenders are investigated and prosecuted outside Kenya’s jurisdiction yet the committed the offences in Kenya.

Most times, they don’t face justice locally or internationally – they walk free.

In an international petition, activists are concerned that there are increasing cases of foreigners from the West abusing Kenyan children.

The activists say; “British nationals – some convicted sex offenders – have travelled to Kenya where they sexually abused children and avoided prosecution in both Kenya and UK.”



Judie, a Special Projects Reporter started practicing journalism in 2003. She has worked in Kenya and Germany. Judie has scooped awards in Reproductive Health, Population, Gender and Development. She has participated in international conferences in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. Judie has written a booklet, ‘Justice and Peace in the Kenyan Eye’. She has a soft spot for human rights, crime, peace and justice stories and she is now pursuing a Master’s Degree at the University of Leicester (U.K)

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The American had earlier denied the charge saying the obscene publications he circulated were images of a child he found on the Internet.

Kenyan police had been looking for Krieger, alias Babytoddler123, before he was arrested at Olepolos in Ngong.

He was arrested after Interpol investigators in Germany and in the United States informed the local office of the presence of a child abuser in Kenya who was exchanging pictures with other “users” abroad………………..

You can read here about Mike Meegan of ICROSS and his activities going back over 30 years in Kenya. Have the Kenyan authorities really taken this case seriously. Here is the evidence we have gathered in Ireland:

This is the significant court case which should form the basis of bringing Mike Meegan to justice.

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