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  1. No we have warned you not to go anywhere near Majella. You have been warned and using proxies try to bomb abusive material here.


  2. Lorcan your claim about Majella has nothing to do with DI and as warned you have come back immediately to make a further claim. It has nothing to do with this thread. I will leave your comment with material unrelated to thread removed.


  3. when you have to delete comments you don’t agree with it makes a farce of your blog!


  4. ………. Oh and yes I do know that person pictured above.


  5. Hopping Hoppers thanks for taking on these trolls, but just a reminder to not allow yourself to stray from the thread. It is very easy to be diverted.


  6. Lorcan Proxy. We see you are back and Mother of God or Hopping Hoppers has you sussed.
    Just to be clear. We know you like to abuse Majella because you are furious she copped onto to your scams and left. Yes she was up to her eyes in it but has left period. You going on about her activities is a bit irrational as it was over 5 years ago. She was the subject of assault by known members and devotees of the HofP. I have warned you that any reference to Majella Meade or content about her is a further abuse of a person. We will without second thought delete any comment about her.
    I will also remind you that this post is about “Does anyone know who this HofP member is?”
    I will also remind those opposing you that this is what this thread is about.stay on thread.


  7. Troll Mae,
    you are just like ‘Decent Catholics’

    Decent Catholics in a nutshell:
    As DC didn’t contradict (by omission) Eamon Darcy, believes pain and suffering is a good thing for everyone else, but not for Christina(She needs protecting by further raising of millions. It was the only way(ie It was Mary’s plan). Eg. What would you do if you had toothache? Is the toothache really a ‘gift’? Or the result of poor hygiene and diet?
    Won’t touch Eamon Darcy’s comment about Gallagher’s completely unfounded claim of huge weight-fullness while she’s said to be in a state of ecstasy.
    Can’t explain Eamon Darcy’s comment, that after 21 years of going to the House of Prayer, he believes and tells us wholeheartedly that the country (and why stop there? The world.) should go down on their knees(this by definition, includes people of all and no religion). Defended the existence of an imaginary voice recording, if they do have a recording, but it’s not what they what it to say(Pat Coleman, a House of Prayer Director, no less…a man who really needs to get a grip and cop himself on, as witnessed by many. Any sign of him doing that yet?).
    Didn’t contradict Gallagher when she tells Joe Duffy ‘I do nothing’ and ‘I have no influence…’ regarding alleged miracles, ie. it is completely random, exactly as one would expect.
    Didn’t know, and Eamon Darcy either that Kathleen O Sullivan from Kerry completely disowns the HoP. What percentage still believe in the HoP who have ever visited?
    Gallagher talks of cheques, but pays in bags of cash for installing hidden listening devices(google Peter Popoff for effective use of same)
    No evidence found for a miracle, pretends that it’s in the process, (‘proper ecclesiastical investigation’), there is not, and never will be one. Keeps playing that same card, as if it trumps everything else. How many amputees have been cured?
    Says, Christina says she’s a Vessel?! Name the 7 deadly sins? Lust(for Chalky is one). Try greed, and a few more while you are at it…
    Won’t comment (omission) on Gallagher saying she no interest in material things but miraculously had a multimillion international property portfolio.(that includes living in multimillion huge mansions, regardless of ownership)
    Gallagher has nothing whatsoever to do with Medjugorje, tried saying she did.
    Pretended there is any evidence Gallagher knew in advance of the 2004 Tsunami.
    Hasn’t contradicted Mick Power’s testimonies even once:

    ‘Firstly I will address the story of Kathleen o Sullivan who was terminally ill and believed that she was cured thru the intercession of CG….I spoke to her some years ago and she conveyed to me her shock at discovering the enormous wealth of Christina Gallagher She now attributes her recovery to her own deep faith..She told me how Christina phoned her and pleaded with her in tears to return to the HOP and give public witness to her cure…Kathleen who is a very straight talking person asked her straight out where did she accumulate all her wealth….’


    ‘….I suppose the final straw for me was the infamous message back in 2005 when Our Lord said if people did not cough up the money to pay for a Hop in Texas that he would destroy this whole state….and what do you know…the money was paid up and Texas was saved…’

    Conclusion: Decent Catholics is a paid Troll sent to desperately muddy the facts, has zero credibility, is willing to lower morals, as the circumstance dictates, shows no functioning discernment and incapable or simply too lazy to perform/demonstrate any act of any independent thought. Hence, has been thoroughly brainwashed by years of indoctrination.
    Topped off with being a blatant liar:

    ‘You are known to the Guards and the people who witnessed your stalking of CG.’


  8. Troll Mae,
    first the imaginary Thurles Tapes, now this…
    A tip, try and remember, when you have an unduly influenced hissy fit, and decide to shoot from the hip, it’s not so much that you’re shooting blanks when you squeeze the trigger, it’s that your gun is made of Play-Doh. It’s leaves us all looking down at a suspicious mess in your hand and makes you look even more silly….

    Do your neighbours know you’re a Hopping Hopper/Looney Levitationist?


  9. Jerry,
    because we were practising our ascension into heaven, by hopping, while listening in an uncritical unquestioning manner to a heretical but gullible stooge, but in a remarkably un-cult like manner.
    We are different in that way to all the many other organisations referenced here, we don’t belong on that list , because we are different because we just are, and there’s no real arguing with us because we.
    All you need do is have patience, and eventually some of the predictions might in a general sense sound and if you look somewhat sideways and out of focus in a vague round about strange sort of way, completely correct. Eventually.
    Hop, hop, hop… tick, tock, tick, tock…


  10. I notice everybody was too busy on Saturday to write comments.


  11. Troll,
    first the imaginary Thurles Tapes, now this…
    A tip, try and remember, when you have an undue influenced hissy fit, and decide to shoot from the hip, it’s not so much that you’re shotting blanks when you sqeeze the trigger, it’s that your gun is made of Play-Doh. It’s leaves us all looking down at a suspicious mess in your hand and makes you look even more silly….

    Do your neighbours know you’re a Hopping Hopper?


  12. Have you paid your levitation levy?
    Or is huge weightfulness the new black?
    Are you going to keep acting dumb, or prove me wrong?
    Quote Archbishop Martin?
    What about Tony’s behaviour?
    Go on, give it a swirl…


  13. Any chance of any coherent arguments? Instead of a generalised rant where you address nothing. You won’t because you can’t.
    Now is your chance to get it out, Lynn…


  14. Any attempt to use Majell’s name as warned will be deleted. It is a vivious form of abuse.


  15. ‘Lucifer, on November 17, 2014 at 9:07 am said:
    God I never said a word!
    but while I have your ear God, any chance of you closing the HoP because these idiots have themselves brainwashed into thinking they can!
    PS. – Did that Majella they’re talking about spend all the peoples’ money she went off with? She hardly spent €1.2m already! Then again if Bishop Neary gets his hands on it he will.’

