Victory Christian Church: Statement from an Evangelical Church following their latest appearance in the High Court

Statement from an Evangelical Church following the latest Victory Christian Church appearance in the High Court.

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade
Names have been changed to protect confidentiality. This would be an excellent example to follow:

From: “xxxxxxxx” adam and
Date: 18 December 2014 15:34:42 GMT
To: “everyone at xxxxxxxx” <>
Subject: [Everyone] Victory Christian Fellowship/governance
For those of you interested in the governance of charities there is an interesting, though sad, piece in today’s Irish times page 3 business supplement about Victory Christian fellowship. The trustees are being sued for €17 million EACH and they are now accused of hiding income and assets from the Court and of failing to disclose how they are financing the legal action they are taking to the Supreme court.

We in ABDC Church are truly blessed with excellent governance. For example

1. John Kenny and his finance team produce quarterly financial reports for the Leadership Team and Trustees. The administration of our finances is kept totally separate and independent of the trustees and leadership team.

2. These accounts are audited annually and are available to any one on request.

3. The names of donors are known ONLY to the 3 members of the finance team and for the sole purpose of claiming our annual tax refund from the Revenue. None of the trustees nor leaders know the details of donors and donations. This is a wise practice under the Data Protection legislation.

4. We practice thorough Garda vetting procedures on leaders of our children’s and youth ministries.

5. We are made increasingly aware of fire evacuation procedures and other safety practices.

So be assured that our financial and related governance affairs are in good hands. It is so sad that Victory Fellowship does not seem to have followed similar practices.

Joshua Son of None
33 Ruth Terrace
Blackhill, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Tel: landline 00.353.(0)333333333
cell or mobile 00.353(0)5555555555

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