Prime Time exposes the bleach cult that claims to have a cure for autism.

Rita O’Reilly reports for Prime Time April 8th 2015

Bleach Cult:

Jim Humble

Archbishop Jim Humble
Genesis Church II Former Gold Prospector and Scientologist.
He seems to have imbibed a bit of the Xenu mythology

pt cover

You can watch it using this link:

This is the Irish Player and below is the International link

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4 Responses

  1. Yet again, Prime Time has informed us of what is going on and I would expect all advertising for this product would be banned from the internet.

    Genna, there is a big difference between “Ask and you will receive, Knock and the door will open and Seek and you will find”, the words you used as an incentive to self treat with products on the market that I presume are not poisonous and a cult leader, Jim Humble, a crazy ex-scientologist, treating illness with bleach, a toxin that is poisonous and known to do internal damage when given in high doses.

    This programme points to evidence of how desperately vulnerable people are taken advantage of. Does a child have to die before something is done? Who are the doctors involved with treating these children? Scientific evidence proves how dangerous it is to ingest bleach at the levels recommended by a mad man and it stands to reason that EVERYONE involved with providing this poisonous substance should be charged immediately with endangering life.


  2. So Genna are you suggesting we should drink industrial bleach? Please send us the peer reviewed evidence of your case.


  3. Actually I guess my ‘faith’ in healing comes from a “cult” I belonged to for over 50 Years “Christianity”, where I learned a very powerful lesson in life “Ask and you will receive, Knock and the door will open and Seek and you will find”. When you seek a cure you find it.


  4. Isnt it sad that instead of investigating all the wonderful claims people put out about alternative cures for different diseases, all we do in Ireland is slander and knock. There are cures for all diseases, read Louise L Hays book “You can heal your life”, but no I guess that will be banned too as bogus and a cult
    Well I am happy that 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disease, I and almost lost my sight, I didnt accept my prognosis and I didnt want to be addicted to drugs for the rest of my life, so I researched and today, thanks to alternative medicine I am well and happy.


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