Irish Independent, sister paper The Sunday World and the Irish Catholic all linked in a conspiracy to bring down Christina Gallagher

According to the House of Prayer there is a conspiracy to bring them down:


Di looks at the claims and makes a commentary on them:

A further media attack appeared in the Sunday World on 2nd November 2014 and clearly shows the Irish Independent, sister paper the Sunday World and the Irish Catholic, all to be linked.

It is clear that the HofP has no idea how journalism works as for the most part they are warned to stay from the Devil’s brew which is journalism. The Sunday World and the Independent are under common ownership. Also in their new style Independent newspapers operates across platforms and material from each newspaper is used in the other. However, Jim Gallagher has no interest in religious journalism and has been relentless in following the money trail culminating in his book Immaculate Deception which outlines in detail the abuse of the elderly, the involvement of Fr McGinnity in simony and fundraising.
Immaculate deception

He has an eye witness account of Christina’s involvement in a relationship in England.
Unfortunately, this very important book never saw the light of day as the publishing house involved went into receivership.
Only the Irish Times has a full time religious affairs correspondent and for whatever reason Patsy McGarry has not addressed the House of Prayer issue for over ten years in a substantial way. Like most journalists in this state they have not grasped the Elder Abuse issue at the heart of this story. Also while their focus has nearly all been about the sexual abuse issue, they have failed to address the issues at stake in regard to the role of Archbishop Michael Neary and also Cardinal Brady in regard to the HofP. As a graduate of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth I find it quite intriguing that religious commentators have no theological education or education in Religion. Can you imagine putting a journalist into Business who was not educated in the field? People like David Quinn who has commented on Religion is a business graduate and I am not sure what the theological training of the staff of the Irish Catholic is like? I can now answer that in that I received this clarification from the Editor Michael Kelly.

For the record: I hold a B.Ph.(Hons) in 
scholastic philosophy, a B.D.(Hons) and a Diploma
in Missionology from the Pontifical University, 
St Patrick's, Maynooth and an STL from Santa Croce 
Pontifical University in Rome. 
My chief-reporter Cathal Barry 
holds a B.A.Th.(Hons) from Maynooth 
and an M.A.(Hons) in theology from Mater Dei.

Kind regards,

Michael Kelly

Having reflected on my question further it is not really that I am asking what degrees the staff of the Irish Catholic have but what have they done about the House of Prayer? I have raised these issues with the Editor Michael Kelly and await his reply before publishing what I wrote to him.
In the meantime this is what he had to say about it in 2008:

One senses in most of the commentary a conservative/ liberal trajectory rather than a theological or religion focus. So a story is out of the reach of most of these commentators, so they do not want to touch it with a barge pool. People like Justine McCarthy have an anti religious focus and can’t get into the religious world we are facing in the total collapse of all the major Christian Churches on the island. More importantly is in the aftermath of the Prime Time documentary nothing in religion is looked at due to the fear of defamation. The new group think is to do nothing. The only person who gets the issue of religion is Vincent Browne. He realises that the surface rhetoric is all that it is there, however, like most Irish commentators he is unable to understand the current state of Islam/ism in Ireland and as a result does not go there.
In regard to the Independent though the article that was written there was by Sarah Macdonald a free lance who writes on religious subjects. So the claim that their is a conspiracy does not stack up. Due to the collapse of religion on this island it is not surprising that the Independent does not have a full time religious affairs corespondent.
Also as a theologian and cult expert I have had to learn that though theological and Religion expertise is essential in dealing with the HofP it is more important to understand influence and especially undue influence if you are to get a handle on the story.

Another aspect of Irish society in regard to religion is how the BBC and UTV have to lead with a story before RTE or other stations react. One thinks of the Bishop Comiskey and Cardinal Brady stories as examples. In fact RTE has one exception of Mary Raftery that sticks out. Also in Mission to Prey other cases which were not defamatory and stacked up have been lost and the victims not recognised.