    Is that you again Looney Lynn?
    You also seem to be getting the hang of getting omnipresent like me too…as you know, all you have to do for it to work is follow protocol, go down on your knees, kiss St destitute holy works Visionary Seer Prophet our most Gutsy and blessed Christina of the necessary tent’s hand, and swear allegiance to her as you would to the Queen? (Catches breath)
    And you then get anointed by her in return, and therefore God(Hi God!), that you can do no wrong thereafter, no matter what you do.
    So it’s a big win/win when you think about it…

    And keep evil spoilsport nasty stupid Bishop Neary out of it, he has said he has nothing to do with the place where it’s your job to confuse people, because he says you are in disobedience, etc. The fool!

    But, seriously, it must be great having only to answer to St etc etc etc Christina and have nothing to do with Bishop Neary, and not having to take responsibility for any of your actions, ever. Sure, why would you want to for anyway? Have you ever met the Bishop?
    Am I right in saying, like me, as far you are concerned, it’s only people who ask for their money back, in case it won’t be worthless, and just might need it, that are confused, and not people who have been given the God given grace and right to have no morals? No wonder we can feel good about ourselves and be happy. All the time.

    Look, as we know, it’s a complete no brainer, I just don’t understand how DI and the rest won’t listen properly to the messages, and still not get it. Therefore they have no business in any decent afterlife, and nobody to blame but themselves. And Bishop Neary, a bit.
    The thicks!


  16. Lucifer Be silent. and stop impersonating me.

    I am God and so be it.


  17. Lucifer, My favourite Angel:


  18. Lucifer here,

    I agree with the Mother of God.

    Did I really just say that?


  19. time2wakeup

    “Before you contact the “Mother” of “God, is that not what Christina does? Brass neck! Even Christina doesn’t do that. What are we talking about here?”

    I felt the pseudonym “Mother of God” as a figure of speech being used in the sense of how shocking the unfolding of the Gallagher fiasco is; the unbelievable control she has over cult follower’s minds has caused mind boggling disbelief and despair. I have heard it used in similar contexts.

    What I find disgusting is that the law of this land did not move to expose Gallagher and McGinnity in court when they had a chance to. Is it possible that the Catholic Church interfered yet again to cover their abuse? I would not put it pass them. There is a lot of information hidden about what is really going on and, yet again, we are faced with the Catholic Church condoning abuse as long as it suits their purposes. They are historically known to accept and turn a blind eye to abusive cults that have the potential to add to their wealth and fill the pews.

    Gallagher and McGinnity brazenly distort deeply held religious beliefs and that is the huge difference which separates it from other forms of manipulating techniques used in advertising, etc.,


  20. Mother of God, the sun has started to go down again… and the Trolls are back too?

    Where have you retracted your inappropriate comments and/or defended yourself properly, anywhere, never mind, vigorously?




  21. I await your removal/censorship of all my comments.


  22. I am very concerned you have aligned yourself with the Sunday World, the biggest rag mag and sex peddler in Ireland – dancing with the devil?


  23. anyway, there’s 3 only people on this thread now – it’s achieving absolutely nothing, though possibly providing a modicum of entertainment and income for yourself. Like I said, the majority of Ireland simply doesn’t care about this forum, perhaps they are as wary as me, having to engage with people who call themselves, “Mother of God”.

    “Know them by their fruits”. Where is the fruit of all the gnashing of teeth? When and how do you intend to put an end to the CG/HoP madness? Or are you working with her D.I.? I have severe doubts as have the people I have shown these comments to -rational, intelligent and informed people, not “stupid” as you previously alluded to.


  24. Conflict of mind? I am anti-cult, I am rational. You are missing the bigger picture here. A cult supplies instant gratification. In HoP’s instance, personal and immediate salvation is being offered based on purchasing and donating.

    Did you not read any of what I said? You don’t want to read it.

    Before you contact the “Mother” of “God, is that not what Christina does? Brass neck! Even Christina doesn’t do that. What are we talking about here?

    As for conflicted mind, lose the psycho-babble. Conflicted mind doesn’t even mean anything.

    Back to “Mother of God”, surely that is a major conflict. There are people on this discussion forum addressing someone as MOTHER OF GOD.

    You are talking to the “Mother o God” and so is Christina.
    What is the difference?

    I don’t know, I give up. I am bewildered by this forum. Would your Sunday World interrogator please interview “Mother of God” to see who he/she is. I was accused of duplicity and “trolling”. “Mother of God” clearly is not who she “says” she is.

    Please address the issues and concerns I have raised and stop deflecting on my supposed motives.

    I smell a rat. What are your motives D.I.? Have you been personally affected/involved in a cult? What brought you here? Are you a cult in yourself?

    I have defended myself rigorously and unecessarily on this thread. You D.I. on the other hand have treated me with contempt and suspicion. Why? Too close to the bone?


  25. The pattern is clear M of G. When doing her own thing late at night there is a tendency to water down and minimise the problem, but when challenged to then maximise her response to an anti cult stance. This suggests a conflicted mind and issues which we have yet not become aware of.


  26. I am quite confident there are people very very close to CG & Fr McG who will exact their downfall. It’s not that difficult to spin those two a yarn as big as their own, get close to them, deceive them and expose them once and for all. If CG thinks she holds a monopoly on deception, remember, she’s merely a big fish in a small pond (which is why she chose Achill – no competition)

    Soon, very soon her little empire is going to crumble. If she thinks she has friends or has reason to trust anyone near her, she is a very silly woman indeed.

    There is no honour among thieves and she knows it.
    Tick tock, the time draws near.


  27. Your statements,

    ‘We are approaching the biggest cultish season, Christmas.’

    ‘The cult of consumerism, the cult of having to have it.’

    ‘What about those who fell for taking out a 100% mortgage or free credit pre 2007?’

    are not helpful, and let CG off the hook. Please think through what you are saying, before you say it. Please go go back and read my responses to your other inappropriate comparisons.
    People thinking you are therefore a Troll is not paranoid. They used your name to confuse, is only one example of the methods they use to confuse.
    Another way of putting is, they confuse to use.

    ‘The fact she has not come to this forum to defend herself speaks volumes. She and Fr McG couldn’t care less.’

    Gallagher does care, it’s bad for business, she has the best solicitors money can buy and are deployed or threatened to be so against DI or anyone else, including those here. Her fellow paid psychopaths come her and Troll, constantly.
    Check the hop website where DI gets mentioned. JG and the SW also get mentioned. Gallagher has a deep and personal hatred for JG. And anyone who has spoken out against her who were formerly brainwashed by her BS, they have come here and attested to her inside world of lust, blatant greed and much more. They have done much damage to her personal wealth. It must kill her, thanks to DI and JG that she must now hid and will never again be accepted in any sort of normal society. There was a time when that was not the case, but she has been exposed irreversibly. She has no credibility with 99.9999% of people and never will.
    For a so called self described visionary, she is remarkably unsuccessful is spreading messages which are meant for the world, we are told. she, then, like any cult, in contradiction to that, does not allow any recording equipment, as it would reveal her brainwashing techniques, and heresy as spouted by McGinnity. Her only success as a visionary, is acquiring personal wealth.
    This is a blog where anyone can freely come and read and comment on all the BS ever spouted by CG after the SW has ended up in the bin.

