Pray for Christina she’s sick & needs money by Jim Gallagher, Sunday World, November 9, 2014

Further compelling evidence of a visionary out of control and able to hoodwink her disciples with abandon ably abetted by a priest in good standing with the Archdiocese of Armagh, Fr Gerard McGinnity PP of Knockbridge, Co Louth. What needs to be done to stop to this?

Please read the article as pdf’s here: Maria Hughes1         Maria Hughes2


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  1. The Catholic Church need to understand that denying the truth of the situation in The House of Prayer will gall a lot of people who have suffered because of Gallagher and McGinnity’s shenanigans.
    Would they have us believe that the only hope for the Catholic Church to flourish in Ireland and abroad is to accept criminally run prayer houses?


  2. Not true that the Church does not have a lot of power and responsibility regarding Christine Gallagher scam. They have a massive duty of care here. She positions herself firmly in the Catholic tradition of Marian devotion and the general teachings and ethos of the Church, preys on elderly Catholics particularly and uses Fr. McGinnity as a cloak of Catholic respectability. The Church excommunicated people for far less in the past. Let’s see how the new Archbishop deals with her. They can’t stop her scam but they can preach against her, reject her formally, etc, etc. That is the issue not about stopping her cultist group. Without her Catholic supporters she would be very likely “stopped”, i.e. business would likely diminish to little or nothing.


  3. good comments using the Biblical injunctions effectively.

    Let’s hope the Catholic Church now finally begins to take their pastoral role seriously and both supports the victims and publicly rejects this very abusive cult group and its phony visionary.


  4. When families speak out in public it gives them a sense of freedom as as they are no longer a hostage to the entrapment of their loved one.
    Maria is a strong and brave woman and when she speaks about her mother under the manipulative influence of cultism she also speak up for all with family members also caught up in such nightmares . Both Church and State have a duty of care for such victims I hope the Hierarchy finally takes real action in the biblical sense of a Sheppard looking after his flock not letting the wolves get any more lambs for the slaughter.


  5. Where are the Trolls? Are they running out of things to say? Is it that Maria’s nightmare story of her mother’s abuse is, which she is painfully powerless to prevent, so indefensible?
    What does it take for people to wake up? All that’s needed is a clear statement from the church that these paid violent fanatical madmen and their false chosen one are in no way connected to them. The church needs to condemn such blatant horrific elder abuse being done through extortion using teachings which are heretical to the church. Extortion which is being done under the guise of their very name.
    They need to do it now. It should be completely obvious Gullible McGinnity needs to be completely removed from all duties until there is a full and proper investigation by his superiors, and have his sanity assessed. This so called priest is not fit for purpose. They need to do this now.
    If they do not, yet again, the little credibility they possess will go out the window for many more people. The time for silence is over. What I’d like to know is, if not this, what will it take for the church to actually speak and then act?
    If they do not, they are every bit as guilty as Gutter Gallagher, who will stoope at nothing, with the help of her solicitors, to defraud vulnerable elderly people.
    Does it get any more perverse that extorting elderly people of their money and then threaten to use that very same money against their very families by legal means?
    Christina Gallagher is a bottomless pit, who will stop at nothing to feed her insatiable greed using the foulest means possible.


  6. This is interesting, as the follower numbers dwindle, the pressure on those that remain increases. Christina and McGinnity must find new ways of fundraising all the time including constant text messaging, what else are they resorting to? I heard that followers are encouraged to buy a single rose at the inflated price of €5 to put in a vase underneath ‘our lady’ at the HoP and this is overflowing on a Saturday. The HoP gift shop is thriving, has anyone compared the profits they turn over to other comparable organisations (i.e. without charitable status?).


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