MMM: Debra’s prophecy hit for six by Cyclone Pam

Princess Debra


“What Might God Say to Me Today” had inconveniently become “What Might God Remember I Said Yesterday.”

We are gradually beginning a sense of what is happening in the MMM. It is clear that Debra is losing control but to what extent is not clear as no one has yet given us a clear narrative to explain what is happening.

Debra3Last week we published the horrific story his death and the issues surrounding his death. We were then alerted to the fact that Niall Haughey the nephew of former Taoiseach C.J. Haughey had opened a restaurant with his wife Maria a cousin of Dermot Forkin in Vanuatu. We are assuming for the moment that there presence there means they are Debra loyalists.


Today we received further information on the current situation from an anonymous source which brings further clarification to the situation. We will under the new material make some comments.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “No Name”
Date: Apr 15, 2015 7:27 PM
Subject: Article on Debra Illusion Verses Reality

In one of Debra’s latest posts, she lashes out against the Catholic Church. “Roman Catholic Army Church entities and their associated religious bodies will rage and persecute the saints of Yahweh God in a war of frothing final stages of sins…since Passover 2015 they will increase their evils and sins of rage on a massive scale.”

This is classic Debra. Everything she does is reactive. Everything she does is a cover for what’s happening in reality. This latest outburst came after she was contacted by a Catholic newspaper. So, knowing that an article about her would soon be published, revealing her fatally flawed and less than ideal history as a self-proclaimed ‘prophet’, she turned typically to her often invoked role play of prophetess’ and predicts this upcoming attack on her. Her brow beaten followers will think once again how blessed they are to be following someone who can predict the future. But to others who see her for what she is, a fraud and a fake, it is another example of her deceitfulness and how she never lets reality (aka the truth) get in the way of a good prophecy or the opportunity to make money.1

Something Debra failed to predict recently was cyclone Pam. This event was definitely not seen by ‘God’s chosen prophetess of the end times’. In fact, movement members told outsiders that there was nothing to worry about as cyclones “don’t come near Princess Debra”. Well this one definitely did because it went right over the top of her. The devastating effect that cyclone Pam had on the islands of Vanuatu and other Pacific nations is well documented. But to Debra, admitting to such destruction is to brush too close with the mundane and mortal reality of the ‘average Joe’. To her “it was just another windy night.” No harm done here folks move right along now! Yet the reality is completely different. Images from Google earth show structural damage to her property and she has complained that the aid agencies are not giving her businesses any support (this from a current member of the movement). Yep, Debra is doing it tough at the moment, so tough that she has no qualms about imploring her members to increase their tithe to 25% of their income. Humbly writing about herself, in third person one might add, (as you tend to do when you’re deluded), “Debramarie is known for giving at least 25% monthly in tithes and offerings.” To which off shore bank account one might be inclined to ask? This is Debra at her desperate best with no shame and devoid of any sense of her overt and obvious grasp for money. Yet again the people of the MMM will rescue her from her own blundering business acumen.

The arrival of cyclone Pam did however give her an opportunity to fulfill one of her other pet pursuits – putting on the facade of helping others. Those who have known her a long time recognize that ‘others’ are a means to an end and she helps ‘others’ only if it is advantageous to her in the long run or the short for that matter. At the moment, she’s putting on a veneer of being busy in Vanuatu, saying recently that she was assisting the locals to rebuild their houses. She laments the lack of recognition given to her generosity by the ‘evil’ media noting recently that they fail to report that she “is often witnessed handing out large amounts of cash monthly”. Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor from laughing at such baloney. None of the 120+ members who have recently taken flight from her control would remember her ever doing such a thing. It’s just not true and in reality she is extremely miserly. If she is so over endowed with bundles of cash, how come she’s crying poor to the MMM communities back in Australia, USA and Ireland, demanding 25% tithes to help rebuild her Vanuatu enterprise? David Millikan, a cult expert in Australia and who has met Debra a number of times sums her up perfectly when he says that she is “a small rather greedy woman (who) is very good at finding ways of bleeding people of their money … in order to meet her own ends.”

