Debra survives Cyclone Pam: The question we need to ask is, is Debra capable of living in a context which might take ten years to rebuild?

Update:Cyclone Pam -Vanuatu-2015.

Thank you for your prayers for Vanuatu

Here was my original post before we knew they had the internet and were getting to see where eerything was.

What do you think is going on?

Huge thanks to all 4 preparations & prayer 4 Vanuatu.

Greetings from Princess Bubbles & co who slept through the windy night.

Princess Bubbles

All MAGNIFICAT MEAL MOVEMENT places, staff & families well prepared & protected during the closeby passing of cyclone Pam near Vanuatu.

United with you in praying for devastated villages throughout the islands of Vanuatu where their lives have been tested.

2 Esdras 16.13

“This will be the time of testing for my chosen ones,
and they will be refined as pure gold.
Listen, my chosen ones, the time of terrible suffering is near.
But I will rescue you.
Do not be afraid.
Do not doubt.
I will lead you if you keep my laws says Almighty God.”

Please do not send money as not needed.

All overseas government aids and UN Charity groups and Shipping Lines  have arrived and are providing to the village people with huge generosity & immediate helps.

We are delightfully overwhelmed with offers to come and do humanitarian works from so many of you.

However, all resort accommodations have been full booked out by relief and overseas government aid workers who have already blessedly arrived and  must have first priority – and doing a mighty job.

NB:Severe geomagnetic storms globally affecting the whole earth atm due to CME head-on impact this week.

Sonic booms and fire balls already reported over Germany etc and under further investigation.

Solar eclipse 20.3.2015 over a super moon.

20.3.2015 New Moon in final pisces degree with Uranus, Pluto challenges globally for spring equi.

Yahweh God will lead his people through these times of global suffering.

Magnificat Meal aims:-

Pray to be ready.

Study to be ready.

Serve like Christ to be ready.

This is all part of our preparation for transformation of righteousness.

Once again thank you all for your prayers and many global preparations where you are also.

The Magnificat Meal Movements  aim is to give service so if you can’t be here then give service somewhere  else in your local community as if you were united here…..  As all the peoples of the world are being tested in some way nowadays.

6 Responses

  1. God bless you and keep up the good work!


  2. Well said, Angie. You are fortunate to not know her. She is truly awful. And yes, she has always had the most appalling and tacky taste in clothes! I first met her about twenty years ago and had the misfortune to HAVE to be involved (long story, can’t really go into it yet, but I will at a later time.)


  3. Anonymous 1: I do not know her, have never met her and watching her reaction when confronted with her criminal activities, I was inclined to think she had lost her marbles and thought the best place for her, to keep everyone out of harm’s way, was a psychiatric unit. Dressed like that, one can easily be misled into thinking she is away with the fairies.
    I agree, she is a sociopath and it would not do any good to confront her with her abusive behaviour and the consequences of her actions.

    It is unbelievable that she is free to swan around shopping centres spending money that she conned out of people. I understand how distressed anyone, who was conned by her, would be when watching her behave as if she did not have a care in the world.

    The part of the video showing her at her son’s wedding is creepy and saying what she did and how she said it is very telling. Yes, you are right. It is very obvious that she does not care. She is a opportunistic devious lying con artist, the type that would sell her granny for profit.


  4. Angie, I am positive that she is a true sociopath. She fits the description. However I don’t think educating her would help, as I’m sure that she is not deluded herself. She knows exactly what she is doing. She sees the damage she causes, but she simply doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect her. She doesn’t even care if her victims are her family. Her teachings constantly evolve into even more complicated nonsense and are entirely non-biblical, unless you count the many apocryphal books that she relies on, which I do not.


  5. Not to absolve her from what she has done or continues to do; she needs educating and to confront the type of damage she does by her actions!


  6. A good indication of the nonsense she ‘teaches’. She needs psychiatric treatment!


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