On A Wing And A Prayer by Jim Gallagher, Sunday World February 8, 2015.


Fake visionary denies owning mansions
to Joe Duffy..but we can prove otherwise

FAKE VISIONARY Christina Gallagher made a desperate bid to boost her image this week when she went on Joe Duffy’s Liveline radio show and blasted the Sunday World.

The founder of the controversial House of Prayer on Achill Island once again claimed she did not own any property. And she said our exclusive exposés on her astonishing mansions and millionaire lifestyle were all “lies and stories”.


Asked why she didn’t take legal action against the Sunday World if the stories were untrue, the 60-year-old said: “I don’t have the money.” Joe asked her who owned the luxury mansion in Malahide where she lived for many years until 2013, but she did not answer. And she made no mention of the fabulous gated property she now calls home on the exclusive Coldwater Lakes estate in Saggart, west Dublin.

The Sunday World revealed in November 2013 that the self styled holy woman had snapped up the six-bedroom mansion for €1.1million after it failed to go for its €2m asking price.

Christina’s own website confirms she is the owner of this property. And it reveals she bought it using money she got from a mansion in the U.K., which the Sunday World uncovered in March 2011. That Shropshire house – which she bought for £1.8m in October 2009 without a mortgage – had its own lake and indoor swimming pool. Christina told Joe about “the horrors”she had been put through by the media. But she has lived like a queen for years while the rest of the country suffered through the recession.


While she enjoyed the best of everything, she encouraged elderly followers to give her their life savings for “Our Lady’s cause”. Some victims later claimed they had been brainwashed by the cult. She told Joe she bought a house for her daughter Mary near Ballina, but failed to mention it cost nearly €1m. She also never mentioned the house she bought for son Brendan nearby. Even though she told Joe she never asked anyone for donations, she has spent years raising cash for ludicrous projects, like a series of bomb shelters in the U.S.Jesus allegedly told her: “Soon, the world will be plunged into the black apostasy that will engulf the world…” Christina told Joe she couldn’t understand
why the Catholic Church refused to recognise her. The day after she appeared on Liveline, House of Prayer director Pat Coleman also rang in to blast the Sunday World. He told Joe the House of Prayer was kept going only by “small donations”. In fact, figures filed last year showed it had assets of €1.8 million. When Joe pointed out that House of Prayer officials took the Sunday World to the press ombudsman with over 100 complaints – which were all dismissed – he said he was not involved back then.

SW 8215

We hope to display the pdf’s later, but here is the scan from the newspaper.


Christina on Liveline



4 Responses

  1. DI, he isn’t fit for normal society as witnessed and proven by his madman performance in Thurles, never mind anything else.
    (Any sign of those tapes yet DI? No, I didn’t think so either)
    Could one really trust that man with your money?
    Actually, yes, he too loves money, especially other people’s money.
    Because, apparently, he himself personally needs money to do God’s work, in much the same way as any other failed venture capitalist would, ie Bankers.
    In that he sees it as a duty for others to fund his lifestyle, the same as Gallagher does. Life is easy, isn’t it?
    But seriously, the man really is clueless and has no credibility, whatsoever.
    If anyone is in any doubt CG is a con-woman, without meeting her, all they have to do is check out their director, Pat the Pilgrim. eg. The TV3 documentary on cults.

    Now we all know TSW is only all ‘stories’, because Christina told us so herself, but how will the unduly influenced explain away Gallagher’s own miraculous ability to contradict herself, without her showing herself up as an honest to goodness in your face barefaced brazen liar?
    (Answers on a postcard to DI)
    (Hint, she can’t believe she’s being getting away with it for years either)

    If she can’t get basic facts like simple maths(the story of 10) right, how can she be trusted that she isn’t making it up that the VM gave her poor financial (real estate) advise?
    Maybe she should be taking her to court instead?
    But, to be fair, it’s just as likely as her suing TSW.
    God, isn’t it a mad mad world when you think about it really?


  2. jawboned Pat claimed to be The Director of the HofP, but is in fact a director of the company underlying the Hop. If he as a director is not aware of the finances of the HofP he is obviously not fit for the role.


  3. Precious Pat’s True Believer jaw truly would have dropped, not when his political chit chat friend said he would decide instead to go to mass, but when he knew there was such a financal killing to be made. He’s ‘internal conversion’ must have left him feeling completed, when the evidence/source of CG’s wealth became obvious. Sure, why wouldn’t he go with his comfort loving gut and want all that feel good attention, power and material gain, when your entire life is powered solely by BS, contradiction and Sellotape?
    (O ye of little faith)

    Did you hear that other gagging loving clown also on with Joe Duffy yesterday? A Mark Sheridan from Offaly, adamantly stating there was no statement from Bishop Neary re the House of Prayer. Isn’t self induced ignorance bliss?
    For some True Believer reason, they all just happen to know so unbelievably little…

    Just like, Pat the Pilgrim I wasn’t there I also know nothing Coleman, he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, and more so, he’s an outright liar. It’s probably a bit of both, or more accurate to say, under undue influence.
    Truly True believe any Hoppers, people who walk a different walk to the talk they talk.


  4. Christina Gallagher making a total liar out of herself and proven again as a liar by the Sunday World. She’s obviously threatened by Mary Carberry and the Mary Divine Mercy scam.


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