It is one paper taking stories from the other, not checking what is fact, writing only what is reported by the other paper, without care for the truth only for libelous statements of deception.

The phenomenon of stories moving from one paper to another has nothing to do with a conspiracy and certainly not with the Irish Catholic. Get a grip it is part of the normal give and take of journalism.

First of all DI was the source for the story that Christina was taking a group with Fr McGinnity to Italy. We have now got a mole inside the HofP. Before moving to the substance of the HofP claims we must clarify that the photo of Christina in the Independent story of October 27th was at 4:30 AM showing her to be dressed like a business executive with lovely jewelery, a Gucci bag and her hair done to perfection. She was ambushed as she was leaving for Italy and as she refuses to explain her wealth I believe that though the pictures were taken in breach of the Airport’s rules I believe they were justified in the message they conveyed. The Sunday World were waiting on the return and the HofP had clearly devised a strategy to turn the tables on their return. I do hope the HofP take a case against the Paper as we would love to have Christina or her representatives in Court to open this issue up.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Sunday World reporters pounced on Christina Gallagher as she emerged from Dublin Airport arrivals gate.

Having talked to the journalists about this case it is clear that they were met by a frenzied mob who were bull baiting the journalists in order to try to stop them getting a good shot of Christina. Most in dealing with criminal or public order issues had never come across anything like it. You will note that the pictures are not as good on the return as on departure.



Pilgrims spoke to them immediately saying, “You do not have permission to photograph anyone” and “You are not going to take her photo” and placing their hands between the camera lens and Christina. Sunday World paid no attention but kept snapping. This statement was repeated to them again and again while they kept photographing, pushing and shoving the pilgrims who had by then come between the Sunday World and Christina Gallagher.

It is clear that they had been primed and that there is such hatred of the Sunday World for having exposed the scam at the heart of this group they were like hounds released for the SW Fox.
It is clear that the journalists were shocked and is normal their was banter between them. The HofP lost round one but the Sunday World lost round 2.
However, we have permanent images that show an indulgent woman whose over one million house in Malahide was being shown on the same day as she returned from Italy. She also held back in the terminal hoping the photographers would go away.


Sunday World reporter making a living out of photographing people did not like to be photographed herself, covering her face when pilgrims took out their cameras to snap her harassing a group of people returning from pilgrimage. Note, the camera was never round the photographers neck as stated in their totally false report and she was not in the least frightened but gleeful in her endeavours to get closer to her target.

This is of course has elements of the truth, but the main point is that the secret life of Christina met the reality of the public domain.


Airport police were notably absent but when they did show up the Sunday World reporters were told to leave the building.

This is totally correct but in trying to get photographs a tabloid did what they do best tell a story through the eye gate.

2 Responses

  1. In making judgements about certain journalists that does not suggest they are are not extremely erudite and professional in their writing. However, our theological faculties are frozen and caught between liberal Protestantism and traditionalism. Most of the bishops were chosen because they were canon lawyers. It is hard to believe that Cardinal Brady is a Canon lawyer when you read the kind of stuff he has written about the House of Prayer. Also in Ireland we are not able to distinguish between a religion and a denomination or Confession. People still view other Christians here as members of a different religion rather than as members of the same religion namely Christianity


  2. I agree with your analysis of Irish journalism attitudes in the first half of this post. Most Irish journalists are theologically ignorant, a result of UCD not offering theology as an Arts degree subject option. (I took Philosophy there myself as well as modern languages in the mid-Sixties.) In German universities it is quite normal for Arts students to take theology in addition to their chosen majors. The last time I read a serious general interest religious magazine in Ireland was in the mid-Sixties when Herder Correspondence was edited by Desmond Fennell.

    But in recent decades quite a number of lay Catholics have completed theological courses at third level centres. Where are they in the Irish media? Some of them would be able to write probing pieces about religion in contemporary Ireland. Occasionally emeritus professor Vincent Twomey writes short features for the Irish Times, but generally I get the impression that religion in the mainstream media is being discussed and ‘covered’ by individuals who lack background knowledge.


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