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  1. People will say that advertising is about selling. What’s the big deal?People buy products in the belief it improves their lives. The brainwashed in the Educo cult will certainly use this argument; they are in the business of selling, however, they are different in that they use hypnosis directly on people who attend Eccles Street and other Educo outlets; morons who follow the programme. This is what makes them different and more dangerous.


  2. They are influenced to part with money and conditioned to feel really good about it. It loses it’s true value. They are very vulnerable. Cowman prepared them for seminars. She made a lot of money from it. Relaxation = suspending thought, visualisation of the good times ahead and focused on taking direction from her. Draw them in, get their money.
    Information for the public on who exactly is responsible for making the advertisement and who passed the ad for air time would be helpful.


  3. Keith Barry has an important role to play in Ireland; educating the Irish that hypnosis does effect peoples minds; it does cause them to do things which they may not remember having done and there may be (SERIOUS) after effects. I am not saying anything he has not said on television programmes.

    You are not living in reality when induced into a trance, in fact, you would be amazed at how much you miss out on.

    For those who fear they are still under Educo influence and want to avoid being suckered into borrowing money; have you seen the latest television advert for Allied Irish Bank (AIB)? The commentary is about loans and the message is to stop thinking about getting the loan, just do it. Anyone who is hypnotised in Tony Quinn’s mind programmes would be vulnerable to being influenced by it. It uses the same wording he does. I will also say that good advertising seems to be a thing of the past!

    Message to Educo PUPPETS working in advertising; THE GAME IS OVER!!!


  4. It looks like a business plan that Educo cult businesses are now advertising on TV. Educogyms, Boyle advertising horse betting, certain ads that turn people off listening because of negative reactions to cultic influence. Advertising to encourage people to gamble on horses should be banned.


  5. I have noticed that some ads on RTE play very irritating background sounds in the tunes. I don’t listen to them anymore.


  6. There is reason for concern. Will someone warn Shane that he is another ‘potential’ victim of the Educo cult? Where are his parents and do they know Imelda Farrell, a Tony Quinn cult recruiter, is co-coaching him? There is good reason why a 15 year old is turned down by gyms and I would like to know why he was accepted by ABS. Who runs it? Is it an Educo gym by another name with, they hope, a ‘potential’ money spinning advertisement for child prodigy weightlifters? It sounds, from what Imelda Farrell is saying, Shane is on the road to stardom, and true to cultic form, she really believes it. It would seem he is on the road to living a superficial lifestyle that leads to ‘success’. Considering his age is there no room (in his hypnotised mind) to make any other choice in life career-wise? Has Imelda mentioned a seminar yet when, hay presto, he will ‘want’ to meet her ‘messiah’ and be used to ‘focus’ on bringing ‘fame’ to the hypnotist, Quinn?

    After decades of following Tony Quinn’s hypnotic instructions Farrell is incapable of doing anything else with her life. She joined the cult following a seminar when Tony Quinn ‘convinced’ her to give up nursing. She is prone to tell the ‘story’ of her choice/recruitment to influence others to join. On the programme it is glaringly obvious that no mention was made about why she gave up nursing and she referred to her cult involvement as another career choice. No mention of Educo; no mention of Tony Quinn’s influence in turning her back on nursing; no mention of Tony Quinn being her ‘messiah’; no mention of her recruiting of followers for the Educo cult.

    It’s not a pretty sight watching her struggle to lift the weight and, regardless of what hypnotic programme she runs, Imelda is not getting any younger looking. More worrying is her inability to hear what is being said or her name being called; living in the twilight world of ‘energy’ has its downfalls.

    Sure isn’t it all fantastic? NOT!!!! when you are under hypnotic orders from a fanatic who believes in enslaving her and others for ‘life’.

    Shame on UTV for giving the Educo cult advertising space. it is also apparent that the cultic mind-set has infiltrated advertising on RTE; the delusional benefits of products is laughable!


  7. Clearly UTV lacks a moral ethical compass in excepting advertisement revenue from such a dubious source as Tony Quinn and Educo


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