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  1. Get “passionate” about deprogramming and feel “privileged” to find yourself again.


  2. Quinn and Cowman, or anyone doing the Educo classes, don’t tell you that the ‘relaxation’ leaves your mind open to other members influence outside of the cultic setting. People who have ‘qualified’ with Tony Quinn tend to network. One will recommend another without explaining that they operate together for a particular outcome. Be particularly aware of anyone who speaks up for Tony Quinn.They are detached cognitively and operating from an installed programme. They are under the influence of the cult even if they say otherwise. The truth is, when someone is under hypnotic influence they do not know it. Unfortunately, they are blind to the harm being done to them and the harm they do by continuing to influence others; more to be pitied than envied when you see the core self taken over by greed and a desperate need to be ‘somebody’.


  3. I agree, he must be forcibly stopped doing ‘it’. The lure is being told that you are amazing, wonderful, etc., etc.,They use what is called, anchoring, to have you believe anything, however, if you cross them be ready to have negative things said that they hope will keep you silent, even appear “crazy” if you manage to speak about it. It’s surprising how long the negative can stick when ‘top brass’ and others in the core group set out to undermine your sense of reality, however, when you persist your sense of reality returns and you are able to hear what other people, who do not rely on cultic belief systems, have to say to get you out of harms way. Take steps to come out of the depression, get rid of the belief that you cannot rectify the damage. Know that it was all part of a plan to control your mind and have access to your financial means.

    Above all, you need to resist joining any other cultic group that holds out false hope particularly when they ask for money to do a seminar. They can spot your vulnerability a mile off. Aim for normality, get your feet back on the ground and, no, I am not talking about ‘grounding’ while you persist with meditation; to get well it is necessary to stop all practices.


  4. You might laugh and that’s ok but in the throes of Cowman manipulation I was convinced that anyone who did well must be secretly using the request system because how else can they do it? All that hypnosis can make you a bit crazy and the awful thing is at the time I did not know it. What needs to happen is legally stopping Quinn from operating in this country.


  5. Pascai

    The exploitative world of Quinn

    Same old Quinn / Educo strategy of trying to exploit anybody with a celebrity status. Quinn has tried to piggy-back on the success of other people for years. Notably their success usually happens before they meet Quinn and their problems start after getting involved with him. Jamie Myerscough might have some real friends who can help him see the Mucky Messiah’s tactics and history of cult manipulation and exploitation. Losing weight in a gym or making some money in a business are hardly “proof” of Quinn’s “methods” as any sane, non-indoctrinated person could see. Quinn is now reduced to having to mostly rely on the tiny rump of devotees from his old “Yoga” days in Dublin. His attempts at comeback in Ireland have been a damp squib and he’s selling his seminars at bargain bucket prices compared to his heyday. The game is truly up but Quinn’s ego won’t let him or his devotees see it.


  6. Disappointed Educoist:

    Quinn is a hoarder and I would be flabbergasted if he gave a helping hand to anyone.


  7. Do you know, is it Cowman’s son or sons who are in advertising
    Educoising on tv and its so obvious. I won’t be buying them. Pity about Glen, he was such a nice chap.


  8. A fool and his money are easily parted and his ego wont allow him to see he is being conned. He is seen as being successful by the Quinns foolies because nobody else could make the educogyms work, not even Glen or Lyndon.
    I guess they will see the million he lost as an investment but Im sure Tony will help him out when he eventually runs out of money…


  9. He’s just another hypnotised ‘foolie’ that was parted from his money. Quinn does not label them fools for nothing when they swallow his bulls*it and, believe me, there have been many times he has tried, tried and tried again and failed to win over people simply because they detected the con before he could reap the benefit.


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