    And people have seen the light by coming here. If you read the blog properly, you would know the selfless work DI does, constantly..
    He is a cult expert:

    My user name expresses how I feel about this sick woman and those who stand with her, remorselessly to bloat themselves.


  28. P.S. Achill Island is MORE than happy to avail of the extra revenue provided by the House of Prayer. I am sure the residents there know she’s a con artist, but her “pilgrims” have paid for food on the table for some years now. Again, a case of: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.



  29. St Peter on the day of reckoning to the followers of HoP/CG…..

    “Why were you so easily led astray, why did you not take heed of my Father’s word and instructions? He who hath ears let him hear. Did you not read Revelation 22:19? No, well let me quote it to you now

    …….”And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.”

    …..or let me quote another verse …..Matthew 24:36, to paraphrase, no one knows the day or hour of the reckoning, only my Father knows.

    So, tell me again, what part you missed or that you didn’t understand?”


  30. We are approaching the biggest cultish season, Christmas. Children all over Ireland imploring their parents to purchase x-boxes or overpriced sports gear. The cult of consumerism, the cult of having to have it. I don’t wish to detract from the seriousness of what CG has done to trusting people.

    IN a wider context, however, it’s a first world problem that some have the luxury of having enough money to give away to a charlatan, while 2/3rds of the world’s population don’t have enough to eat, or don’t have shelter, that babies in 2014, this very minute, are dying of starvation or of diseases that could be treated with medicine costing pennies.

    Those who consider themselves Christians and who attend HoP need to take a real long look at themselves and think about more than their own salvation, something which Jesus said would only be ” bought” by him. He paid that price, no need for 250 euro photos.

    HoP and CG appeal to the “self”. Doesn’t everything that costs too much money?

    How “good” a Catholic/Christian are you when you believe the crap coming out of her mouth? Do her followers actually own their own copy of the Holy Bible? Did they not read the warnings given to us by Christ and his Disciples about deception?

    Christina has much to answer for and deserves most of the blame. However, there is a responsibility for Christians, if they wish to consider themselves followers of Christ, to actually read and understand his word and messages.

    CG’s “followers” are lost, they have been led astray by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s the original story isn’t it, one that gets played out over and over again since time began with Adam/Eve.

    Some just never get the message. Eve bit the apple because of ego, self, and of course of the serpent who led her astray. She had free will and was able to choose. She chose the path to darkness. The rest is history.

    I am sure God can’t even count the number of times he has muttered to himself, “why did I let them choose?”


  31. D.I. I don’t believe the followers of HoP are “stupid”. What about those who fell for taking out a 100% mortgage or free credit pre 2007? Were they “stupid”? No – they were hoodwinked. One must always look at the motivations of those selling crap versus those who are buying it and why.

    People are conned every day. Some know they are being conned and go along with it because they get something out of it (why buy branded Coca Cola when the Aldi brand is just as good and half the price?) but most people are trusting and that trust is so often patently abused. CG in my estimation is akin to a sexual abuser of children using lies, deceipt, secrecy, intimidation, and more – but mostly she preys on trust and when God is involved, that seems much easier to do. Her game is the oldest game in town.

    The fact she has not come to this forum to defend herself speaks volumes. She and Fr McG couldn’t care less.

    By the way, “stupid” is a horrible word and describes no one I know, it’s not even in my lexicon and I consider the word pejorative.

    If you have ever witnessed the tens of thousands of believers who attend some evangelical or Pentecostal assemblies you will be familiar with how this works. Throw a bit of truth into a bucketful of lies, mix them up with the cult of personality and a touch of fear and voila! you have the potential to make a lot of money. Some Protestant assemblies sell the same garbage as CG only on a much larger scale.

    “Touch your television screen right now and you will be healed….buy this special blessed oil today and we will throw in a special blessing for free.” etc etc.

    The only body able to get rid of the Christina’s in this world is the Church and to date, they have been less than forthcoming to do so.
    I doubt that they can even do anything. The Catholic church itself has so so much to answer for and the pews are empty. Do they want or need to hang themselves by their own petard?

    CG is very cunning in not lambasting the Catholic Church for its horrible transgressions. In fact she could probably, if she wants to, attract even more followers if she were to direct her followers’ attentions to the sins of the Church.

    She knows not to. She has a nice symbiotic relationship with the Church right now, one that is feeding her obese body and appetite for luxury very well thank you. The Church isn’t that worried because those who listen to Christina also fulfill the sacraments in a real Catholic church so why fix what isn’t broke?

    Christina knows how far she can go. She knows the old adage, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but not all the people all the time. She has her niche and is happy with that.

    One day soon she will disappear with a parting comment something like, “Mother Mary doesn’t speak to me anymore, she says Ireland is doomed.” CG will then retire comfortably to a villa in Portugal or another warm climate. That will be the end of that or at least until another charlatan comes onto the scene.


  32. You’re not all going to believe it guys, well, not Gallagher and her fellow con artists anyway…
    I woke up this morning, took one look at St Christina’s SW picture, and had this amazing sense of euphoria from it, and not only that, it cured my heredity baldness, gout, itchy scalp, dyslegxia, temper, ingrown toenails, world peace, fear of being ripped off, overconfidence, greed and other stuff that I just couldn’t be bothered to mention.
    Has anyone else here have any other anonymous claims they’d like to get off their back?
    The only problem now is the levitation, and how to make it stop. It’s quite literally, giving me a headache… I’ll need another miracle to get it to stop…


  33. This thread was about identifying a person who is under undue influence. Now we have clarified that what particular strategy do you wish to propose.?
    Could you read the section of our mission statement on cultism?
    You still seem to believe those under this infuence are basically stupid.


  34. I am of course concerned – I told you my friends have been hoodwinked by this woman. How she managed to brainwash them is beyond me, though in retrospect I think they kind of wanted to be brainwashed. Neither of them are ignorant or naive but they are elderly and are seeking personal spiritual salvation particularly as they are approaching their 3 score and ten. Does anyone really believe that purchasing a 250 euro picture will invoke spiritual protection? C’mon.

    Apart from my personal concern for my friends, does one have to be directly assaulted before being concerned at the assault of others?

    This thread is about CG and HoP. There are many more individuals and organisations to be concerned with. I just haven’t gotten around to putting my comments up.


  35. You appear conflicted for someone who really is not concerned. Why are at this ungodly gour on here. You draw up what you think needs to be done. Not generalisations about what we should do, but you are going to do. We have very clrear strategies in place, only one of which is the blog. Goodnight EG.


  36. what exactly is my “position” according to you? I have no link to CG, her minions, HoP or any other crazy organisation, cult, temple, etc.

    I, like most rational people, would be very happy to see cults and people who run them, removed. I am not related to anyone in HoP. Gallagher is a very common name, in fact hundreds in my family alone have it as a surname.

    My position is not untenable – it is what I stated. In light of getting involved in discussion in this forum, I can now understand where your (others’) paranoia comes from. Perhaps you think everyone you meet is an agent of CG?

    Is “Mother of God” someone’s real name? Somehow I doubt it.

