Reflections on the establishment of a cult state

On Thursday January 29th, 2015 Robert Fisk Middle Eastern correspondent for the Independent while speaking on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk referred to ISIS or IS as being a cult. He had made this point before. However, now it got me thinking and it is not just a cult but it is trying to set up a cult state. We will look at other attempts throughout history to do the same thing.

Start listening at 3:00 minutes and it ends at 16:55.

We want to look at how this happened at Jonestown, with the Moonies in Paraguay and how L.R. Hubbard tried to establish Scientology states in a number of countries including Ireland. We can see how his efforts came to naught and how in the end the ship the Apollo was the nearest he got to running a state. We are going to print an interesting article on his attempts in Southern Africa. If Hubbard had been successful it is likely that Scientologistan would have looked something like this:

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