Christina Gallagher caught out with porkies in a conversation with Joe Duffy last month

Early last month Christina Gallagher called into Live Line and when challenged about houses she owned by Joe Duffy she claimed she owned none.

SW82150001SW 8215

Yesterday the Sunday World showed that she was not telling the truth when talking to Joe.

Read the pdf’s below:

Mansfield1  Mansfield2  mansfield3 Manfield4 Mansfield5

SW City West Christina GNote the article shows this exactly:

Read how bizarrely, No. 9 was sold to controversial visionary Christina Gallagher two years ago, but THE DEEDS ONLY TRANSFERRED LAST MONTH…….The house is by far the biggest on Coldwater has upped its security – with sensored cameras and 18 ft steel railings.


IT WAS a fitting playground for the playboy princes of the boom. From the air, Coldwater Lakes estate still looks every inch the exclusive rich man’s enclave that was the stronghold of the Mansfield dynasty. But on closer inspection the shadows cast on some of Ireland’s most secretive millionaires become apparent. Coldwater was once home to the heirs to Jim Mansfield Snr’s property empire, at a time when this slice of west Dublin was a personal playground for them, their pals and their model
girlfriends. Today, a special Sunday World investigation reveals that behind the protective fencing and electronic gates, lie the secrets of some of Ireland’s most publicity-shy millionaires. And some of those secrets now threaten to destroy Ireland’s once wealthiest dynasty. As Jim Mansfield Jnr this week denies
his family have any involvement in drugs or organised crime, we can reveal that gardaí have targeted a key figure in Ireland’s biggest drug-dealing cartel within a Mansfield-linked property in Coldwater.
And a separate investigation into the murder of traveller crime boss ‘Fat’ Andy Connors, gunned down in his family home located within the Coldwater lands, is believed to be centred on INLA figures, associates of whom have also been sighted in the wealthy enclave.

Number 10 Coldwater Lakes was last registered with a Mansfield-owned company and extensive land registry searches have failed to find any recent sale. The house was targeted in the high-profile raid on Mansfield properties by elite garda forces on January 31 last. The stunning mansion, which has been recently fitted out with tens of thousands of euro worth of security equipment, was busted by armed gardai from the Organised Crime Unit and Criminal Assets Bureau, with back-up from the Garda National Drugs Unit.
It is understood that Christopher Kinahan Jnr, the son and heir of ‘Dapper Don’ Christy Kinahan, had been under surveillance on the property in recent months. It was there that the boxer Matthew Macklin – a close friend of the Kinahan mob, but who has no involvement in crime – was discovered during the busts. It is not known if the house has rented to Kinahan or has been sold, but it was a key target of the garda raids, which also included Tassagart House, where Jim Jnr lives with his mother Anne, and the Finnstown House Hotel where his children Ingrid and Samuel
are directors, and which he manages. The connection between a Mansfield-linked property and any member of the Kinahan mob is hugely significant for gardai.

Jim Mansfield senior was once investigated by the Garda National Drugs Unit for links to a plot to import €7 million worth of drugs into Ireland. Former champion boxer John Kinsella was jailed for 12 years for his part in the conspiracy to bring the narcotics in through the Mansfield-owned Weston airport.

At the time, Jim Snr, who was the registered owner of the private plane that had been loaded up in Belgium with the drugs, had to deny he made his fortune from drug dealing. Now that shadow has returned to haunt his son. It is understood that gardai put the Coldwater Coldwater Lakes house under surveillance when they were tipped off that Christopher Kinahan Jnr was spotted directing work being done on No.10.
Set on a golf course, each of the homes of Set on a golf course, each of the homes of Coldwater stands in jaw-dropping splendour.


Nestled on the edge of Citywest, with its hotel, apartments and sprawling housing estates, Coldwater was once the bricks-and-mortar embodiment of the power of the Mansfield family. While the ownership of No.10 is complex and buried deep in land registry documents, some of its neighbouring properties form part of the complex Mansfield financial web, which the Criminal Assets Bureau and Organised Crime Unit are now combing through. Number 9 was eventually listed as Jim Jnr’s, after transfers through Mansfield companies, but it is understood that his ex-wife Donna Cosgrave lived in it with their children Ingrid and Samuel since the couple split.
She was a close friend of Elaine Baron, wife of the secret cocaine dealer Philip Baron – dubbed the Baron of Straffan – jailed for 18 years for trafficking drugs across Europe. Bizarrely, No.9 was sold to the controversial visionary Christina Gallagher two years ago, but the deeds only transferred last month. The house is by far the biggest on Coldwater and Gallagher has upped its security – with sensored cameras and 18-ft steel railings. It is understood that she paid more than €1.1million for the home.