Only a few years ago she had her community in Helidon gather together several shipping containers full of clothes, furniture and household goods destined for the ‘poor islanders’ of Vanuatu. Her faithful answered her call once again and donated kindly to such a worthy cause. These containers where shipped over to Vanuatu and would have made a lot of difference to those less fortunate except for one small detail…not all the donations were handed out to those in need and those goods that were distributed were only taken to villages where Debra sought to influence a local chief or politician, leading them believe her to be a wealthy and influential member of British royalty at the same time! After the first year or so, Debra lost interest in playing the great provider and the remaining goods sat in a shed which seemingly got blown away by cyclone Pam.

How does she react when the media ask her about the money she is sucking out of her members? She starts writing on her website “No donations are needed or accepted” and “Do it all for free” Again the reality is quite different. Money has always been a constant theme of her painfully long and boring talks. Tithe 10% was her mantra at first. Then it was that the real sweetness of God would kick in when one donates extra on top of that. She writes, “So many of us who delight in making correct tithes and offerings … are already rejoicing in increased prosperities and amazing blessings.” Now of course, the reality is completely different and we all know there is only one person increasing in prosperity – if she could manage to hang onto it long enough.

When the media pull her up about being called “Princess”, a name she encouraged adoring members and local Vanuatu islanders to call her for years she tries to deceive again. This time she pretends it was a nickname given to her by her family. In third person again, she writes “NB. Mother Debramarie is known by her family pet name as Prensys to only close friends and family of the BIBLE remnant and does not respond to that name in public.” For those looking on it is laughable as she shifts and squirms and constantly changes her position. Devotees arriving for her numerous ‘retreat’ weekends in Vanuatu were coached to only ever refer to her as ‘Princess’. 2

One of the most obvious ways to highlight this constant changing is to look at her messages. Here is one she put up recently given to her in 1992 (apparently), “I am the Light in you. I am the Way. I am Truth in you. I will lead you.” Now don’t we love it when Debra starts quoting her previous messages? The contradictions are impossible to count. In this web of deceit there is only a certain number of lies one can remember and eventually you are bound to slip up. Which explains why one day Debra decided it was a good idea that everyone in the community burn the diaries she had written. “What Might God Say to Me Today” had inconveniently become “What Might God Remember I Said Yesterday.” 3

Fortunately, some of the diaries were salvaged from this ‘cleansing’ and these hold some wonderful treasures like this from Diary 5 (p214) where Debra asks herself “Am I abnormal or deranged?” Perhaps the test of time has answered this obvious torment and doubt. Then there is this illuminating lament again from Diary 5 (p137) “O God I feel so sad. People are talking about me again. They either say things I didn’t say or they try and put me on a pedestal…Am I a false prophet like they call so many others. I feel like a façade that appears good on the outside and is no good inside.” Oh Debra! How well you knew yourself back then. If only you had heeded that inner warning years ago when it chided you. Right back at the very start it was an act for you and sadly it still is today.

The reality for Debra is her businesses are failing, her followers are abandoning her, her ravings are increasing in confusion, her desperation is increasingly evident and her deceit so deep she is tragically lost. Can Debra face this reality or will she continue to live in delusion and deception? She recently made this prediction, “Servants of Satan will explode in rages frothing for the next 5 months as never seen before.” Eerily, this has a tinge of self-fulfillment to it, but let’s hope and pray that she comes to her senses. If not, her closest confidants must take the necessary steps to once and for all stop this sham and prevent her from destroying not only herself but all those who follow her.



We can see the genesis of her apocalyptic views from her near conversion to Seventh Day Adventism. p, 81-82

SDAInterestingly, while Debra claimed that the Catholic Church had protestantised the Mass, she was entertaining thoughts of joining the
Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). (219) She had asked her members to take down all the statues in Mary’s Mount. These theological deviations were a step too far for Maggs:

219 ibid. 188, 9. See photograph of Debra and K. Morgan, SDA Church Leader in appendix one. K. Morgan, Private telephone communication with author June 9, 2003.

