John Sweeney on RTÉ – The Ray Darcy Show speaking about Scientology

RTÉ – The Ray Darcy Show


John Sweeney Father, An Author & an Investigative Journalist
03 February 2015 12:00
John Sweeney would describe himself as a father, an author and an investigate journalist but that’s not how the internet would describe him since he made a BBC Panorama programme Scientology and Me.

One Response

  1. John Sweeney was subjected to psychological attack and his response can be seen as a result of that process. Scientologists believe they are smarter than the rest of us and this is their downfall. “Brain-washing is a crime against humanity”? They expose themselves, leaving no doubt they are abusers of human rights. Surely this is sufficient evidence of how they operate for the courts to shut them down?


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