Cork is a centre for Victory Outreach. Dialogue Ireland is trying to understand the current state of this movement.

New drug rehab for women in Cork

Thursday, 21 July 2011

 A city-based drugs outreach services is desperately trying to raise funds for a women’s rehabilitation centre outside the city, to cater for the high number of women in Cork suffering from heroin, cocaine and alcohol addiction.
Victory Outreach Cork has been providing drug rehabilitation for drug addicts and alcoholics at the Men’s Rehabilitation Home in Watergrasshill since August 2009, and an outreach service and church for men and women in the city since the start of 2010.
Pastor Martin Lynch, who started the service with his wife Karla, told the Cork Independent that they are now hoping to cater for the large amount of women with drug and alcohol problems in the city.
“What stops people from seeking help, is the lack of facilities. When people reach that low and ask for help, they need it immediately. Sadly, the waiting lists for drug support services in Cork city are too long. People are not getting the help.”
Pastor Martin and his team already provide outreach support for addicts in the city.
“Some estates in the city are suffering from heroin epidemics, while others with cocaine. Then in the city centre, there are problems with both of these and alcoholics.”
He explained that they work with local GPs, to ensure residents and service users get medical help too.
“We now need finances and staff for a women’s rehabilitation centre, which will be located outside the city. We need a house, furniture, staff and transport for the team.
Many of the team having themselves escaped the grip of addiction through one of the many Victory Outreach churches and Christian recovery centres in the country.
The Tallaght native explained that he had been a homeless, heroin addict himself for eight years.
“It got really bad. I started using when I was 13 years of age and Tallaght had an epidemic of heroin abuse at that time.”
He said it was the Victory Outreach church in Dublin that saved him, even though he had never held a Christian faith before.
“It’s difficult to take that first step, especially when the facilities are not there, which is why me and my wife just knew that we had to get to Cork and help people.
“You can’t tell someone who is living on the streets with a drug problem that they have to wait six months for help.
“We just want to help restore the person and restore the family,” said Martin.
“Some people joke that our rehab centre is like a boot camp. It’s not strict, but the men get a routine and there is no messing tolerated there. It’s run by the directors and staff, who are more like big brothers to the residents,” he said, stating that the centre, which caters for a maximum of eight men, is currently full.
“We have helped over 100 men now, and around eight out of every ten complete the programme. We feel that providing the help immediately is essential to that success,” he said.
Members of the Victory Outreach Cork team are currently fundraising throughout the city. The centre first opened at Penrose Wharf in April 2010, before relocating to Clontarf Street the following August due to demand for the service. The centre now features a church, crèche, café, offices and serves as a drop-in and advice centre for addicts and concerned family, opening from 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.


3 Responses

  1. The lad on the RTE programme was referring to the Cork home. Him and Gary where the main men down there when I was there. Oh and Mr Laff.
    We done bucket collections outside shops and door to door fundraising too.


  2. Rene could you outline what led you to this conclusion?


  3. victory outreach has nothing to do with christianity or helping people!!!
    They steal every penny you own,they are not helping people who come for help,but they help themselves to get rich!!Believe me;I have been in the VO Arnhem the Netherlands!!!!



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