Freedom Ministries on the road to hell.. A Fire sale.

Question if you resign and leave a Church who owns the assets?

Jesus said to him, Go sell all that own and follow me?


6 Responses

  1. Freedom ministry, to pay for Andy and marie for a holiday in the states. Bunch of money grabbers running illegal rehabs. What goes round comes round. Nerdy cafe, money laundering Xxx. (Abusive language removed. DI moderation.)


  2. Why do you not deal with the big picture which is the abuse of vulnerable adults.


  3. Oh I see. Do you’s believe everything people say or just some.


  4. Likely because the person who sent it to us had inside knowledge!


  5. There is no naming of the Freedom Ministers in that add. How can this be posted as it is not fact. Lolol


  6. Wonder will the proceeds be used to compensate all those men and women they abused mentally!


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