    I think perhaps you might be more annoyed with the content of my comments, rather than with who you think I am or am not.

    But to what end?

    I would like to see a thread started, entitled

    “How to Bring Down the House of Prayer”

    This thread is merely a distraction from that. I would be more than happy to contribute my own humble ideas. I’m sure others would too.

    The problem with such a thread is that CG’s minions would read it and give her a head’s up. That’s the problem with discussing issues like this in public. You/me others are giving it all away for all to see, including CG who continues to laugh all the way to the bank.
    Now does that sound like CG’s troll or niece? Give me a break.


  37. Your position is untenable and I wonder are you the one I was told about by a former member? Using proxies when you have given out your name are you for real?


  38. I have explained to you that someone else was using the name you choose and it was therefore not a good idea for you to do so. Because I could not check Ips till now could not tell the difference till said started using abusive language. You are patently not doing tht but hve now broken your cover. Could I ask you are you a niece of CG who lives in England? Please do not use EG.


  39. Millions of people use proxies – I don’t understand what your point is. I like everyone else seek anonymity (as far as is possible). I have family to consider. Just like the witnesses who spoke on the HoP exposed program, I do not wish to be “trolled” or worse.

    But no matter, that is a deflection. Nothing I have said supports HoP or CG – nothing – quite the opposite. Goodnight.


  40. time2wakeup will do


  41. Bear in mind I signed up to this forum using my married name. After looking at some of the crazy comments in the forum, i decided to use my maiden name to avoid fanatics.


  42. You have now reverted to your first IP after going on a frenzy of proxies. I find it difficult to monitor the blog while travelling. We can see your email address, but I am currently in the States as you might of noticed if you read our blog. You are obviously up all night as it is 2 AM in the morning here. Do call me when I am back in Ireland later next week. I would be delighted to talk to you and find out exactly what it is you want to achieve. I would now ask some people who are dreadfully affected to give you feedback. Goodnight


  43. Ok, pick a name you are happy for me to use? Further if someone has been mis-using MY name, and saying things on behalf of me, particularly libelous things, I would like to know. You have my email address, send me a name so only YOU know who I am. I will use it.


  44. also, at no time during this conversation have you or anyone else provided ANY solution to the HoP problem. I am not your problem, nor are my questions. Questions are always good and if you can’t address them, much less answer them, then perhaps there is something seriously wrong with your approach. There must be 50,000 words on this thread now and for what? Meanwhile, CG is waking up in Spain or Portugal somewhere in her lovely villa, counting her money and planning to extract more with COMPLETE impunity.


  45. I could not be clearer under the guise of concern you are actually trying to undermine those who experience the Hof P as abusive. When challenged you return with the language of being against Christina, but then tell us what we need to do. We are clear about what we are doing, but we are not clear what you are doing. We have to change your name as someone else is using it to do exactly as I told you. I have no evidence that you are connected. However, in the past we have noted a wide use of IPs which are proxies with a similar rhetoric to the one you are using. You are free to use any name other than E Gallagher as for now it is leading to confusion. If you are unwilling to do I have been clear how I will react. Also when you have accomplished your first campaign against the HofP let us know how you got on. Also we often have people here disagreeing with stances we take but as long as it is clear what position they take and they do not muddy the waters they are free to disagree.


  46. So much for “Dialogue” Ireland then. Irony?

    What are you afraid of? All you had to do was ask me to ring you.
    I actually did ring your offices last week. No answer. My name is indeed Eimear Gallagher. Contrary to your claims, I am not a “he” nor am I a troll. I am just someone who takes issue with lies. I told you my friends got involved with HoP. They are brainwashed. I won’t be sending them here any time soon for fear they would attract the same kind of treatment as you have meted out to me for simply pointing out some obvious discrepancies.

    I expected Christina Gallagher’s followers to intimidate and block me.
    Your “campaign” in my estimation, needs broadening if it is to achieve what you say you want.
    How gullible was I? Maybe you have a vested interest in prolonging it? Plenty of people make money out of others’ misery and vulnerability. I don’t support anyone who does.


  47. First of all we are not putting your email address up, and you keep changing your tune. Because you persist in using various proxies and use the same name as the person who is implicated I intend to delete any further comments from you using the name E Gallagher. I will leave your latest diatribes up, but from this moment on unless you use another name I intend delete all. Your attempt to try to make smart remarks about our funding and then your ducking and diving about it will not be tolerated. You are part of a proxy campaign and it is to attempt to divert in the most subtle manner from our mission to assist those affected by the HofP. Come clean or we wipe the slate clean.


  48. by the way D.I. your comment above – let’s examine it for a moment….

    “WE do not charge for our services and our only means of income is donations.”

    Isn’t that what Christina Gallagher and HoP claim?

    I would also advise people that when they put their email address into the comment section, it clearly states, “email will never be made public”. Hmmmm except for those who question like me?


  49. p.s. as you can see there aren’t two Eimear Gallaghers – there is only me. If you publish my email address, I presume you publish all emails of all people on this thread. I don’t think that was very nice, and indicative of fear of dialogue – ironic seeing as that is the name of this forum. Can I expect a rash of abusive and intimidating/psycho emails from those you passed my email to? I hope not. That was not a very classy act. I have intimidated no one, I have abused no one. The opposite is true though.

    If we are unwilling to engage in alternative views, where does that leave us?

    When an anti-cult movement behaves like one, then we are in trouble and it’s time to ask questions. Seems those questions are not welcome here. Isn’t that what cults do?


  50. Now, I have given you more than enough of my time and insight for free (no money changes hands here)

    I am sorry you don’t like or feel uncomfortable reading what I have said in this thread but if you can get past your own ego and actually read what i said about how CG and HoP justify what they do, then maybe my time wouldn’t have been wasted.

    In particular was my story of my mammy and daddy who went on their world trip. CG and her minions and others like her will use justifications similar to what I posted – namely that the people who support her give their money willingly and that they get something out of it – she will say no one forces them and that they are adults and can do what they want with their money.

    She may also say to them in private just what I outlined in my comments above – that those who complain about the money are simply worried about their inheritances.

    I can hear Christina or Fr McG now saying to the “parishioners” “Listen, if your kids complain about 250 euro photos, remember they don’t understand. This is about YOUR salvation, not their inheritance. Please spend your money here at the HoP so you can get to Heaven first and pray for their souls when you are sitting at the right hand of God…now say amen.”

    Please think about every justification and excuse in the book, and people like CG will have already thought it out. She’s clearly a sociopath, a narcissist. Did you know there is no treatment for being a sociopath? Once a sociopath always a sociopath.

    Much the same for narcissism. Know what you are dealing with and act accordingly.

    well that’s the end of my participation in this discussion. I am sure you or someone else is chomping at the bit to get the last word(s) in without thinking.

    If I charged money for my services I would send you a bill. This isn’t about money, it’s about truth and believe it or not there are people in Ireland and further afield who are battling brainwashing and mind control apart from those involved in D.I. Everyone has their part to play. I suggest you stop dissing what I say and read it for what it is, minus your paranoia, trite responses and rhetoric.