The taking down of all statues and holy pictures was part of her Protestant thinking at this stage. She herself was ready to become Protestant, and jumped the gun too far and soon for the rest of us. We were not ready to do this. Some of us left over this. (220)

220 W. Maggs, private email communication (January 29, 2005).

Debra seemingly wanted to take the MMM out of the reach of the Catholic Church. She brought lecturers and films in for several weeks. The secret meetings with the SDA went on behind the backs of most of the members. This was highly controversial, and
eventually backfired on Debra. The removal of statues and pictures was requested because the SDA would have regarded their use as idolatry. Some of the members were very unhappy about this doctrinal turn and began querying her position. Debra heard of
this and rang Maggs from New Zealand. He told her, “We are Catholics! We should have statues and holy pictures. It is part of our Catholic practice.” 221 On her return Debra “blamed the whole fiasco on Gordon her husband and Marion Morgan. Debra had
misjudged the feeling of the majority. But it showed how she was really thinking.”(222)

221 ibid.
222 ibid.

2. Debra’s royal position also featured in my thesis. p, 91

Debra produced postage stamps with CCA as the country of origin containing the O.H.M.S. motif, and successfully used the Australian postal service to get letters with these stamps sent to the USA.265 Debra also had a business card made in the States on which she claims to be a diplomat and British subject, Her Excellency, Debra-Marie Burslem H.R.H. HM Government of Caledonia Australis, Minister Plenipotentiary.266 A number of interesting questions arise at this point. Was Debra a well intentioned person
who merely went astray in the absence of grounded spiritual accompaniment? Was she deluded and as a result lived out of her delusion? Or was she in fact of set purpose a manipulator of others for her own ends? In the absence of opportunities for an in depth
interviews such questions remain difficult to answer. However, the evidence available so far suggests the likelihood of the latter. As this research is being brought to conclusion information is emerging of allegations of fraud, impersonation and treason being investigated by the LAPD, the FBI and the Australian Federal Police as a result of the contents of the Mansour dossier.

266 Mansour Dossier, Copy of the card op. cit. Letter from Nabil Azzam who met Debra in Las Vegas at a fundraiser where he was handed a copy of the card. “I enquired about the ‘Royalty’ and other titles mentioned on the card. She commented that she is considered ‘Royalty’ and she even travels on a Diplomatic passport.” To Whom It May Concern (July 13, 2005). The printer of the card, Abdo Jahshan delivered the business cards in question to Debra in Beverly Hills and received by John Tonner. Letter To
Whom It May Concern (July 13, 2005). Debra tried to get Claire Mansour to move to Helidon while at the same time approached a very exclusive estate agency to purchase a house next door to her in Beverly Hills. This is confirmed by the director of the company Mauricio S. Umansky. Mansour Dossier, Copy of the card op. cit.

3. “What Might God Say to Me Today” had inconveniently become “What Might God Remember I Said Yesterday.”

Yes we have a few of the Diaries here so if we need a quote let me know:

MMM literature

17 Responses

  1. Thanks Jim are you travelling there regularly now? Yes actual evidence will be very helpful for the public to see. Also could you send me further documents which indicate the role of the Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley? Good to hear from you again.
    A report from 2010:
    MMM Vanuatu Update:

    In 2003 when I was visiting Helidon I came across John Tonner in his various roles.
    One was as Debra’s Chauffer. I spent 10 days in Australia, and most of it in Helidon. One day I was interviewing a former member of the MMM when I had an hour to myself and went into a shopping centre in Twoowoomba. I was coming down an escalator when on I saw Debra with John in a men’s shop like a mother buying him his school uniform. Later that day I received a call from the police to say that Debra had reported me for stalking her! At that time few people had seen her since 1999. Here I had seen her twice in one day. I had requested an interview to talk to Irish members of the MMM and to talk to her. A refusal note was left on what was in fact Catholic Church property which the MMM had moved onto. When I reached for it they called the police again and said I was trespassing. John was a kind of jack of all trades. He had become to believe in Debra when he had a personal vision. Later I had heard he was doing some mining in Gatton.

