Scientology: Enough is Enough

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Scientology: Enough is Enough

Ex-members of the Cult of Scientology speak out against its fraud and abuse at a Dublin conference.

Friday February 6th 2015 from 6:30 p.m. and Saturday February 7th 2015 from 12 noon at Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Speakers from Ireland and abroad will share their experiences. The information and testimony shared at the conference will be freely available on this website.

Some of the special guests at the conference will include:

John Sweeney (author of Church of Fear)
Russell Miller (author of Bare-faced Messiah)
Nancy Many (author of My Billion Year Contract)
Stephen Jones (ex-Sea Org)
Dee Findlay (ex-Guardian’s Office volunteer)
Victoria Britton

Bonus: a Skype Q&A with Jon Atack (author of A Piece of Blue Sky)

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  1. “Make them feel really bad, try to magnify their problems, and then when they are really low you offer them Scientology as a way out. It should be obvious at this point why such results are only given in person.”

    What chance does a person have when they use hypnosis to do the same in the Educo cult? Nobody else knows what is said to that person as it is usually said in therapy (top brass) and no-one is around to hear. The difference with Aideen Cowman is she is so full sure that it won’t be repeated she will say anything in front of her group. Like Quinn, she insults people when they are at their most vulnerable. The government needs to grow a pair of balls and shut them down!


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