Freedom Ministries moves to Inchichore, but it is not a Christmas Party!

A few weeks ago we informed you about the creation of Freedom Ministries as a result of the fact that Andy Valdez had been disciplined and excommunicated from VOD due to his unwillingness to address the moral and corporate implications of the information put into the public domain by Dialogue Ireland in 2012 and followed by the comprehensive documentary from Prime Time in 2013.

IMG_4953Today we received confirmation that Freedom Ministries has moved from Ballyfermot to Inchichore.

Freedom Ministries

This suggests that funds are draining as they no longer have a group of vulnerable people to fund raise nor does the public have the stomach to have anything to do with them. Unfortunately, the public will not be able to distinguish between VO or FM. Also the legal status of Valdez and his cohort is unclear for the moment. As we reported Urban Outreach company has been struck off and the question is who is in charge of the company which was formed as a vehicle for VOD now that Valdez has been dismissed?

Dialogue Ireland is engaged in a process to clarify this issue and to see if VOD has a future in Ireland and whether the task of rooting out the corruption and giving support to those who are in leadership and involved on the ground will be successful. There will be a tendency to just plow on without getting proper psychological, spiritual and theological support. Also the situation is complicated by intermarriage between all the participants in this dispute. So it is not only a family systems problem, but an issue of recovery and the proper understanding of addiction. Drug addiction can easily be substituted by religious addiction with people being like dry drunks without a proper spiritual core. Influence is not drug related but this section from our mission statement might be helpful.

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  1. Wendy someone has contacted you about this and you should have a reply in your inbox.


  2. Hi my name is wendy. My brother David Byrne is homeless and an addict. He was talking to someone on Tue night in town who was doing the soup run. David would love to speak to something there but he can’t get through on the phone. Could you pls give him a call on 0851809394


  3. Thanks Anonymous for your update. If you receive or find any literature from them please scan and send to us


  4. Just had a guy at the door selling cupcakes. I was suspicious as he’d no id and just a battered pamphlet from Freedom Christian Ministries. Did a search and see thus page. In Monastery Est Clondalkin now.


  5. Thank you for your report. It is likely they were cashing in on the bye election.
    We were aware of their cupcake business but did you get any leaflet or anything that could give us a location?
    Thanks for civic response


  6. Hope this will be seen. Had 4 Lads (Early 20s) in Carlow today going around with trays of buns selling to people on the street. Only one had any Identification & that was for Freedom Christian MInistries but another goon with them said he was with Freedom Recovery Home. I followed them around Tullow St., Barrack St., Kennedy Ave. & phoned Gardaí here. Typically they weren’t in a position to respond in the 20 mins. I tailed them for so they chaps got away with what was a scam. They’re on CCTV mind but they hadn’t Carlow accents.


  7. Yes we are familiar with this and we realise that that the former Irish leadership is now working directly under VOI in the States. We are familiar with the fact that there is very little interaction with local Christians. We are also informed that they have established a Home in Rathdrum which is very close to Tiglin. That would seem very unwise to me. Also I believe Martin Lynch might be in this house. We will have to see if they are getting addicts to hand over their social welfare? We have also learnt that the outside leadership might reside there. This seems to suggest that there is no long term commitment to Killarney St. My current reading of the situation is that they are unwilling to change the name VO and that staying in Ireland might be about showing the flag? I understand a new van has been purchased from contributions from around the world.
    We in DI are working with Paul Lloyd and are still waiting to get a statement from VOI after 3 months.
    I am hopeful it might come quite soon. As far as Freedom Ministries is concerned they are using cupcakes as a means of fundraising. I received a report from an estate in Trim Co. Meath last week, from someone who was concerned.


  8. You do realise victory outreach are now operating as victory outreach city centre?


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