    I never met him but in 2004 he was around Bandon, Co Cork trailing the mother of Claire Murphy, who is the official accountant and assistant to Debra. Later that year Claire announced she had been married to John since 2001. Talk about delaying the announcement! Claire Mansour informed me that Debra told her that this marriage was to keep Claire in Australia as she is an Irish citizen.
    Our agent on the island of Vanuatu has someone helping them who is fluent in the
    Bislama language. She found this information in the newspaper archives of the Vanuatu Daily Post. Apparently, John Tonner became the owner (ca. 2007-8) of MCI a sand and gravel business in Port Vila. He is also involved in something called Global Boxing in Vanuatu. This is to promote Australian boxers coming to Vanuatu for matches.
    The place where Debra lives has had extensive work done on the building, the woman who is over there told me. She talked to someone who delivered materials there.
    There is a kidney shaped pool, a tennis court and a massive wall surrounding the property. It is likely that John Tonner is the nominal owner of these properties, but research is not completed on this score. Claire seems to commute every two weeks as our agent sees her coming into the airport on a regular basis.
    On google it all clearly visible. However, as the roads are dirt tracks Google maps does not display anything. The place is a cul de sac it is all hidden away.
    It is very easy to see when you are landing and we now have the photographs and
    are just checking with our lawyers about the issues relating to publishing them


  2. I just flew past Debra’s house which is located at the right (starboard end) to the East take off area at the end of Bauer Field Airport in Port Vila. It is obvious that she has come through the cyclone unscathed. I have photos of the house, pool and tennis court from the air and I will try to get these to you. She may be crying for additional tithes to help her needs, but this is clearly a con as usual with this woman. Her name should be “Queen of Cons”. Regards Jim


  3. In this article by the two C’s you note the focus on Debra, hopefully the book will have a number of chapters on their own culpability? Note one victim has already flagged this.
    Debra’s claim that she is doing something is a joke. Here is what one Evangelical agency is doing, I am sure other denominations are also helping.


  4. Good to hear from you and we would be happy to publish any reports and photographs you would suggest. Would also as I originally wrote speak to the PM or any one in authority. I must always protect the anonymity of everyone including my enemies. Good to hear from you again


  5. Hello again, as stated we are from Vanuatu, Port Vila. We were in Australia when we wrote to you, we have returned home. Our property was devastated by Cyclone Pam. We are rebuilding with Australian help from friends. We have kept an eye on Debra and her activities. She resides near the Airport but she is nowhere suffering as much as the locals. We just liked your story and we knew it was correct.
    A friend in Australia has been contacted who can destroy this evil woman as he is aware of all her frauds. Let us leave it at that.
    We will keep contact.
    D. O’Reilly and Toora J


  6. Submitted on 2015/04/23 at 3:46 am

    Hello again from Toora and debra O’reilly back in vanuatu.

    Please check your IP deliverer. This time you may believe we are where we say we originate from

    I am not sure why you need to go into such detail. All I can say is that Toora said the following:

    Toora J

    Submitted on 2015/04/15 at 9:53 pm

    I in Vanuatu, member Efira tribe, capital city. We people Christian tu mus. I warn cousin prime minister Joe Natuman this woman to be investigated. I show article to all friends, this person attach christian people with tithe. Tu mus wrong.
    tank yu for story.

    Note he said he was IN Vanuatu, not in Australia. You have moved there in the last week.
    What is your story and why do you have hatred for Debra? Give us the story so we can understand what you are trying to do. Were you in the MMM and what has Toora got to do with it?


  7. Hello again from Toora and debra O’reilly back in vanuatu.

    Please check your IP deliverer. This time you may believe we are where we say we originate from….despite your misgivings we dislike the evil Debra of MMM and wish to make public just how evil she is.


  8. to Clare and Claire if you read this or anyone with any contact with them- if what is said here has any truth to it then you should come clean to all ex members and members re any deals you made with Debra. There is little point in helping people to exit the magnificat meal if you have made cosy financial deal for yourselves. That would be totally dishonest gains since Debra had stolen that money from good hard working people.You should come out publically either here or on your web site and explain to all members and ex members the truth of what happened. And go to the police with all the evidence so she can be arrested. That would be the best way to help people- not by ‘writing a book to share your experiences from living in a cult’. You can never find true peace unless you do the decent thing by those hurt by this movement. Then walk away and start living your life afresh away from Helidon, Debra and anything to do with her. Don’t spend the rest of your lives focusing on Debra. You have wasted enough of your precious lives missing Gods real plan for you. It’s time to recover ‘what the locusts have eaten’.


