From Victory Outreach Dublin to Nerdy Freedom Cupcakes Ministries


After the Prime Time documentary it took a bit of time for the dust to settle.

Andy Valdez Sr just basically took off and tried to bring the VOI structures with him, however, most of them were rented and as he did not have access to the same amount of Social Protection cash he had to restart the engines.

Meanwhile VOI reacted quite swiftly and have taken over the running of the remnants left here in Dublin and have brought in outside leadership to correct the situation. We met with Paul Lloyd in December and are still involved with a process to put a line in the sand to those dreadful events culminating after years of Valdez running a private fiefdom. He has now been sacked for his abuse of power.

He needs to have a cash supply and Andy Valdez Junior is a bit of a computer whiz kid so out of that we have a front group for Frontline Ministries namely Nerdy Media Café, Unit 8 New Lane,

Kilcock, Co. Kildare
(01) 628 4487

Nerdy Media Cafe

Somewhere in the back ground their is a bakery, and we assume it is baking under proper hygiene regulations? We received a call from a member of the public from Trim, co. Meath who told us that the cupcakes seemed to be being sold under the guise of helping drug addicts? Have we heard of that somewhere before? All roads lead to Kilcock?

Nerdy shop

We await further reports from North Kildare and Co. Meath. We are hearing that there are new houses for the addicts, but would like to publish where they are for the benefit of the communities they are in and to make sure the addicts get proper treatment.

Elena Valdez Ryan Bring me one tonightEleanor Valdez Ryan has a particular love of these according to Facebook.

Nerdy jacket


cookiesWe need to develop a new ministry called Freedom from the Cookie Jar.

nerdy cookies

20 Responses

  1. Valdez use to be a humble man but then he got a taste for money he abused people verbally and even threatened to punch a lads face in told the lad he was lucky he was a Christian. He preached forgiveness but found it hard to forgive preached about gluttony but well I’ll say no more about that.tell us to fast whilst they stuffed their faces. Enjoyed all the luxurious stuff when others where struggling to keep their heads above water. He is an evil man because he uses God’s name to get rich. I have witnessed the way some people were treated and it sickened me that’s why I left. He is a control freak if you don’t do what he says or disagree then your out of the circle. I could write a book on the Valdez family and their cronies. I wish he would of stayed humble he was such a lovely man back then it a such a shame.

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  2. Pastor Andrew Valdez and his wife and son Andy junior and daughter Elainea came to Dublin in 1997 and opened their family home which didn’t require to be on a low amount of methadone which I couldn’t get down to in order to get into a state or h s e rehabilitation they only asked that I stay drug free and hand them my dole which I think was fair considering I managed to get drug free and had a roof over my head and no shortage of food and then in 1999 I was asked to fundraise and the proceeds went towards bringing me and nine other people who got drug free to going to Californi,a los Angeles for a month I pprobably won’t get to visit u s a again considering my situation but no one can take the memories away from me and I will always be grateful to the Valdez family and victory outreach for that I’m not saying they got everything right but it gave me my mother and father brother and sister peace of mind surely the people who are making them out to be terrible people they done a lot of good they are also paying the price for victory outreach rules which still to this day 5th of July 2016 they take your dole and expect you to fast for two days of the week as a result they’re food bill is small not allowed watch tv or radio unless it’s about born again Christianity which keeps electricity bills low still expected even if your withdrawals aren’t finished to go out and do jobs for people who pay by making donation to victory outreach and they were founded in California by pastor sonny in the late 60s and him and his wife Julie and family live in a palace of a House drive big huge brand new cars have a Church thats worth a few million and anyone who questioned them were answered they were blessed by God so if you look closer at victory outreach I would say they abuse the vulnerable people who turn to them for help and the Valdez family have been made scapegoats


  3. god will deliver unto you what you deserve. shame shame shame on all of you .andy valdez is a criminal he may have got people off drugs but it was only for his own gain,and i will stand up in his face and with the bible cast him out with the sodomites,how dare his son preach about drugs.” are you hearin me” he has no idea…… they were a scam and hurt a lot of people who were rebuilding and trying to build lives back up again,, they we, believed but you are just a thief you just stole the money off them that they were going to spend on drugs so you could use it yourself on your big car big house country club memberships and what else. reap what you sow and sow what you reap. and if any of your sellars come into north county dublin looking for donations with cakes even though you are not a” charity”” and stole that business idea too” beware.



  4. Do send us the pics if you can?


  5. Freedom ministry is a scam the house is run by Sean Rogers and his wife I have picture of lads selling cake’s in Dundalk and Kildare and my son was in the house and they did not want him there cuz he robbed his own money back from them when he wanted to leave. I hope they all get big jail cuz that’s where they belong they are con men


  6. annonymous you might read your comment again and rewrite it as we
    can’t work out what you are trying to say.


  7. It’s surprises me that you can have bash people to the point of getting personal you areone classy Individuals, yet you believe VOI and whoever gives you your information when they left all in the states to go across the world with a promise of so called support from VOI THAT NEVER CAME. So do yourself a favor realize that every coin has 2 sides just saying


  8. Yes send me address of the location. Also report them to the HSE and the Gardai


  9. The new home is in Kildare and is run by Sean and Alison Rogers. And they are evil the 2 of them. They have drug addicts out selling cup cakes. They take your dole off u every week to feed the fat pastor’s and their kids. They also have the so called Pastor Murphy and his famley in the same house If u need more on all of them I will only be pleased to help.


  10. Yes Sean rogers and his wife run the new home. I was in it myself. They are running it for the Andy


    Thanks DI


  12. Yes i have photos what is your e mail address DI


  13. Yes i have photos,,give the e-mail address and i will send them


  14. Thanks Anonymous for your report.
    You never mentioned if you have photograph of the house. Look at the estate agents and send us a link.
    So now we have greyhounds added to cupcakes. Are they actually helping addicts? One source tells me that when people approach addicts they have an aversion to VOI and would not have a clue who Freedom Ministries are. A plague on all your houses.


  15. No its a 10 bedroom to house a men and women’s home, I will get more information on the whereabouts,they also train and race greyhounds,I will also get you the address of the other house they run and get back to you


    Is it this property? Could you tell us what is common knowledge?
    Also could you identify the house and its purpose?


  17. Its common knowledge, MYLERSTOWN HOUSE, ROBERTSTOWN 100%


  18. Can you give us a photo of it and is there evidence it is being used as rehab house?


  19. One of the houses of freedom slave drivers is Mylerstown house in Robertstown


  20. I wonder if this new cafe will actually have customers unlike the last. Everytime I went in the last one it was just kids, I wonder why all the effort is put in to make it look like a serious business venture while it’ll be just populated by children?


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