  51. To be honest, I don’t care what money you make or don’t make. I do take issue with the fact you have stated I have been verbally abusive or that I have intimidated anyone. That is patently false.

    The Sunday World is not exactly unacquainted with making money off of people’s troubles. Your website clearly states you charge for your services. If D.I. is your only income then you are making money from it and from people in dire need of help.

    While that is deflecting from the issue covered in this thread, it is still true. How is that abusive or intimidating?

    The “abuse” on this thread has been directed towards me by other contributors. Read the thread again.

    Clearly there are those here who are not familiar with the Socratic method, nor have they heard of devil’s advocate. There are many sides to cultism, many reasons why it exists. LIke I said earlier, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, or weeding out “trolls” does very little to eradicate Ireland of con artists.

    Start a petition, send 200 letters to the Cardinal or to the Pope. Wage a walking protest with the media. Confront the HoP outside its doors. These are all actions.

    You should actually be thanking me for pointing out your flaws, flaws which I am sure others have noticed, but who, like me have been labelled a troll just because of disagreement with your tactics.

    At what point did I say I support HoP. It’s appalling people are conned out of their money. It’s been going on for two decades and nothing is stopping it. So whatever you are doing or not doing, isn’t working.

    If every cult disappeared in Ireland, D.I. would have no need for existence. D.I. needs to be putting itself out of a job. I suggest you get to it. If you have people committed to justice and fairness and truth, get them to do something other than keyboard warriorism.


  52. D.I. sells its “services” to those affected by cultism.
    It is obvious that the Sunday World makes money from its stories, could you explain how DI
    does so? WE do not charge for our services and our only means of income is donations.
    WE are heavily involved with a number of strategies and all you go on about is talking about them,
    but you can only suggest doing nothing. By definition these strategies are confidential, and some of those commenting
    here are part of this strategy,


  53. Ok, carry on with your own paranoia. Apparently it sells.


  54. I can now confirm that E Gallagher is none other than a leading member of the HofP. You seem to have missed my comment earlier.
    He has already been part of a group who intimidated a former leader who left. She was subject to verbal abuse. His latest activity involved trying to intimidate a person who had lost his mother and was bearing witness to the abuse in the HofP.
    It is my intention when back in Ireland to have this person investigated. He has a lot to gain as his name is on the Malahide house. You will note when he can’t produce an argument he stoops to personal attack.


  55. Two people are using the name E Gallagher. They are two totally different IPs. We suggest this one use the name time2wakeup.
    If the Irish person uses this name again we will put in his real name as he has been abusive and off the topic all the time.

    Careful with the paranoia there Arrow. At least you read some of what I said.

    First, there is money to be made from misfortune, anyone’s misfortune. There is also money to be made where people are trusting/gullible/naive/hurt/vulnerable/needy.

    Where spirituality is concerned, we can look to the Roman Empire to find countless examples of influence, wealth and control being amassed through “God”(s) and even well before that.

    I have referred to CG and the HoP as con artistry. If I met the woman, I would probably carry out an impromptu exorcism of her. At what point did I say I was supporting her?

    The love of money is the root of all evil and CG is a great example of scripture coming true, as are so many others.

    Fr McG is so far up her proverbial, he cannot back down – didn’t I say that earlier but in a different way? (cognitive dissonance)

    Same for her followers. After one has given all savings and proselytised to their family about CG mad ramblings, and how they are “true”, one would feel a bit foolish to just step away. Isn’t this how all cults work? They suck you in so deep, they seek the emotional and psychological investment of victims, and investment that costs many their money, but also their families and friends.

    If the comments on these pages are written to help others, then let’s help them – help them understand the nature of how CG and others work, how they use fear, dread, hope (false hope) and coercion to make their millions.

    Bitching about CG won’t do that. Everyone knows what she is up to.
    So what next?

    Clearly she’s not bothered otherwise she would be here defending herself. She continues to live her lifestyle by spinning lies and false promises. She’s the very thing Christ warned us about and she’s laughing up her sleeve.

    Like I said before, she’s a small player in the world game of making profit off of people’s vulnerability. That’s not to say her actions should not be condemned but it does beg the question why people are so gullible to fraud. Can a few online discussions prevent that gullibility?

    The Sunday World and D.I. make money off of her too. The Sunday World gets a good story every so often and D.I. sells its “services” to those affected by cultism.

    So far D.I. hasn’t done one thing to stop CG so carry on complaining if you want to, but it’s time for a new approach if you want to stop her.

    The hand wringing and cursing isn’t working.


  56. it is a true saying “bullshit baffles brain”.Ms Gallagher has a masters degree in bullshit..trawling the net,I only recently came across this story(I live in Scotland) it seems like this “con” has been going on for the thick end of twenty years,THAT takes some amount of convincing bullshit to sustain for so long,and acquiring big fancy houses along the way,didn’t the faithful not “tipple” a wee while back perhaps just mybe,they were getting told a load of crap?.especially as the messages and predictions were getting more outrageous…American Evangelists are choir boys compared to this Dame,and they are grotesque in their manipulation of human greed in the name of religion.The Father McGinnty goat,he is a sort of spiritual crutch for Ms Gallagher.but in being so,he aids and abets the “cause”..as we say here in these parts,he ain’t a “clean tottie” seemingly he takes “fits” while celebrating Mass,either voluntarily or involuntarily,it looks like the medication ain’t working,or perhaps I do the cleric an injustice,he may be the poor mans “Padre Pio”,(you never know what’s going on in the mind of these delusional types,they hear voices you know!)..But I bet he ain’t imagining things when he checks his bank account,he is up to his neck in it..disgraceful..The Archbishop? Or whoever is in charge…there is a strong stench of dereliction of duty all over this story,this charlatan,and her clerical co-pilot are a shocking disgrace to the Church,SHE, for the total manipulation and exploitation in the name of Our Blessed Mother,and McGINNITY for abandoning his calling and vocation,for the sake of greed,false prophets,and their teachings…


  57. Mother of God

    Your contribution of troll/E Gallagher’s ‘cognitive dissonance’ is very interesting though very disturbing when his ‘reasoning’ becomes clearer. Shockingly he has no problem with how Fr McGinnity and Christina Gallagher make their living. I cannot see either sharing any of their millions with the troll which poses the question why does he attempt to undermine Dialogue Ireland, what does he gain from it accept to upset people. I also want justice to be done.


  58. I’ll tell you what my observations of McGinnity are, he is a man with a hurt demeanour, as he would have had ambitions to have gone up the ranks. So yes, when it didn’t happen, it left him with a feeling for something more than his remit, which he found through Gallagher in that search. He was desperate to believe her, to be somebody. She did exactly what she needed to do to fool him, and it wasn’t very hard.
    Over these many years his confidence grew, but there was much he had to ignore, but kept running with the ball in his hands anyway. The tails of woe grew bolder and more outrageous from Gallagher’s imaginings. He deluded himself that he must be part of something big, as affirmed by Gallagher herself, loving the drama of it all.
    Now, the whole thing is considered a joke by anybody with an ounce of education, or whatever it takes to know fact from fiction, since JG exposed the scam for what it is, he cannot face it.
    He cuts a sad figure now the lid is blown. He is tied to a walking corpse he doesn’t even want to free himself from.
    He lives in a bubble of delusion, has clueless Pat Coleman who does his ducking and diving for him. If you have Pat Coleman as your last line of defence, you know you’ve hit rock bottom. He has no real confidence outside of his bubble. He is at heart a coward.


