MMM: Further Report about Dermot Forkin

Here is the latest on Dermot Forkin,

Francois DF

This picture captures the beautiful nature and love of the man.
Apparently Dermot collapsed at the airport was taken to hospital where they discovered the cancer. This would suggest that the truth of about his condition was kept from the MMM members. I had heard about 6 weeks ago from someone in Ireland who told me he had cancer and was totally isolated. Two priests who went to visit him on his death bed but were turned away by his minders. People inside the cult knew nothing about the seriousness of his condition. Why did Debra not call her whole community to pray for him? As for the funeral service there was very small attendance. No one apart from MMM people were able to attend the funeral and burial.

For some reason Debra has removed her post about Fr Dermot. I wonder why? We have a copy up. Here is her original notification:

Here is our version with the full text.


He was sent to Garabandal last November. He would have had to wait till someone else came over to relieve him of his house sitting duties before he could leave. He would not have had much money. Debra locks the upstairs part of the house where the phone is. Here he was, her only properly ordained priest, isolated in Garabandal ministering to no one. He definitely was pushed to the edge of the movement. Debra has a lot to answer for with this mans deterioration and death.
Princess Debra
Debra must be under financial stress since the cyclone. I see she is now asking for 25% tithes. First 10% then 20% and now 25%. It is hard to believe.

5 Responses

  1. Not even an anonymous phone call to the police?


  2. Done where, by whom and we do not have any evidence other than hearsay?


  3. A man was left to die, locked away out of sight without medical assistance on the whim of a cult leader. Surely, in this case, something can be done without depending on unduly influenced cult members or frightened ex-members?


  4. Angie it is very difficult t assist people as we have no contact and most of the family are in the cult.
    We are working with some ex members, but no one has confidence yet to talk to me?


  5. On the evidence above being provable, Dermot Forkin’s family have grounds to charge Debra, the self proclaimed ‘prophet’, with murder!


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