MMM report on death of Fr. Dermot Forkin: R.I.P Rev Dermot Forkin- Beloved Peace-Maker Has Passed & Joined the Prince of Peace Messiah.

R.I.P Rev Dermot Forkin- Beloved Peace-Maker Has Passed & Joined the Prince of Peace Messiah.

R.I.P. Beloved Brother of Peace.
A humble & joyous brother of service & co-creator of beauty for Yahweh always, has now passed & gone to his peaceful reward with the Messiah, in this mercy hour on this mighty Sacred Sabbath 4.4.2015 that he loved so well.
We do not mourn but rejoice with him in his heavenly reward for First Fruits like the Messiah did, on these two special Sacred days and also to “Count the Omer’ from the heavenly blessings of magnified power as the Bible promises to us below.
He came to serve & blessed us all too.
Now united with the ‘prince of peace”, His Beloved Messiah, in perfect unity & beauty forever as First Fruits & to “count the Bible omer” divinely.
A mighty signpost for the world on this sacred day of the Biblically prophesied 3rd Tetrad too for 4.4.2015.
1peter 5.10
“but after you have suffered for a little while, Yahweh God of all graces, calls you to share His perfect power and glory in union with the Messiah,”

The Forkin family have requested a private ceremony & Mass of joyous Thanksgiving for Dermot, the brother of so much joy & peace to the world
Smiles in service & beauty in service to all- were his touch in life so we will spread smiles & beauty in thanksgiving service like him because we have known and loved him well.
Private Mass of Thanksgiving tomorrow at HQ for Feast of the Biblical First Fruits of Yahweh with the Messiah.
Sweet condolences and sweetest thanks of heavenly rejoicing with his dear family who always shared him so generously with all the world.

No flowers but just “rejoicing hearts of thanksgiving” was his request from this humble sweet man who shared so much joy & beauty of Yahweh with us all & was so ready for YahwehGod.

R.I.P. Beloved Brother of Peace. We rejoice over you on this Festival Day..
YahwehGod has called you back to signpost this Mighty Biblically prophesied day to the world – still serving dearest one in this sign too.
We have much to be thankful to YahwehGod for your life and your sweet wife and family who continue your blessed work with us in need in the world.
NB. Thanksgiving Mass was done within 24 hours & Funeral Interment with family & close friends attending in the “joy of Yahweh”, will be on 8.4.2015.




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