Siobhan and Gerard Ryan are directors of the Scientology Business in Dublin.

Scientology as a business is in free fall and quite contrary to Scientology beliefs which suggests people should not get outside financial help they have got a bailout from unnamed Scientologists. The business has been kept on life support with outside help. In fact the Mary Johnson case which was featured on the Late Late Show exactly 20 years ago is the main reason for the condition Scientology finds itself in.

You will note Siobhan Ryan in the audience along with a number of the Ryan brothers.

Also Scientology in Ireland have not been able to demonstrate that they should be granted charitable exemption since they were established in the mid fifties. This really results from the fact that Scientology has no charitable intent.

They certainly are not furthering any religion other than in the most obtuse sense. Also, they create poverty rather than relieve it. They prey on communities under the guise of helping them get off drugs. They might pretend they have an educational function but unfortunately, that is not the case.

001px Cover.indd

In the same Phoenix magazine article there is an article about the Zabrina Collins defamation case and then here we are shown their precarious financial position and their need of a constant bailout.

We note that Zabrina Collins and Siobhan Ryan are involved with Chiropractic businesses:

Zabrina pic

Abbey Chiropractic and Wellness Center
46 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1


Dublin Chiropractor – Abbey Chiropractic and Wellness Centre


Siobhan Ryan along with her daughter are also involved with a similar practice:

Jessica and Siobhan Ryan

Trinity Chiropractic & Natural Health Center
4th Floor, 12-14 College Green

“The Doctors of the future will give no medicine but interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison


Trinity Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre, Dublin & Ireland’s leading natural health care practice for over seven years, having serviced thousands and thousands of people, has always had a reputation for having the finest practitioners, providing a superlative natural health care service in a friendly & relaxing environment.
Our vision:
To provide superlative, safe & natural health care services to people of all ages, thereby improving the quality and enjoyment potential of their lives.
Chiropractic means, “done by hand”.

It is a natural, hands-on, drug free, surgery free approach to health.
Patients are treated in our clinic to give them relief from a wide variety of physical conditions, including neck pain, lower back pain, limb pain, headaches, etc using a broad spectrum of Chiropractic techniques, Physiotherapy and Applied Kinesiology.

One wonders why these Scientologists, Zabrina and Siobhan are not named as owners of their businesses on their web sites?

We should point out that as far as we are aware the staff are not Scientologists.


PheoniX Siobhan RyanRead full PDF here: Phoenix 2015

Siobhan is married to Gerard Ryan’s brother Alan and they have been operating as company directors for a number of years. They are totally incapable of running a business. Why? Because they are under ideological control which kills off entrepreneurial initiative. They would love people to believe it is a church, hardly a great selling point these days? It is clear that Hubbard used the religion angle to get charitable recognition in the States. This after his agents harassed and infiltrated the IRS. Then under Clinton they obtained it.

The article in Phoenix has a brief mention of the issues we have already addressed above concerning the court case. Here we note that both Gerard Ryan and his sister in law Siobhan  are their company directors. Gerard who is not a bad hand at defamation himself came out of retirement as a spokesperson before the recent conference :

2 Responses

  1. The Ryan family as has the Collins been entrapped as victims in this Scientology scam for many years an cannot see the wood from the trees


  2. “Read full PDF here: Phoenix 2015” is covering the story of Mary Carberry, not the scientologists.


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