Press release from the Scientology Company in Dublin concerning a Conference being held on February 6th and 7th.

House of Colour

Here we will respond to this bizarre  communication which gives an insight into the dated knowledge they have on developments in the world outside their Xenu bubble. As I wrote yesterday in regard to a letter sent to the Irish Examiner by Gerard Ryan they are totally unaware of what is happening.

Again a commentary is the best way to respond. We will not go past any word, but dissect the code they have attempted to propose to the public in Ireland.

The starting point is that this is a group in Ireland since the 1950’s but still they have not obtained a platform to become what they lust after, namely being seen as a religion. Basically they are a limited company which is very unsuccessful and which has to be kept afloat by massive inward cash injections. The pathology of this group that have moved from a ramshackle building on Middle Abbey St where they have been since 1988 to an anonymous building with its blinds closed most of the time above a hairdressing salon, House of Colour, is one of decline and defeat. I am sure many are aware of the term a haircut. They specialise in it there. This is not a self help but rather a help yourself group who prey on the weak and vulnerable.

On 5 February 2015 at 15:21, Dianetics & Scientology Dublin <> wrote:

As various press releases have been sent around broadly for a Scientology-related conference taking place in Dublin on 6th and 7th February, I am sending you a fact sheet relating to the organiser and some of the speakers.


Note the writer does not identify themselves. I was waiting to find information about the speakers on their web site, but all it is a propaganda site for what they promote


Correct information can be found at



Fact sheet regarding Dublin conference



Pete Griffiths


  • Pete Griffiths is an organiser of the hacktivist group known as “Anonymous”, well known for wearing intimidating masks .

  • Pete at Protest
  • Pete Griffiths giving directions to Anonymous members and “wearing” a mask.
  • First we note that the Scientologists have in the first few lines of their press release defamed Pete Griffith. This is remarkable in that Zabrina Collins has another case for defamation pending in the courts. Here they are linking Pete to the activities of some people who have been before the courts and it is quite clear it has nothing to do with the Anonymous Organisation which protests the abuses of Scientology. By linking Pete and by calling him the organiser of a hacktivist group they are again making themselves open to a defamation case. Why? First of all Pete was not even at the Anonymous start off in 2008. Also the picture makes the opposite point he is not wearing a mask. In fact he is really part of Ex Scientologists and because the Dublin Business is so weak they have no need to wear a mask at all.


  •  People purporting to be part of Anonymous have been responsible for hacking the website of Fine Gael and stealing documents containing details of thousands of subscribers and giving them to the Evening Herald; crashing the websites of Irish banks; crashing the Australian Government’s website after the Government brought out legislation restricting online porn including child porn; assaulting epileptic sufferers via websites; and many more. Anonymous members have been arrested and jailed around the world.

  • I would really suggest to the Scientologists they take this down as it is defamatory in the extreme.


  • In a radio interview on the Sunday Grill on 21 April 2013, Griffiths said, of an Anonymous protest he was organising for during a film premiere, “Well, I remember a very heavy-handed Garda presence.  I had what I thought was a fool proof plan.  I announced in the press beforehand that we were having the protest and then my instructions – as much as I can give instructions because there are no leaders in this, my suggestions were that people don’t wear masks, don’t carry signs but try and get as close to Tom as possible on the red carpet and ask awkward questions or get a shot of him with a sign in the background or a Viva Vendetta mask because that mask has become the representative of the organisation and the campaign. …”


We have evidence that the Irish state colluded with this event at the Savoy Cinema and there was a total ban on protest on the main street of the capital. In fact we have evidence that a Scientologist trampled on Pete’s phone. The Irish government and RTE as seen on the Late, Late Show completely censored free speech by not allowing any critical questions to be asked of of Cruise.


  • Pete in nip
  • Further evidence of his links to Anonymous as follows:

You note the irony of using this picture to suggest Pete is trying to hide his identity.


John Sweeney


  • When Church staff first toured John Sweeney through some of our buildings in England we showed him what we do and gave him considerable access. What did he do? He abused and harangued every single Scientologist interviewee, including well-known ones, arrogantly dismissing any statements they made about the benefits they had experienced in Scientology with a cursory “well you would say that, wouldn’t you?” He was not interested in anything positive, he was (in his words) “only looking for the negative.”


  • Mr Sweeney’s so called “documentaries” on Scientology were so biased in the making that we filmed his abusive interviews and prejudiced approach and produced our own, exposing of his tactics. Our documentary Panorama – Desperate Lies can be viewed on line at where readers can come to their own conclusion.  This documentary includes footage of Mr Sweeney knocking repeatedly on the outside of a fire exit door, as “evidence” of being denied access, after he refused an offer to walk in the front door.