Number 11 Coldwater is the home of one of Jim Jnr’s best friends, Glen O’Callaghan, who purchased an incredible THREE properties in the development at the height of the boom when each was worth millions. O’Callaghan is not only a personal friend of Jim Jnr, but also a failed business partner.


Together, along with two other investors, they borrowed €6million to develop a property venture in County Meath, which flopped. In the past month, the pals lost an appeal to AIB and were told they have to pay back the money and already a judgement mortgage has been secured on his family home. O’Callaghan, a tax defaulter who was forced to make a settlement with the Revenue for almost €250,000, sold one of his Coldwater properties for a snip at €334,000 late last year. The six-bed mansion, No.18, has remained unoccupied and unfinished since. He is also the owner of No.8 Coldwater Lakes, which PJ Mansfield continues to use as his business address. It is understood that he and ex-wife Andrea Roche once lived at the plush pad, which is now on the market for €700,000. Electrician Brian Higgins, another close friend of Jim Jnr and Glen O’Callaghan, was so impressed with Coldwater that he once owned FOUR of the properties. He is also part of the doomed consortium
ordered to pay back €6million to AIB and once bid to buy key items from Weston Airport. Number 4 Coldwater is registered as owned by Bellrush Limited and with an address at Mansfield’s solicitor Noel Smyth. Number 5 is owned by Tony Mansfield – the most modest of the three brothers.


The house is mortgaged to Bank of Scotland – the same bank his father went under, owing a staggering €206million to. It is understood that gardai are also investigating who owns the land which was the homestead of ‘Fat’ Andy Connors before his murder six months ago. The site, which our aerial photographs show runs directly on to Coldwater Lakes, is still home to Connors’ wife Ann and large family. Connors was a key member of a group of ruthless robbers who travelled the country carrying out burglaries. He was also a banker for gangland and it is understood he was murdered in a dispute over a €500,000 loan. He is believed to have been killed by an INLA hitman. Officers believe Jim Jnr was offered protection from paramilitaries in recent months after gardai learned of threats to his life during their investigation into the murder of Connors. Jim Jnr denies that he has security or that he was ever issued with an official warning that his life was in danger. It is just another shadow
cast over the playground of the playboy prince.


Mansfield junior denies any connection to organised crime as his family’s empire crumbles



