John Boyle under influence and it ain’t booze. Trying to understand influence is hard.

John Boyle by Don Berkeley.

This section on our blog might assist?

GD = Georgina Dolan
We are trying to get a handle on what it is that gives Georgina so much power over John Boyle and consequently the company.
She is not charismatic, or a profound thinker. She does not seem to have any academic or professional training that give her such a influence?

I received an email last week from a Boylesport employee,

I know you done a series of posts on Boylesports 2 years ago. Just to let you know the company is as bad as ever with Georgina Dolan completely controlling and influencing John Boyle which has made him completely paranoid and unworkable. The situation at the moment is he has no head of IT, Marketing, or CTO among others and can’t get any people to work for him as a lot of recruitment agencies won’t touch the place and people have been warned off. All he does is put family members in these peoples places and unfortunately they are neither qualified or experienced enough. Also they are just being controlled by GD and JB. Morale in the company is rock bottom. JB is full of paranoia, he is constantly checking up on people and the hours they work etc, and a lot of us fear the worst. There are a lot of good people in the company people with families and being situated in the North East the company is an important recruiter in Dundalk. Not every person can get a job in Pay Pal or Ebay. Your blog highlighted the problems with the Quinn/Dolan influence and it made them check their behaviour, they changed the way they behaved towards the staff, (for a while,) and stopped the “Academy of Success,” (distress as it was known.) Maybe you might think about having a look into this again. The management were very conscious of what was going on the blog. It kept them in check for a while now it looks like we have gone full circle again.

Something to consider I have no understanding of cultism and have to be honest I am not a regular reader or contributor to your blog, just so you know were I stand .


Boyle Employee

My source when asked a number of questions replied as follows?


Can you see a direct involvement with GD in regard to the issues you raise and how? Did she make statements about issues she had no competence in ?

A, It is true that the company has done well but this is in spite of John and not because of him. The company could have been in this position a number of years ago. John wanted to concentrate on turnover not profit. GD made him believe that all his decisions were correct and attacked any one who opposed him accusing them of negativity. He gave people the keys to the castle and only when others proved that this policy was not working did he retreat. He attracted unprofitable business into the company and concentrated on silly gimmicks and give aways. GD was controlling marketing policy with nonsense ideas like Flash dances at Croke park, sending the PR team out to shops to sell quick picks and football assist coupons telling him that it was going to be the next big thing in betting. Others on his management team were also involved with these harebrained policies and millions have been wasted on screens and WiFi in shops. It is still going on. He opened up an office London with high rents and wages to have a marketing presence in the UK. Why is it being closed now. GD and JB arrived in one day on a surprise visit and a few people were out working. The two of them believed that the staff were not doing their jobs because they weren’t in the office .


Q. In the Indo article John was asked about succession, “I was always looking for someone to come along and take my role, always looking for a good CEO.  “But to get someone who would have that passion and care, not just do the job, that’s the challenge,” he said. If a candidate can be identified he would step back into a chairman’s role, Mr Boyle added.  “Another option is to sell. I have had good offers in the past – I was getting offered scary numbers. But that was never part of my plan,” he added. Rather than sell, however, his preferred option is to now tap a chief executive to take operational control of the business and continue its growth path.

A, This is impossible to believe. Is passion and care getting mixed up with paranoia and obsession? Will John expect the CEO to check if the lowest ranked worker in the company is 5 mins over his lunch break or why he is on the rota but had to take a day off, he would actually ring up that employee. Is this the passion and care he wants? Years ago John although passionate had great respect and a relationship with his employees. People were let do their jobs and rightly he got the rewards. Employees were respected and there would be no issue getting a day off if it was needed.

Q. How does she push his buttons? Replied as follows,

A. I wish I knew how GD Pushes his buttons, no one knows how, she has no communication with us ordinary plebs, they go off to Blackrock together for hours and watch the sea as they meditate.

Q, The businessman, who founded the company in 1982, said he will step back to chairman of the company if he can find a chief executive to take over the management of Boylesports according to the Indo?

A. The question is who does John expect to get a new CEO when he can’t get the head of IT Marketing or a replacement for Keith O Loughlin (CTO?) They have all left over a number of months ago and have yet to be replaced. Will the new CEO have to answer to and be interfered with by GD as other department heads have?

Q, Can you see a direct involvement with GD in regard to these actions, if so how? Does she make statements about issues she had no competence in regard to?

A, GD does not make statements, she is on the senior management team but has no job title. She is JB’s closest confident so she has to influence his decisions. What is she qualified in? She was running the Marketing and PR at one stage, getting staff to concentrate on selling quick picks. She wasted advertising money on new football coupons that would never take off. She tried to advertise on church leaflets. She was behind the marketing office in London being set up. Then JB and GD paid a surprise visit and found a couple working there out of the office. They assumed they were dossing. People there were just not trusted. It suited GD to put the idea into JB’s head that they were not competent in their work. The office will be closed next year. The people in it were highly qualified and were driven out. Was this decision in the company’s best interest or hers?