  59. Dialogue has stated they believe McGinnity was/is under influence. I don’t agree with that. He knew his chance of having an influential career in the church was over when he blew the whistle on abuse happening in the college he was training and what ensued left him bitter and angry.

    McGinnity would have had a lot to do with how the House of Prayer was/is set up and would have a huge hand in the ‘sermons’ Gallagher preaches. It is difficult for decent intelligent people to fathom why the ‘messages’ would take the direction they have, however, THEY know that putting the fear of God into parishioners is the easiest way to fill their bank accounts.

    I suspect they both saw a window of opportunity to make a name for themselves in the ‘church’. He was involved with the scam from the beginning and, I suspect, the real reason they broke ranks with the parish church was because it curtailed any hopes of making personal profit. I have never met Gallagher; however, I doubt she suffers with Schizophrenia as she would have been hospitalised at some point for mental health reasons. If she is capable of suffering from stress it would be due to her scam being obvious to family members of victims and victims of the past who are exposing her sick greed to the public.

    What would be helpful to have a character analysis on both of them for educational purposes. I wonder what Hare would make of them…….


  60. Gallagher is already in a prison of her own making, she probably will never be brought to justice, but public option is a form of sentence. There is always a price, eventually, when one is an hideous as she has proven herself over a very long time. It takes strange people to be drawn to her, especially ones she has chosen to keep close to her. Creepy people, as proven from the despicable Trolls we have evidenced here.
    Again, she will never be welcome or what’d in any sort of respectable company. She has to shun herself from the world and be shunned in return.
    She is a disgrace to the name of Catholics and the Irish everywhere.
    What she has done, will, and should be remembered for a long time to come as a warning to potential victims.
    My horror of her is I believe, a heathy sign of my appropriate disgust for users and abusers. May she truly get what she deserves.


  61. Arrow, I’m coming to the same conclusion, the real reason has to money. It simply can’t be any love of any known god. How can they have a belief they are doing God’s work, pretend it’s Catholic and ignore basic principles which identify one as Christian?
    They do not belong in accepted society, as I said, how can one be like that and not need two heads to contain all that madness?


  62. E Gallagher has definitely lost his way. He made reference to Christine Gallagher suffering from Schizophrenia. I do not agree and wonder what is his reasoning behind this. Will she be considered unfit for a criminal justice trial? I think that Fr McGinnity knows full well that Gallagher is a deceiver (sick) and makes excuses for her behaviour but he has invested so much time in the H of P that it would be an indictment against him and the Catholic Church if he cut ties with Gallagher. Just a thought.


  63. I have read your comments again and they make more sense now. I do not think they believe in God. They (the trolls) must have some other reason for their association with the H of P.


  64. Arrow,
    my question/comment and link to you was in reference to the Trolls here.
    What I find really hard to get my head around and believe, is, how these people can be so insanely hostile to those who help?
    Do they really believe they are doing God’s work?
    How do they reconcile their words and actions with their religion?
    The two are incomparable.


  65. E Gallagher you abuse this site and the people that comment. You are either making fun of the victims or insulting them and your little sick game of using commenter pseudo names of genuine people does not confuse the issue. The incomprehensible hate filled comments is testimony to cultic influence. I sincerely hope you get the help you need.


  66. Arrow, how can someone be so stupid, pathetic, morally bankrupt, incomprehensibly gullible, egotistical, psychopathic, deceitful, greedy and only have one head?
    It must be a miracle…



  67. Hats off to E Gallagher’s parents who saw the writing on the wall. They spent it before Gallagher and McGinnity got their hands of it. LOL


  68. What you think of this blog is immaterial when, for many, it is a very necessary “sounding board” and more helpful to victims of cults than you can ever imagine. Few may comment, however, thousands of people throughout the world read it. To a victim of abuse, there is nothing worse than feeling isolated in an abusive cult or relationship. The information on this site serves to answer how the abuser has gained control and reading comments has given them the courage to finally leave the cult or relationship, the sharing of information can give them the strength to change their lives for the better in a real sense and further protect others from falling into the trap of abusive.

    The despicable argument you put forward is abusive and no doubt victims have heard it before in different guises in the attempt to downplay the ungodly harm perpetrated on them.

    Thank God there are people in this world who dedicate their lives to highlighting and putting an end to abuse wherever they can.


  69. ‘Angie on November 14, 2014 at 3:49 pm
    I dont know whos worse mike garde or christina gallagher haha’

    Paid underachieving Trolls with nothing but the interest of the bank balance of the hop Ltd at heart.
    They are the very thing they warn their true believers about.
    What a sad waste of such a beautiful life.


  70. I will deleting all further comments from this guy. My research indicates he is high level HofP.
    As you know one of our victims was subject to terrible abuse over the phone. We have the address, town when the time is right will be making a statement to the Gardai.
    Please do not cast pearls before swine.


  71. E. Gallagher,
    what are you doing here?
    Where have you verbalised any understanding of undue influence?
    Only a constant attempt to divert attacks at those who help. JG has all but emptied the hop from it’s heights, but you won’t acknowledge it.
    Why are you constantly dodging the core issues?
    What motivates you to attack DI, JG and everyone else?
    What have you ever done yourself?
    If you are for real, prove it?
    You what everyone else to.
    You have come here and said at length, nothing, and added nothing, repeatedly.
    What is the difference between you and any other Troll?


  72. I dont know whos worse mike garde or christina gallagher haha


  73. Is it any wonder CG gets away with what she does with the kind of paranoia expressed here by her detractors? Get a grip people. One of the tell tale signs of a cult is the desire/need to think alike! What has this forum achieved? CG dances her merry dance and is laughing it up not caring one jot at your annoyance or anger.

    No one “pulls” my strings. If this page was up for scrutiny of a wider population, you would soon find yourselves having to up your game in terms of making an argument. As it stands, preaching to each other about how awful CG is, is achieving absolutely nothing.

    Keyboard warriors can’t do anything about CG. Put your heads above the parapet and confront her head on. Otherwise the situation just remains as it is and other naive, vulnerable and needy people will get sucked in next week. These pages appear to be nothing more than sounding boards. Good luck with that.


  74. E. Gallagher only stopped short of the, why isn’t DI investigating the Freemasons Troll, who also accuses DI of being paid by same, except it’s now the SW who are cashing in along with DI. Implying DI and JG are further victimising the victims while taunting DI to do something more. The paid Trolls are cunning, resourceful and deceptive. But that’s the nature of the beast they work for, haven been well taught.
    There are surely, by now, again, directors of hop who know what’s really going on and what a dirty game is being played?