HE IS the son of the wealthy tycoon whose family was once Celtic Tiger royalty. But businessman Jim Mansfield junior has been forced to dramatically declare: “I am not a drug dealer.” The son of the late Citywest king Jim Mansfield Snr has found himself at the centre of a garda probe into a money trail linked to organised crime gangs who are involved in drug running and even murder. It’s all a million miles from the golden future that lay before him when his father was a master of the property- developing universe and he rubbed shoulders with celebrities and dated the late model Katy French.
Last week, outside the Bridewell District Court, the Celtic Tiger swagger was gone as Jim Mansfield Jnr agreed that it was time for him to do what his father before him once felt compelled to do. “We are not involved in organised crime. We are not drug dealers,” he told me. Despite his repeated promises that he would “ring later”, I was determined not to let him escape without the opportunity of putting a few key points to him. I had been trying to track down Mansfield for weeks, but given that he lives at Tassagart House, a vast walled property beside Citywest Hotel with 24-hour security on the gate, and has a team on hand at his workplace in Finnstown House to fob off callers, it has been difficult. Court Mansfield is appearing in court in an effort to get his driving licence back after he was caught drunk behind the wheel of a Porsche in 2011. He gave his address as Coldwater Lakes at the time. I approach him as he walks in flanked by his blonde daughter Ingrid. She is 21 and is a director of Finnstown House Hotel, one of the businesses her grandfather lost when he went into liquidation, owing more than €300million to the banks. It was bought last year by a Dundalk businessman for €4.5million, who then chose her and her brother Samuel to be the new directors. “I’m not interested in your driving licence,” I tell him. He slows his pace and listens intently. “I want to talk to you about organised crime and about the raids on your properties, your home and your business interests by the Garda’s Organised Crime Unit,” I say. “Will you co-operate with the investigation into any involvement you may have with organised crime?” “I will,” he replies. “We will. There is nothing to hide. I will phone you later.” “Have you any involvement in organised crime?” I ask him. “No, none, none. Tell you what, I will phone you later,” he replies. I continue: “Your late father once felt it necessary to speak up and distance himself from drug dealing. Is it time for you to do the same now?” He stops for an instant. “It is time. We have nothing to do with drug dealing. I will call you later.” He never called. Struggling Four years after his father’s multi-million business empire went wallop, he and his brothers Tony and PJ are attempting to build the Mansfield brand again, establishing new companies and trying to claw back the lost millions. Since 2011, when Jim Mansfield Snr’s HSS group of companies were put into voluntary liquidation, owing hundreds of millions to Nama and the Bank of Scotland, the Mansfields have been struggling to keep their heads above water. The fall has been dizzying. The list of what has been lost includes their prized hotel Citywest, once valued at €100million; Palmerstown House estate and golf course, where Jim Jnr grazed his collection of Llama and Emu and lived as a playboy prince; Finnstown House Hotel; Weston Airport; hundreds of apartments and homes; the controversial €50million conference centre built without planning and vast tracts of land and other assets. But Jim Mansfield jnr is facing an even bigger battle – a fight to distance himself from a major garda offensive against money laundering, organised crime, dissident republicans and even murder. On January 29 last, armed gardaí from the Organised Crime Unit and the Criminal Assets Bureau – backed up by members of the Garda National Drug Unit – raided a number of properties around Citywest, including Tassagart House, where Jim Jnr now lives with
his mother Anne. Finnstown House, the hotel once owned by Jim Mansfield Snr, seized by Nama as part of huge debts he couldn’t pay back, sold to a Dundalk businessman and now back under the control of the Mansfields, was also a major target. Last year, a 55-year-old man was charged before the Special Criminal Court for possession of explosives at the Lucan hotel.


Samuel Devlin will stand trial next year after he was arrested by members of the Special Detective Unit with explosives in a beer keg. He is also being charged with membership of the IRA. His address was given as a suite at the hotel. The Sunday World can reveal that another property targeted in the raids was in the Coldwater Lakes development, which has been a stronghold of the
Mansfields and a tight circle of developer friends for years and is the subject of a Sunday World investigation today. The house, which is believed to be owned by a Mansfield company, had been under surveillance as Gardai believed that a son of drug lord Christy Kinahan had moved in in recent months. Jim Jnr has been struggling to maintain his lifestyle, but as our exclusive aerial photos show today, it is unlikely that the middle of the Mansfield sons is holed up in a box-room at the Georgian mansion which is the last remaining jewel in the family crown.

‘We have got
nothing to do
with drug

The vast stately home is complete with outhouses, mews properties and even its own private island area. The Irish Times recently reported that Mansfield has written to Enda Kenny to complain about the Garda raids and the fact officers had carried guns and worn balaclavas – standard protocol during investigations involving organised crime. Jim Jnr had lived at the stunning Palmerstown House until it was seized as part of a debt recovery process. It was there that he had entertained the model Katy French, with whom he was in a relationship at the time of her death. Before she died from a cocaine overdose he had gifted her an apartment in Citywest and a new Range Rover from his friend the car dealer Lee Cullen, who in 2006 made a €2.1million payment to the Criminal Assets Bureau. It was at that same time that the Mansfields first had to disassociate themselves from drugs and crime. Then a consignment of drugs bound for Weston on an airplane registered to Jim Mansfield Snr was stopped in Belgium.


Former champion boxer John Kinsella got 12 years for his part in the conspiracy, but refused to ever name who “the big fella” was that he referred to in taped phone conversations. During his defence of his family, Jim Mansfield Snr said: “I’ve heard the rumours, but they don’t bother me in the slightest. It’s a load of absolute nonsense. A lot of it is down to jealousy.” His son proffered no explanation as to why the family is yet again embroiled in rumours of links to crime. However, in his letter to Mr Kenny it is understood he has said that various Irish authorities are involved in “dark games.”


SW City West ChristinaJoe time for you to call Christina, but then it is impossible to get through to her.