  • Mr Sweeney has been criticised for other programmes, such as when he took a group of University students to North Korea under false pretences, deceiving the students and putting their lives in danger.


If this is the best Scientology can produce on John perhaps it is best to let the public view the documentaries that give a balanced view on their claims.



          Ursula Caberta


  • On 16 August 2010 a spokesperson of the Hamburg Government informed the media that from 31 August 2010 the so-called “Working Group Scientology” of Ursula Caberta would be closed down after 17 years.  The reason offered was “budgetary.” Caberta and her two staff were put on other posts. In 17 years of surveillance of Churches of Scientology in Germany, no crimes had been found – conversely one of the Working Group’s staff was arrested and prosecuted in Switzerland for spying. In an interview with the daily Berliner Zeitung published on 17 August 2010, Hamburg Interior Ministry spokesman Thomas Butter said the closure of the working group would save the city an estimated €140,000 ($180,000) annually.

  • Caberta has a long record of discrimination for which she was condemned by the courts.



Note Caberta is attacked in a generalised manner, no evidence or quotation is produced to back up this claim


Note when she visited Clearwater Florida the lovely welcome she was given by the Scientologists.

Mike Garde

  • Mike Garde runs and is Dialogue Ireland.


First he is the Director of DI and has an executive committee working with him. The quotation is 20 years old and it is also totally out of date. At that time we were an ecumenical Christian organisation but since 2001 have been a human rights organisation.

We have Collapsed, Lapsed and ordinary Catholics, Evangelicals, Agnostics and Atheists working together.



  • According to its own publication Dialogue Ireland makes the following claim:

To promote the study and understanding of World Religions as the context for understanding New Religious Movements.”

However, the evidence appears to tell a different story. On 28th April 1995 Dialogue Ireland wrote:

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Taoism are non-Christian, but not anti-Christian. Islam is anti-Christian in that it denies the Trinity and the cross of Christ. It demands absolute adherence, there is one God – Allah and Muhammad his prophet. That is anti-Christian.

None of the above religions recognise Christ, the cross or the Trinity. Indeed Buddhism and Jainism do not recognise any God. Yet Dialogue Ireland bases its claim that Islam is “anti-Christian” on the fact that it does not recognise the Trinity, or the cross of Christ.


This again indicates how deeply out of touch the writer of this press release is. The source is Gerard Ryan again as he used this in his attempt to defame me in 2000/1. We have republished the material in the posts on his letter on Wednesday.


Again the Scientologists have got it wrong. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the Conference and the reasons will become clearer over the next few months.


Russell Miller

  • Russell Miller is the author of a 1987 unauthorized biography of L. Ron Hubbard called Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard.  The book was a cheap attempt to capitalize on Mr. Hubbard’s name following his death in January of 1986.
  • Miller relied on a handful of disaffected ex-members for his book.   These people comprise a miniscule fraction of the millions of successful men and women who apply Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries to their lives with excellent results.  Yet such people and their many successes are not mentioned in this book.
  • This is rather like writing a biography of Churchill by interviewing only members of the German Nazi Party. What sort of biography would result?
  • British Broadcasting Corporation researcher Margaret Percy, who produced a program on Mr. Hubbard on November 27th 1987, stated that the materials that Mr.  Miller was working with were “seriously flawed,” further evidence that Miller did not use creditable sources of information for his book.


I had known Russel Miller from reading his wonderful articles in the Sunday Times. I received a copy of his book in the hard back edition on my return from South Africa via Moscow in 1987. It was a revelation.  Wonderfully written but this at a time before the internet made it easy to fact check sentences like the one attributed to Margaret Percy above. It is clear that the press release is dependent on a Scientology document trying to provide a fig leaf. Like they did with John Sweeney, they spied on him world wide. Also they tried to suggest he was involved with a murder in East London. I have a type written letter from Russell which is a treasured possession which I have handed over to my Scientology expert.

The article above originally published by the New Yorker gives a great insight into the great work Russell did on making the public aware of the sinister nature of Scientology. Behind his research stands some of the greats in the struggle against Scientology Jon Atack and Gerry Armstrong who like Mandela should have received the freedom of the city for his great struggle against Scientology and yet his love for his enemies.



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  1. 36:33 to 41: The woman on the Scientology video explains that “Covert hostility, anger, pain, antagonism, boredom”, some of the supposedly extreme emotional responses expressed while auditing that point to being unwell and unhappy. Under such circumstances, when pressured to expose ‘wrong’ doing, they are easily understood as being normal protective, healthy reactions yet scientologists are trained to view them as reasons to ‘treat’ people with extreme techniques to break them down mentally. It’s a dangerous practice and should be banned.


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