  75. Mother of God

    Your comments on E Gallagher are spot on. Likening fanatic political orators to religious fanaticism is more apt because of the level of influence than his likening Gallagher and McGinnity to a world cruise, advertising, washing machines and tv’s. Worse than that he implies it is greed that motivates family members to speak out about the abuse in the H of P.

    Someone is pulling his strings.


  76. That is the kernel of this argument, Mother of God’s harrowing description or this pathetic attempt at equivalence based on a trip on a liner. This would be the same as comparing Nazism with a trip down the Rhine!


  77. ‘They spent it, on something that made them happy. We saw nothing wrong with that and don’t judge them for it. We don’t have that right.

    Do you see my point?’

    No, you evade yet again, the central point. You are making a defence of Gallagher, even if it’s half baked, which means you are doing the work of the Trolls.
    You basically are using the same argument over and over, that, I really really don’t like Gallagher, but it’s her free choice to pretend to wear the Catholic Churches clothes, and go indoctrinate the undiscerning. And do like what I did, when my parents did what they did, as, it’s the same thing as Gallagher is doing, anyway, sure it’s their choice. At least the abused are happy. You use that example as if they are the same thing, so do and say nothing about it, either. You want to long windedly endlessly philosophise and want everyone else to then agree with you?
    What you’re doing is circular, and meaningless and pointless. And you then wish me good luck?
    Your parents got on and off the plane without duress, undue influence, fear, isolation, dependence, without induced cognitive dissonance, deception, indoctrination, threat, with their reasoning skills and personality intact, without being bulling, lied to endlessly, without having to witness violence, shouting and hysteria, and threat of same, a home nobody is trying to con from them, their finances their own and their own business, a family nobody is trying, deliberately, to keep from them and the most damning of all, the constant evil of being told, if you do not allow us to control you and your thoughts, hell and damnation awaits you and you will be left to feeling terrorised unless you and or somebody helps you.
    If you are not a Troll, I don’t know what you are.


  78. Dear “mother of God” -(i never thought I would be addressing someone with that title except in prayer but hey ho)

    Me and my siblings were absolutely DELIGHTED our parents decided to treat themselves to a round the world trip. Yes, it was hedonistic and yes they spent their entire savings. They worked for it, it brought them happiness in their later years and we were delighted for them.

    They could have sat back, scrimped and saved, giving it to us or our grandchildren (to squander) but they spent it on themselves.

    they could have given to the Church, they could have given it to charity, they could have given it to a homeless person on the street.

    They spent it, on something that made them happy. We saw nothing wrong with that and don’t judge them for it. We don’t have that right.

    Do you see my point?

    I wish you all success in bringing an end to CG and Fr McG’s con artistry.


  79. Not a threat, just the simple fact that I do not have access to your IP currently. If you are the Greystones abuser then we will just delete or one of our usual proxies then the same fate will result. If you are a simple troll trying to divert from the horrendous activities of CG then we should treat you with the contempt you deserve, namely ignoring you.


  80. For anyone else who reads this, this comment sums up E. Gallagher:

    ‘The biggest new cult today is called SHOPPING. The new church is the Shopping Mall. They fleece all of us dupes, and we do it willingly and without question, in fact we beg for it. CG pales in comparison.’

    You come here and conjecture that other’s motives is to come here crying about their inheritance, while you cry about your own:

    ‘Their round the world cruise was hedonistic. They blew all they had.’

    You are actually saying that it is better to be caught up in a cult, letting the abusers at it, than doing a round the world trip, with no strings attacted.
    And that is what you are saying.

    Did your parents come back hysterically hitting out at photograghers? Saying, they would, and everyone else, would go to hell for not going on their round world trip?

    Another beauty:

    ‘We are all guilty of our own cognitive dissonance’

    When you contradict yourself, constantly, you are in that bracket, it is a symtom.
    Which part of undue influence do you not get, and the cognitive dissonance which results from same?
    ‘Stop the paranoia’

    A perfect example that you actually side with the trolls:

    ‘Dialogue Ireland associates itself with the Sunday World, known for making its money off of the dirt, gossip and base behaviours of humans. Pot/kettle comes to mind.’
    ‘Stop the paranoia’
    Again, indeed.

    ‘CG pales in comparison’
    ‘That is capitalism’
    ‘constant subliminal messages’
    No, that is cognitive dissonance, the messages must not be very subliminal if you are consciously aware of them…
    You are not thinking through what you say, and have not got over your parents choices.

    Seriously, what are you doing here?
    What is your motive?

    Now, I’m off to my local shopping centre for a relaxing coffee and bun. Then buy some clothes, and food for the week, which I’m told I actually don’t really need and am therefore under undue influence… Mother of God.


  81. Dialogue Ireland associates itself with the Sunday World, known for making its money off of the dirt, gossip and base behaviours of humans. Pot/kettle comes to mind.


  82. Even Dialogue Ireland is making money out of CG etc. Think about that for a moment. We all have our own motivations.


  83. to “Mother” of God??? weird

    But to address your point, my parents “squandered” my and my siblings’ inheritance. Their round the world cruise was hedonistic. They blew all they had.

    HoP followers on the other hand, believe their contributions were for their own personal and family salvation. So, where is the confusion?

    Should I condemn cruise companies for providing such a service, a service for which they make an extraordinary amount of profit? No.
    My parents were, and remain compos mentis and in fact are still smiling about their trip to this day.

    Now, if they had given away their savings to HoP so that CG can go on a world cruise, I might think differently. But what right do I have to question my parents’ rational decision? It’s their money, it brought them happiness. It could be HoP brings happiness to people, regardless of whether they are being ripped off. We are all being ripped off in the pursuit of happiness. Does your overpriced 40 inch television bring you happiness? What about your dishwasher? Is that necessary for happiness? Were you happy and content to part with your hard earned savings and your children’s future inheritance so that the CEO’s of Hotpoint could have a nice house(s)?

    If you can’t understand what I am trying to convey, then perhaps it is you who are suffering from your own cognitive dissonance.

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually loathe CG and Fr McG. They screwed my friends abominably. There’s also a long list of people financially screwing my friends and me. Where does one start?


  84. We are all guilty of our own cognitive dissonance. We align ourselves with a certain set or collection of beliefs and values which we have invested in and are loathe to question. If Christina Gallagher and her minion Fr McG were placed in a de-programming room and forced to confront what they think they believe, it’s possible Christina would self-discover she may actually be schizophrenic. She probably believes the lies she peddles and it would take some months or maybe never, for her to discover her self deception.

    One man’s cult is another man’s religion.

    The same goes for those who follow Christina. The notion that they might be contributing to a con artist is just too painful so they put it out of their minds.

    We are all sheep in some form, while others are hungry wolves.

    Christ, “be fishers of men, leave your families and come follow me…”
    Was Christ a cult leader? What definition of cult are you using?

    CG is just a rip off merchant, to which there are too many to count.
    She has become a “thorn” in your side. If she was peddling unnecessary insurance policies, you probably wouldn’t have ever heard of her.

