Reply to Gerard Ryan of the Scientology Business about his views on the company and its effects on Irish society and his views on John Sweeney. Part 1 by Mike Garde Director of Dialogue Ireland


John Sweeney.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

John Sweeney.

Gerard Ryan

Contrary to what John Sweeney claims ( ‘Why Scientology is so alien to me’, February 3) the core teachings (not beliefs) of Scientology are contained in the 18 basic books and 15 audio lecture series that constitute the foundations of our religion.

You will note that Scientologists are fanatical about the idea that they are a religion. Historically it is clear that the origins of this idea were to obtain charitable relief and hiding behind this charitable front make tons of cash. It is ironic that in the USA where they have obtained charitable relief it was in the context of Hubbard’s wife and other operatives having gone to prison for invading the IRS. How ironic it is that just like John Sweeney has experienced experienced, harassment, spying and intimidation the IRS crumbled and granted this status to the SO. One has to remember that they have the Sea Org which is the equivalent of the Marine Corps. John explained it as a religious order, I would call it it a special forces unit to search and destroy. However, in Ireland LR Hubbard in the mid fifties tried to make a Scientology state here, but was thrown out by our special branch as he was in Rhodesia. I was present when they had a reincarnation in 1988. After the Mary Johnston case was on the Late, Late Show, a bit like the Johnny Carson show Gerard Ryan who was stuttering, (this not a personal attack, but the tech was supposed to deal with that,) and when asked had the Scientology Mission obtained charitable status could not give a clear answer. That was 20 years ago this month. See it for yourself:
Why have they not obtained charitable status? There are a number of reasons why not.
1. Relief of poverty. Do Scientologists help in the relief of poverty not on your nelly. They do not believe in assisting people who are materially badly off. They create poverty and relieve you of your cash. Make money and you know the rest. Look at this description of it on the Panorama of 1987.
2. Promotion of Education. They do try to educate people about drugs and assist in giving grinds to students but these are always with a sting in the tail. They are like Evangelicals who give out food to addicts with the slogan no bible no breakfast. Here it is more subtle, but they are about recruiting not the advancement of education.
3. Advancement of Religion? Surely after nearly 60 years in this state if they were able to show they were a religion the state would have given them recognition? They managed to pay for an Oxford don Bryan Wilson to write up a document which they got scholars to endorse. It is pure fantasy stuff. Having said that I am totally unmoved whether they call themselves a religion or not. It is irrelevant to the issue as to whether a state should recognise them in this regard as they will use their paramilitary and intelligence agents to subvert the democratic status of a country. They are in fact a state within a state, not subject to our laws. Also the charges they make for their services are at variance with the free exercise of religion in a state. Squirrel and Indies are entitled to their views which I disagree with but they are not milking people for money are they?
4. Service of the community. Last year this time they presented themselves to the Scientology world as having a massive success in stemming the drug situation in Ireland. Pure bunkum, but swallowed by David Miscarriage and promoted world wide. Narconon is just brainwashing under the auspices of Scientology it is not a drug rehabilitation programme but a mind controlling recruitment programme.

In summary you can obtain charitable status in two ways. 1. By establishing a Trust and the other vehicle is by setting up a company. They are not a charity and they are a company and are trading as a business and nothing else. This bunkum about religion is fantasy stuff. They have had a near knock out from the Mary Johnson case and have never recovered. They had to be funded from central funds. They are still a mission and everybody has to be serviced from Birmingham or London in the UK. Pretty pathetic results for 60 years of existence in Dublin. Since the emergence of Anonymous in Ireland they are a totally spent force, but there is always a sting in the tail for an individual. They also ran a bank her at I believe 85 St Stephen’s Green where a lot of Scientology Chiropractors were scammed out of a lot of money. I walked into the building one day and Gerard Ryan wrote to me complaining I was disturbing a Scientologist at her place of employment. Like hell I was!

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