Should someone be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin as a vulnerable adult??

One of our commenters raised the issue as to whether someone should be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin? Please contact us or make a report to a police force in your area.
We did hear that Dermot was brought to Twowoomba hospital but no news has surfaced since.
Francois DF

Gradually we are getting more information about the Forkins. The family originally came from Aghamore outside Ballyhaunis Co Mayo. I knew this as I studied under Fr Sean Freyne at Maynooth whose family came from the came area. Sean unfortunately, died in 2013 after he left the priesthood and became head of the theological Faculty of Trinity College Dublin.
Those of an older generation will remember Hugh Forkin who had the painting and decoration shops on Capel and Talbot streets. The family are based in Clontarf.


Hugh Forkin, Decorating Centre, Talbot Street, 1970s

Forkin dec1

Hugh Forkin, Wham! Fashions, Capel Street, 1985
It is his daughter Maria who married Niall the son of Sean Haughey the brother of Charles J. Haughey Niall would also be the cousin of Sean Haughey the former Fianna Fail TD who also resides in Clontarf. We reported how they went to Australia in 2003 and how they returned in 2004.
Having come back, they left again and are in the very place Debra set up her base. we hear that they have set up a restaurant in Porta Vila in Vanuatu called Spice. We have collected some Trip advisor reports and in case they are removed will publish below*

Fortunately, they were not badly affected by the Cyclone and it is clear people are eating at their restaurant currently. Dermot’s uncle Hugh Forkin father of Maria and his wife have been in the area since last September but obviously flew to Australia for the funeral of Dermot. They are part of the MMM and we can only assume are part of the new fangled belief system Debra has evolved and which can be found in the numerous YouTube movies on her web site.

Then there was PJ who was more of a builder. He is the father of Dermot. Apparently they lived in a number of locations but when I tried to contact them over a decade ago they were in Killiney or thereabouts. After Debra broke with the Catholic Church they attended mass at the Pius X Church in Monkstown. I believe they moved to Australia lock stock and barrel.

Reviewed 23 February 2015
We love dining at Spice. The food is first class and very reasonably priced. The masala dishes are my favorite. Niall and Maria are wonderful hosts. Spice are located across the road from ABM2

Reviewed 13 February 2015
Had dinner here a few nights ago.

Difficult to find, its opposite No 2 Supermarket, which got us there. The atmosphere is very well done, the food was just great.

Probably the best Lamb Rogan Josh I have ever had (and I’ve had a few ;-) Neil is a great host as are the serving staff.

Him being Irish is a bit novel and being Irish myself helped with the conversation.

Would highly recommend.


Reviewed 13 January 2015
Yes – an indian restaurant run by the irish – and they have certainly lifted the service, the food, and the ambience since taking over mid 2014.

Neil’s welcoming manner, and the quality of the food – all make it a very good place to visit, and even when departing – in a heavy storm, assisted by one of his staff to catch a local bus… much appreciated! I/we will be back…

Reviewed 17 December 2014
We visited ‘Spice’ last night. We were apprehensive at first, solely due to grapevine chatter which was outdated. Niall the new owner was very friendly, chatty and welcoming and the dining area is clean tidy and comfortable.
The menu has all the old classics and some surprises too, I was very happy to find a Lamb Saagwala amongst the many choices. We ordered one of those along with the Beef Vindaloo, rice and a few sides. Our dishes and experience was top notch and we left we full tummies and smiles on our faces. A great addition to the town. We will be back to try more of the menu and enjoy the craic with a true Dub!

Reviewed 29 December 2014

Friendly staff generally, but very slow service. I loved the reviewer from Perth who said this was close to what you’d get in a British curry house. You’ve been away from the UK/Ireland too long mate. Overly creamy, no real spice to speak of (ironic, given the name), and poppadoms and naan swimming in grease. They need to invest in a tandoor, or a chef who knows how to make Indian food. None of it was terrible, it just wasn’t good either.
Reviewed 5 November 2014
The service is reasonable and friendly and we go to restaurants for authentic food several times a week but good service does not make bad food taste any better.

If not for tourists who do not know any better and the handful of local vegetarian residents this place should have gone bust and shut done long ago.

The business is owned and operated by an Irish expat family who know zero about Indian food and nearly as little about their own menu…..


Reviewed 10 August 2014
My wife and I had dinner here last Saturday night for the first time. The new owners Neil and Maria are 110% customer focused….

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