Donations dropped at the House of Prayer last year,by Warren Swords, “Irish Mail on Sunday,” 16th November 2014

This report shows that when the House of Prayer is requested for a response to an article they generally decline. However, after publication of this article they act as if they were not given the right of reply as you can read under the Mail article:

HofP Mail


Quite unbelievably the House of Prayer in Achill is singled out every year to have its publicly available financial statements pored over by the media and reported-on in several national newspapers. What is the fascination one must wonder?

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

A: It is not surprising in that most normal people can’t understand why the Catholic Church has done nothing to address this issue. also they can’t understand how Christina can be rolling in wealth and looking like she spends a lot of time in expensive shops? They expect a visionary to be prayerful and not given to luxury and excess. Also these articles on their web sites are to try and hold the line as most of her members do not use the internet. In fact they are warned to not go near them.

The Irish Mail on Sunday on 16th November 2014 added to this strange obsession. Their reports betray a desire to see the demise of the House of Prayer and celebrates the success of their efforts to destroy it, believing as they do that their tactics are working. Focus is predominantly on the falling-off of donations and their analysis suggests these falling figures equate to a decrease in visitor numbers. This notion however is at odds with reality. They obviously do not visit the House of Prayer in Achill or they would know that visitor numbers are in fact increasing.

A: Reports we are getting suggest that though the core group of mainly elderly people go at least once a week, there is no evidence of large numbers going there anymore. However, the narrative that it is not important to do something about the HofP are misplaced. I would say that they could be at least 20,000 people affected and Elder abuse is going to come to the fore as this comes to a head. The Taoiseach and all the Mayo TDs need to get involved. Also so do the Louth ones. Also the HofP were given the right of reply and replied NO COMMENT.


In 2014 the House of Prayer in Achill continues to attract people and in greater numbers. People have not deserted the House of Prayer as these papers seem eager to imply.

The reality is that other than the true believers it is clear that the gravy train is about to come to an end. Cardinal Brady neglected his duties and we can only assume that the new Archbishop will have to take this seriously. If not the place for our next protest will have to be in Armagh. This has gone on long enough. There is no point going to Achill as you might find Christina is in another luxury house from her portfolio. Returning on a flight to Chicago earlier this week I learnt that Christina is regularly flying around Europe.

If donations are down it is because people in a recession have less money and are not able to make donations.

It is also because people are seeing that charities are getting away with murder. Also the HofP has lost its charitable status and the only charity involved is Christina.

This is reflected in the experience of similar organisations all over the country, all seeing a reduction in funds through donations.

There is no similar organisation in Ireland that under the guise of being a charity has only one charity case: Christina.

It is astonishing that the Irish Mail on Sunday did not consider this factor in their analysis. With regard to the continued misleading mention of houses, we can only reiterate that at no time has Christina Gallagher ever owned four houses as is explained extensively in our previous statements.

No she has skilfully offloaded them to her entourage. The Malahide House is in the name of Jim Lynn of Greystones. If Christina wants to give her side of the story all she needs to do is call a press conference and set the record straight. I am sure Jim Gallagher would give her two full pages to put forward her position. DI would give her 4 uncensored pages if she wants to put her side to the public. Christina or her cronies have not being living a life of prayer but of Riley!

Ironically, the ridicule of the tabloid papers only serves to attract more visitors to the House of Prayer, who come firstly perhaps out of curiosity, then they begin to find the truth. One example of those is a man from Roscommon Ned Noone, who came to see what it was all about. Visiting the House of Prayer for the first time in July 2013, he said with incredulity, “I don’t know what the Sunday World is on about!” He now returns regularly with his wife to pray there. People who come to the House of Prayer today do so because their heart is with it. They come in unity and prayer.

He likely never read the Sunday World, but after coming to the HofP was under influence he would never would pick up a paper.
However it is not only Tabloids involved in reporting her antics.
Also Jim Gallagher published a book entitled, Immaculate Deception in 2009. She never issued proceedings and it shows her to have had a relationship with a guy called Chalkie in England and that Fr McGinnity was up to his eyes in fundraising.

As for the House of Prayer’s finances, Heaven has provided for it and will continue to do so. One might say that the deceitful persecution of the House of Prayer in Achill only serves to validate its sanctity.

Rather it is like Berlin in 1945. In the bunker it looks great but with the Russians advancing the whole edifice is about to collapse.

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  1. It is all about your mind and your money € £ $


  2. I wonder what the amount of donations were undeclared.


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