Church should excommunicate House of Prayer founder – claim by Cathal Barry


Irish News

Church should excommunicate House of Prayer founder – claim
Call for Church’s doctrinal watchdog to investigate Ms Gallagher for alleged heresy
The House of Prayer.The Church should excommunicate controversial Achill House
of Prayer founder Christina Gallagher, a former devotee of the
self-proclaimed visionary has said. Mick Power, a former
member of the controversial movement, has called on the
Church’s doctrinal watchdog to investigate Ms Gallagher
for alleged heresy and unverified claims of miracles.Mr Power became involved with the House of
Prayer with his wife Paula in 1998, after the death
of their only child, Tommy.The 39-year-old described Ms Gallagher’s alleged
divine messages as “appalling” and “all about chastisements
and the end of the world. “She was always talking about the
Antichrist and the wrath of the beast,” according to the
Irish Independent.Pro-active

There have also been calls for the Archdiocese of Armagh
to take a more pro-active stance on the House of Prayer’s
spiritual director, Fr Gerard McGinnity, who is parish
priest in Knockbridge in Co Louth, in the Armagh diocese.

A group of concerned relatives of devotees and ex-members
have called on Cardinal Seán Brady to stand over his agreement
to meet cult expert and the director of Dialogue Ireland,
Mike Garde, to answer questions about the priest.

It is reported, however, that Cardinal Brady,
who is no longer Archbishop of Armagh following the
acceptance of his resignation by Pope Francis on September 8,
has declined such an invitation.

Christina Gallagher founded the House of Prayer on
Achill Island, in Co Mayo in 1993. According to reports,
at the end of 2012, the centre was sitting on accumulated profits of €1.66m.


Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam has insisted the centre
does not have Church approval.

“While wishing to entirely respect the reputations of all involved,
the Archdiocese cannot but recall that sincere and well-ordered attempts on the part of the diocesan authorities to integrate this work into
the life of the local Church here met with a disappointing
lack of success,” a December 2009 diocesan statement said.

“Accordingly, while welcoming any and all sincere attempts
to promote orthodox Catholic faith and piety, the Archdiocese
cannot lend its approval to this work as matters stand and is
obliged to note that the same work is entirely of a private
nature and carries no ecclesiastical approval whatever.

“The Archbishop would call on all persons of good will
involved in the situation to reflect on what is best for the
Church at large and to exercise the greatest responsibility
and charity in the matter,” the statement concluded.

Requests to the Catholic Communications Office for
comment went unanswered as The Irish Catholic
went to press this week.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about Cathal Barry’s article on Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer in Achill (IC 30/10/14). You quoted Mick Power, who became involved with the House of Prayer in 1998, describing Ms Gallagher’s alleged divine messages as “appalling” and all about chastisement and the end of the world, and the antichrist.
Well, Christina is right. Our Lady says if we don’t turn back to God there will be a chastisement, and her divine messages are not appalling, and the antichrist is soon to rise up in the world.
Yours etc.,
Evelyn Gilchrist,


4 Responses

  1. I trust in the power of prayer: “Dear Jesus, you said, “Ask anything of My Father in My Name, and your prayer will be granted:. Heavenly Father, deliver the vulnerable trusting people from belief in what Christina Gallagher proclaims, if it is false, and harmful to their souls.” If these events at the House of Prayer, apparitions, messages, etc. are of the lies and deceptions of Demons and devils, and false angels, then my prayer is as Jesus said to the Devil in the desert who was trying to deceive and tempt Him; “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST; BEGONE SATAN!” Silence Christina and Fr. Gerard and grant them retreats in monasteries to heal and deliver them. May all funds be returned to those poor who were most harmed by having sacrificed donations. Thank you Jesus, sweet and kind, for listening to and answering this prayer.


  2. and so, leave her to it. She will reap what she sowed. I have said before on this blog, people are scammed and conned every day – case in point, the banks. They believed what the banks told them, they bought the lie and they paid the consequences (dire). Then even worse, the gov’t bailed out the fleecers. CG is a tiny player in a wider world of deception and lies.

    She preys on needy people, people who are searching for a quick fix. As a Catholic, why would anyone get involved with her and HoP?

    Isn’t Christ’s and his disciples’ teachings enough for them?

    How do Catholics reconcile believing her b.s. in the face of all they have been told and warned about in the Holy Bible, much less by the Church?

    I fervently believe she holds up a mirror to the Church’s dirty dealings. If the Church had spent more time making sure its representatives had a moral conscience, CG wouldn’t have had any support.

    People are disenfranchised from the Church for good reason. They look elsewhere. Nature abhors a vacuum. She filled it.

    For the Church to call her out as evil or corrupt, they risk their own wounds being opened up again.

    For that reason they won’t be doing anything soon regarding HoP.


  3. ‘Well, Christina is right. Our Lady says if we don’t turn back to God there will be a chastisement’

    No, CG has only said she said this, there is zero evidence, never mind proof other that this is CG’s fertile imaginings, meant to profit her.

    The only evidence of anything is that CG is a vile twisted person who has been caught lying blatantly and repeatedly, has enriched herself enormously, broken up families, made false threats against anyone who speaks of their personal experiences, and on, and on.

    So the evidence is strongly against her that she has spoken to Our Lady.

    For the truth, read Jim Gallagher’s book, The Immaculate Deception, who CG has a particular hatred for. She has never contested his book in court and never, ever, will.

    She will never again be able to be accepted in normal society and must run away hard and fast for the rest of her life, with the aid of, Tony FitzPatrick, and people of his kind.

    If you are an unbeliever,ie not unduly influenced, happen to meet CG, and you ask her a question, and she will tell you, you are stalking her.
    She is a coward’s coward, a pinup girl for cowards.


  4. The Church has excommunicated others for far less


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