Q, Again what is the connection between his developing paranoia  and obsession and GD? In other words is there clear evidence she is the one ruling the company or is he just losing it because he can’t delegate? Try and look back to the early JB. You likely do not have the history as you are relatively recent, but some of your friends who were there for the courses might. See where you see this coming from?

A, She is in JB’s office, all department heads come to see her especially when he is not in. JB would have meetings without her but it is like he is distant, distracted and lacking in attention. He does not want to hear what people have to say, he already has his mind made up. JB filled his company with qualified people now all he has is yes men GD and family members. He tries to micro manage but is not qualified to do so.


Q, Does he believe the Brendan Hughes guy is going to deliver on the on line presence? Is he going to succeed or has he got the people to deliver this? I assume unlike people like Ivan Yates JB has a massive cash supply so is not that beholden to banks. He would have been very frugal in ways and living the expensive life á la Quinn is not natural for him?


A, Yes there have been people before that John believed were the messiah and he ended up chasing them out of the company. He normally will have one or two people who are not in the programme and focus all his energy on them. Normally employees he picks are people that don’t argue with him about his ideas and he does not argue with them for a while, but he could succeed if would let people do their jobs without micro managing them and if he were to puts the right people in the right positions, e.g. professionally trained rather than GB filtered.


Q, It is clear that like a lot of self made men he does not trust anyone and so in order to preserve his power he has put in family members into running the company. The last time we published some material we had a number of staff members making personal attacks on them. Likely, because they did not see them as being competent, but only in the job as Daddy’s girl or boy. Hopefully this time we will not have these attacks here, but also it is because the staff do not understand influence and how it works. They think John and Georgina are nuts, rather than seeing them under influence. When you see someone in a pub after having had a few too many you don’t say they are crazy but that they are pissed. Here it is exactly the same. So factually in the absence of trained professionals who either leave because they can’t stick it are not allowed to stay by GD, what roles are the family taking?

A, Currently his son in law is the head of customer services, Fon a Bet and CTO among others. Daughter Jenna is head of shop operations. Orla Boyle head of the Data Team. Claire Boyle is not on the management team. Grace Boyle is effectively the head of HR with GD. The HR manager is just waiting for time to retire.

Q, Can you still see residual Catholicism there or is JB into the Educo jazz? Do you know any staff who might be involved with the TQ store and office in Dundalk or the Educo gym?

A, Can’t help you there. No staff I know apart from family have any interest in Educo. John’s daughter Grace was on the leaflets years ago for losing weight.



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  1. When under influence and unless you have sporadic breakthroughs, the sad truth is, it is impossible to know that you are being abused and used in a manner that would, in normal circumstances, disgust you. In trance state, a good indication that you do not agree with what is happening is if you feel sick to your stomach. When the penny finally drops, if you are any way decent, this knowledge will cause you to fear for your safety and the safety of others who are under control.

    Knowing that hypnosis is REAL! we can understand why women and men who are hypnotised and ‘turned on’ by Quinn’s ugly mug or whoever it is he wants you to ‘turn on’ to, are influenced to cater for his every need. The women who went on seminars who were, ‘allegedly’ sexually abused are not capable of giving proper consent. Knowing about hypnotic influence, would you be at ease your your father or mother, husband, wife, son, daughter or grandchild or friend going on an Educo seminar?

    The question we need ask ourselves is: have we lost our instinctual need to protect society from abusive predators?


  2. Wakey Wakey!

    Have you seen the UTV programme “You’re Back in the Room” with presenter Philip Scofield. Hypnotist, Keith Barry, puts five people under hypnosis to act out various roles throughout the show. The majority of them remember absolutely nothing about what they did. This is hypnosis in action. And another point I need to make about the contestants; they may not always feel that it was a positive experience if they find themselves reacting to cues/triggers they were exposed to, both behind the scenes and on the show. If Keith Barry decided that he wanted to have access to their money and if he did it in such a way, like Quinn, that made them feel ‘amazing’, he would have access to their accounts before they left the studio!

    Yes folks. Hypnosis is REAL!!! A fleeting memory, maybe enough to know that something happened, is not sufficient to go to the Gardai with as proof of undue influence in an abuse case.

    The con artist Tony Quinn would not have the, so called, ‘amazing’ results without using hypnosis. He would not have such ‘amazing’ ‘foolies’ to work for him without leaving them in a trance state to obey every order and regurgitate the mindless ‘amazing’ programme. People who go on his seminars are hypnotised into saying how ‘wonderful’, how ‘fantastic’ it all is and not one of them seems to be aware of the fact they have been hypnotised and still in the trance state; sitting ducks for any con that comes their way.

