Victory Outreach Senior Pastor VO Manchester Church, UK/Ireland Regional Overseer, Paul Lloyd in meeting with Dialogue Ireland


DI can report that we have had a meeting today with Paul Lloyd as part of the renewal of Victory Outreach after the defection and excommunication of Andy Valdez.


This was an extremely positive meeting which involved a wide ranging discussion about legacy issues and about the path to bringing Victory Outreach out of the shadows. We will be producing a joint statement after a process of clarification which will explain the kinds of issues which we see as needing to be addressed. Steps to assist those affected by the cultist practices of Valdez and to assist the proper management and functioning of Victory Outreach in Ireland.

Issues relating to breaches in corporate law, and regulation as far as the charity Urban Outreach are concerned will be brought directly to the Gardai and to the New Charities Regulatory Authority.

We will be raising with them the possibility from the reports we have received that funds have been repatriated to the USA and that the charitable vehicle, Urban Outreach used by Valdez now associated with Freedom Ministries in reality was diverting funds intended for the work of Victory Outreach Dublin for personal and not for VO purposes.

Because before February of this year Valdez was in fact the Regional Overseer for Britain and Ireland he was able to hide and minimise what was happening as he was in control of the flow of communication. Also the fact that though each mission is supposed to adhere to the standards of of VO International, in practice each mission is totally autonomous. Though Valdez has been in Ireland since 1997 it was not until 2005 that he obtained charitable status.

Then when he had obtained Charitable Status he did not constitute the Company meetings properly. Some directors were never given notice of the meetings and some who attempted to resign never received confirmation of same.

We will address in a confidential way issues related to this and work that is needed to restoring the good name of Victory Outreach in Ireland. We are reassured as a result of our meeting with Paul who came to Dublin to address these issues in a frank and transparent manner.

Disclaimer: In light of the developments in regard to the Victory Christian fellowship Firhouse, Tallaght we must stress that there is no connection with Victory Outreach.

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  1. hey valdez is a money grabbing conman ,i always knew something wasnt right with him ,and his little followers who worship him and not jesus ,wake up and smell the coffee people ,they destroyed alot of lives through there greed and never really cared for anyone but themselves ,example when a pastor came from the states to help out he died of a heart attack and valdez siad he maxed his credit card out and had no money to send the body home ,he asked my father for money to send the body home which he gave ,and him raking in thousands a week ,u slimy snake valdez,


  2. Oh and thanks Louise the church is coming on great as Victory Outreach International and is anointed by God :)


  3. on the subject of Stuart Murphy there may be no evidence into his bank book as people don’t normal go around showing there bank books of but from looking and seeing what went on in that church I know Stuart Murphy has plenty of money coz that’s all he sees in people that came to the church and the rest of them they should hold there heads in Shame how could they call them self’s Christians and still send out vulnerable people to fundraise for their comfort and pleasure and there starting a new church they call freedom church and there still sending out innocent drug addicts that are trying to get there life’s together to fundraise again for them all I can say is leave them to to God and let him deal with them the whole lot of them coz theres not just Stuart Murphy but there’s a clique of them and each and ever one of them put money before God and people Shame on you all.


  4. anonymous how would I know if he was concerned I have no idea who we are seeing here, other than Sony. Could you spell it out? When was this photograph taken and what is its significance? The only person I recognise is Pastor Chris who has moved over to Ireland.


  5. Victory outreach west London photo. Does this look like Sonny was concerned about VOD?


  6. Louise I know it is confusing but Valdez was operating Urban Outreach as VO but as a rogue entity. VO that remains is not new but will be the same as VO International. Words about this will be proved by actions on the ground. We in DI welcome the new start and will assist the process of renewal. We are actively following up Valdez with the appropriate agencies.


  7. Anonymous
    Could you clear up your comment please as the first sentence makes no sense. If you are accusing Stuart Murphy of wrong doing could you give evidence for it.


  8. Thank god dirty filty animals and all them boys that die over that fund raising cause they made them go out and that steward Murphy So called paster ?? Like to see his bank book and he still running a women’s and men’s home house not in his name it another 2 innocent people name and still has people out fund raising


  9. Oh and my name is Louise. I hope the new VO, the ones that have a true heart for the people the very best of luck. God is dealing with that other shower of money hungry, gospel twisting, people pleasing shower of fakes


  10. Abusive word removed DI moderation.
    I’m so very glad these issues are finally being addressed.. That xxxx Valdez and his cronies should hang their heads in shame. Money is their God


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