6 Responses


    More Voodoo from the Queen of Pulp Fiction :
    ‘The following message was received by Christina Gallagher on 26th January 2013 and was read out at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill on Saturday 9th February to the people attending the Novena in honour of the Most Blessed Trinity.’
    Jesus spoke to Christina Gallagher (in his arse, so he did) :

    ‘The banks are prepared: in their dealing they will draw from My people their worldly security, leaving many helpless. The poor will be trampled upon. Many will die. Your isle will have abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage – all of which grieves My Sacred Heart.’

    Christina darling, you hypocrite, which banks are good enough for you to put the millions you have swindled, swindled better than any bank ever could?
    No bank ever stooped to your level of depravity through extortion.

    Also Christina, what a shameless disgusting bigot you are for recording your fiction in that context on same-sex marriage.


  2. Extracts of posts and a comment: Posted on August 25, 2009 by dialogueireland

    Messiah’s Army of Apostles -Tony Quinn

    In the south-west, businessman Glen O’Callaghan is an avid disciple to Quinn. O’Callaghan even bought Quinn’s former commune in Howth. He first attended a beginners’ seminar costing €18,500 before going on a €135,000 one-on-one seminar with the guru in the late 1990s. He has spent
    €63,500 on seminars since. He appears on Quinn’s promotional video, extolling his virtues.


    “Within three months my turnover shot through the roof from making €8,000 a week to €80,000 – effortlessly,” he says. “My ability to use my mind in other areas dramatically increased.
    Automatically, I got peace of mind on a whole different level.”

    “O’Callaghan, who owns Glen O’Callaghan Carpets Limited, has a number of different business interests including holding the franchise for a number of Quinn’s Educo gyms.

    He has been a dedicated follower of Quinn since the mid-80s when he started attending Quinn’s yoga classes on Eccles Street. He has attended more than six seminars and in recent years bought two properties off Quinn including his old family home in Arbour Hill.”

    “Glen O Callaghan has managed and cash laundered money for Tony Quinn for years, why does he make so many trips on seminars.”

    What a sorry, sad story this is turning out to be. It is so typical of the people who were used by Tony Quinn and Aideen Cowman to do the cult’s dirty work and then set up, hypnotised, into talking about the ‘amazing’ results of the Educo mind-set. For a young man who was up to his eyeballs in debt, none of what he said makes sense; however, it does explain how the cult ‘philosophy’ was used; it is blatantly obvious he was used to tell a pack of lies to lure more people into the cult.

    Lets get one thing straight; no one with an ounce of intelligence would envy anyone caught up in this cult!

    CAB need to take a look at this.


  3. Glen O’Callaghan did try to get away from the Tony Quinn centre approximately around 2000. Gossip doing the rounds and from a very reliable source is that he was pursued and told to come back by Martin Forde. Aideen Cowman took control of the situation and he has never been able to get away from the cult since.


  4. Yes indeed he is one of his 12 apostles. He runs a carpet company here in Glasnevin. I intend doing a post on him. Here the story brings Christina and Tony Quinn together.
    On one of the protest we wrote this about him.

    Glen O’Callaghan was charming as ever and waved. May he sell many carpets this year.
    In fact Nicola Tallant does not mention this as she wrote about him a number of times. I will write up a piece on that later.

    He unlike others was always civil to us. I have tried unsuccessfully to meet up with him.


  5. Correct me if I am wrong Dialogue Ireland. Glen O’Callaghan looks familiar. Does he have any connection with Tony Quinn and Educo?


  6. Like any gangster, CG is paranoid. It comes with the territory. But saying that, she must feel safer and more comfortable in herself knowing she is surrounded by her own kind.
    Extortion of the elderly, or drug dealing?
    Which is worse? I know which one it is, but do the hierarchy?
    Another interesting aspect to all of this is the fact that the Dundons of Limerick used to write letters of complaint to the papers which highlighted their plunderous ways. Unbelievable. But did they sue? Not a chance.
    That is why CG will not sue, and not because of her perverse repugnant absurd lies that she has not the money, nor her supporters, to go to court to defend herself. She can only afford solicitors that treaten the victims of her scam.
    So when Pat Coleman, a director, who intimidates like any gangster, who hence, also has a financal vested interest in keeping the scam going, and also has no visible means of income, comes on the air to Joe Duffy to cry on CG’s behalf, it’s as absurd as the Dundons telling us they are crying into their huge bags of cash, expecting us to feel sorry for them.


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