    I REST MY CASE!!!!


  3. A woman in Cork has been with Quinn cult for years is on tv programme Glionder RTE 1 on Monday at 7.30 pm but check time anyway. She is the one who had her varicose veins sorted. She cant leave the cult even if she wanted to. She knows too much.


  4. Which castle street. Has this anything to do with seminars


  5. should have watched the manager in castle street instead


  6. Have not heard anything but wait for the seminar on Jan 4 when likely Quinn will announce the latest breakthrough.


  7. Has the mucky Quinn slithered into Eire for x-mas yet


  8. God help you, he’ll be wound up and ready to have a go at you for being so ‘negative’ when the rictus grin wears off. It will be tony this and tony that in the office, confusion reigns, so be prepared for nothing to get done and possibly angry outburst. You won’t get a word of sense out of them as everything you do say will be perceived as unconnected to the ‘source’.


  9. I am off to the sunny Bahamas after a few small trips to NY and Thailand to get recharged .Remember all workers my little birds Conor and Georgina will be there to watch if you are taking 5 minutes extra for lunch or popping out to do some Christmas shopping with that generous voucher that you received.
    I will not be there in person to make Christmas a misery for my overpaid staff but this message to you all is that this will be rectified in the new year .
    You all must wake up and see that you are in the presence of a genius and you should be very gracious that you are all employed in my fantastic company .


  10. My heartfelt hope is that something significant will happen that will finally wake people up to how dangerous Quinn is. He is remorseless and shameless about what he does. He may be considered small cheese when IRA atrocities and Sinn Fein’s cult-like party thugs pushing their luck is big news and deservedly so, however, I sincerely pray that Quinn is pursued just as courageously in the coming months.


  11. I believe you have shown great insight in this comment and have got a deep understanding of the issue of undue influence.


  12. From the above information it seems that nothing has changed in Boylesports. The cult programme continues to take precedence over job recruitment, professional training and conduct.

    Some of us learn how hypnosis can affect our lives by being subtly subjected to it. In society, as a rule, it is accepted that hypnosis is used in strictly prescribed circumstances as a type of correctional tool that releases irrational fears, corrects self-destructive behaviour, etc., and the desire behind it is to bring about improved mental health.

    In the cultic environment hypnosis is used to indoctrinate; to replace the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ way of thinking/belief systems; to destroy the ‘old’ forms of influence (at times literally) and build the ‘new’ that serves ambitious cult leaders. Some people manage to get away unharmed and lose contact with the group; however, some are convinced and persevere with self-induced programming, believing it works no matter how many times it has failed them and some, like John Boyle, being continuously exposed to undue influence, automatically live by the programme.

    “Years ago John although passionate had great respect and a relationship with his employees.”

    The obvious change is, he is heavily compromised between his chosen career and the effects of Educo indoctrination. He is compelled to attend seminars that do nothing more than deepen the imprint of the cult belief system. This separates him from ‘normal’ people. They have no value to his company unless they accept the Educo programmes. He would find it difficult to have a ‘normal’ conversation and this has an effect on his ability to socialise.

    I believe the following tells the real story about Gorgina Dolan: “she is on the senior management team but has no job title” and “they go off to Blackrock together for hours and watch the sea mediating”

    How she managed to get a job with no description in Boylesports is a mystery until you understand the reason why she is took the job. She would not be there without Tony Quinn’s knowledge and approval. The information from Boylesports undoubtedly points to Dolan’s hidden role; her job is to influence Boyle and build a work force that operates with the Educo mind-set. Rather than mediating, I would say they spend time meditating as this is a daily practice in the cult to ‘grow’ and strengthen their belief in the ‘self’/Tony Quinn.

    At meetings, are there periods of total silence, having to wait for him to get in touch with his ‘inner self’? The result being a regurgitation of the same (programme) and he honestly expecting others to think it is an original idea? His behaviour is so typical of Tony Quinn and also very painful to watch especially by people who knew him before he was recruited. In the process of his focusing on influencing others, it is evident he wants the same respect (bow down to his genius) and level of obedience that Quinn demands. The futile search for someone else to take on his role will continue.

    “They think John and Georgina are nuts, rather than seeing them under influence.”

    It may be difficult for workers to understand the origins of the Educo cult persona and how it replaces the ‘old’ personality when they know nothing about hypnotic undue influence.

    It is good that Dialogue “highlighted the problems with the Quinn/Dolan influence and it made them check their behavior, they changed the way they behaved towards the staff, (for a while,) and stopped the “Academy of Success,” (distress as it was known.”

    “The management were very conscious of what was going on the blog. It kept them in check for a while now it looks like we have gone full circle again.”

    As long as Boyle is a source of money for Tony Quinn it will not stop. The “Academy of Success” is Quinn’s idea, not his.


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