  9. you will find out most of the answers by reading this section. You keep going back to get to the beginning.

    I am curious as to how they are now supporting themselves financially. Do they have jobs?

    As far as I know Claire Murphy works in a funeral director’s in Twowoomba. I have very little information on the current scene as people are still very much afraid to speak. All I know is that they were kicked out of the MMM in 2012, I was in touch with them through a third party, but he told me that they had made a settlement with Debra which means the evidence of the forgery of the documents concerning the purchase of Mount St Marys was covered up. Unless this third party does something it unlikely that most people will receive any compensation of monies taken from them by fraud. It appears now that the two C’s are proposing themselves as part of the resistance to Debra, but I have yet to read anything from them that indicates how and why they left. Usually to be taken seriously you must have some story to tell. All I know is that they settled with Debra and must have taken some of the funds of the MMM as part of the settlement. This third party I have been working with for 5 years has the evidence but too date has not used it so that the truth can come out. If you read my thesis you will of course see that Claire was the actual agent of the frauds that took place. You will see a letter from a lady and her story on our blog. She had put some funds away for her daughter’s education. Claire has not responded to the women’s requests to address this fraud.
    Note the letter from Michelle Vallejo which mentions Claire Murphy 10 years ago to the month.
    I have no information on the actual situation in Helidon, and I am getting some drip feeding and some who said they would give me information have vanished. I am not an investigator so it is really for people who have information to use the blog to inform others.


  10. Mike now that 2 Clare’s have left I have read most recent updates on you tube here etc. I am curious as to how they are now supporting themselves financially. Do they have jobs? Presumably after being so long in there they would be desk ilex but would have left with nothing-well should have left with nothing as Debra finances are stolen money. Anyone enlighten re the Morgan’s? Are they gone too? Marion Clare etc thanks


  11. It was a clear attempt to deceive D O’ Reilly. If you use the same IP how come you are thousands of miles from Vanuatu? We will delete any further comments from you. Also i will report u two chiefs and PM for use of pidgeon anglais.


  12. Toora and I may share the same IP, but we also share an equal dislike for the devil woman Debra. There were actually no lies in our blog.
    thank you. D. O’Reilly.


  13. Toora J and Debra O’Reilly have nothing to do with Vanuatu. This is a case of sockpuppetry
    Will leave my contact details for genuine people who will communicate in good faith. They share the same IP. The pigeon English is from the same IP as Debra O’Reilly’s IP.


  14. I would be happy to discuss the MMM on Skype.
    You can contact me at or Skype me at mikergarde
    Mike Garde Director


  15. I ni Vanuatu, member Efira tribe, capital city. We people Christian tu mus. I warn cousin prime minister Joe Natuman this woman to be investigated. I show article to all friends, this person attach christian people with tithe. Tu mus wrong.
    tank yu for story.


  16. Wonderful article. It seems that Satan is alive and well in the shape and form of one Debra of MMM.
    The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse have ridden over her, yet she still stands to live and harm her devout foolish supporters with increased vigour.
    I continue to succour in the warm comfort that there is one man on this planet that holds the key to her eventual destruction.
    He sits and waits patiently like a good hunter watching his prey, knowing that the time and place for victory over this Satanic woman is in his hands. Rest assured dear readers, this event will happen. Port Vila Vanuatu welcomes him. The demise of Debra is only a matter of time.


  17. It is unbelievable that she is allowed to continue abusing people and high time something was done about it. The longer we ignore this type of behaviour the worse it gets.

    “In fact, movement members told outsiders that there was nothing to worry about as cyclones “don’t come near Princess Debra”.

    Cult leaders have a tendency to tell their members that they have divine or magical ability for protection. A Tony Quinn follower, who resides at Hicks Tower, put out a story that the cyclone that hit where Quinn lives devastated everything accept his house. I never bothered to check on this information at the time as I knew the projected image he wanted to portray was the result of Quinn’s self-proclaimed magical abilities. How many ‘foolies’ believed it? Surely they would have written an ‘AMAZING’ story if there was any truth to it?


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