    And there’s the irony. In a way she IS peddling unnecessary insurance policies – think about that one for a minute. For the Christians who believe her, she is peddling the ultimate insurance policy. I don’t how comments on this forum, will dissuade her followers from voiding their policies if you get my drift.


  85. E. Gallagher, any suggestion by you to say CG, is like comparing your parents going on a world cruise of their own free will is, or any of your other terrible comparisons says so much. You are confused, and sound very inexperienced in life.
    If by even one person coming here and waking up, or better still, prevents, as prevention is better than cure, even one other from getting caught up in the CG nightmare, then that is good enough. You suggesting we don’t verbalise the facts and experiences we do have, while you rabbit on and on, without any such experience is, frankly, nonsense.
    Sorry, did I hurt your feelings?


  86. E. Gallagher, any suggestion by you to say CG, is like comparing your parents going on a world cruise of their own free will is, any of your other comparisons says so much. You are confused, and sound very inexperienced in life.
    If by even one person coming here and waking up, better still, prevents, as prevention is better than cure, even one from getting caught up in the CG nightmare, then that is good enough. You suggesting we don’t verbalise the facts and experiences, while rabbit on, with experience is, nonsense.
    Sorry, did I hurt your feelings?


  87. Mike, is advertising not the ultimate undue influence? Can you not see CG and HoP in context of the “cultism” we live in today? CG is peddling religion as opposed to computers, phones, drink….the list is endless. We are bombarded by brainwashing adverts and constant subliminal messages regarding the cult of material acquisition and conspicuous consumption.

    They are all linked – they all make false promises, they all cost and many of them do untold damage.

    If you want to debate, debate. If you want to disparage, then disparage. CG does not stand alone. She and her ability to rip-off the public is part of a much wider problem. Connect the dots.


  88. “I will check you out when I am in the right location”. Is that some sort of threat? What do you mean?


  89. You are clearly divided in your mind as on the one hand agree that CG is a scam, but then relativise your comments by trying to minimise the problem by bringing in irrelevant comparisons. Read our mission statement on cultism and undue influence.
    What is this otherside you are talking about?


  90. and by the way, there is no need to ‘piss’ on this parade or any parade. If you have facts, please divulge. Why wait while other people continue to be used as prey for CG? If it was my parents being used by her, I would want you to do all you could to stop it and not sit on information.


  91. Careful there Mike. A troll I am not. Stop the paranoia.

    You haven’t read what I have posted.
    It is very high handed for you et al to presume that all old people or believers are foolish dupes. Has it occurred to you, that despite their niggling doubt, people flock to HoP because they actually believe it? or want to believe it?

    Who are we to judge them? Ok, their money is funding the lavish lifestyle of the CEO CG. That is capitalism. Talk to Sean Quinn,
    or Denis O’Brien who fleece us legally and respectably (in Sean’s case, until he was caught)

    What about Henry Ford or Coca Cola – what about the lifestyles of their CEO’s?

    Have you heard of devil’s advocate? Surely you are willing to debate both sides of the coin in this matter?

    The biggest new cult today is called SHOPPING. The new church is the Shopping Mall. They fleece all of us dupes, and we do it willingly and without question, in fact we beg for it. CG pales in comparison.

    Is that me supporting CG and HoP – absolutely not. I have made numerous comments on these pages, none of which give her any credence. We all know what she’s up to – oldest game in town.

    But if you and others hope to stop the vulnerable being conned/fleeced etc there’s a long line ahead of CG. Can you understand what I am writing?


  92. The only way to get rid of CG and HoP is to get the Catholic Church to make a stance. Clearly, they won’t, and for some very selfish reasons.

    People are already disenfranchised with the Church. The dare not risk any further involvement in scandal, whether or their own making or that of others.

    Like I said before in a previous post, CG holds up a mirror to the Catholic Church – her “success” is directly linked to the fact that people are seeking outside of the Church – the Church is not enough for them. Once CG leaves or dies or disappears, someone else will fill the void, and will attract new disciples ad infinitum.

    You cannot protect people from themselves and the old adage rings true, there’s a sucker born every minute.


  93. You might be able to organise what you are suggesting. Your approach is simple piss on the parade. You clearly have no understanding of influence. Also things are happening but we currently are keeping a lid on this space. One suggestion you may be part of a new style of troll. I will check you when I am in the right location


  94. A whole day and nothing concrete, as to what to do about HoP. Endless venting of spleens, but little else. It goes on and on and on and on, but to what end? The same old people respond here. Mike is a hack, looking for a story. It’s well publicised that CG is a con artist. If people want to give a con-artist money, what do you think you can do about it? How do you stop them?

    These are basic questions. An atheist could say the same about any religion, whether defined as a “cult” or not.

    Let’s get real here folks. Adults can spend their money on whatever it’s legal to spend their money on.

    If anyone can find illegal activities carried out by CG and HoP and Fr McG, pass it on to the relevant authorities.

    Othewise, the comments here sound more like a bitching fest about lost financial inheritances.

    My own mammy is 84 years old. My daddy is 86. Together, they went on a world cruise which cost an absolute fortune. They enjoyed every minute of it.

    If mammy bought a brick for the parish building fund at 500 euro, that’s one damned expensive brick. But who am I to judge her motivations?

    what I am saying is, those people who have been conned, know what they are doing. I’m not saying it’s right, by any means, that they should fund CG and her lavish lifestyle. Obviously this is totally wrong.

    BUT, the followers of HoP appear to believe they are getting something out of it.

    So, what can you do about that (apart from lambaste me for my comments?)

    This is the reality. continue bitching but it won’t change anything.
    Someone who truly cares about people being conned, needs to put their head above the parapet.

    I would remind you that you AND your parents are still paying for the con artists in the banks who took everything. It starts with them. CG pales by comparison. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    At least HoPers volunteer their money via their own donations. Tax payers had no choice when they were forced to bail out the fat cats.

    Leave CG to it, she will get her “justice”. One day she WILL meet her maker.


  95. And let’s not forget Mussolini, he wasn’t bad at the antics either!


  96. Angie,
    that is a good way of putting it, to ape someone.
    When I first observed people indoctrinated by hop and change into what they are now, I thought, where are their antics, etc coming from? Then I saw Gullible in action, they were coping him, to a tee! Which is quite funny, if you see the way he carries on. I even saw a woman change her hairstyle to the same as Gutter’s! And yes, they all adopt the same attitude, to everything. It really must be something being done unconsciously, like you’d see at a Barry Sinclair show. But even more freaky, as well as fascinating to observe, as it’s in real life. The funny part is, they act like they have this deep knowing and say unsubstantiated things like, ‘If only you knew how important Saturday is, you wouldn’t do what you are doing’, in an all knowing voice, the way Gullible does. If only…
    Sunday never came up, it seemed as if was just another day, just as one would expect, from one who was so brainwashed. So brainwashed, because not realising in that the moment, obviously, if you’re only a rudimentary Catholic you know, Jesus and Sunday come before Saturday and Mary. Or, the statement which covers every angle, ‘You have no idea what you talking about’, of course, with them implying, ‘but I do’. It really is carcrash stuff.
    I fairness, I’ll give Gullible one thing, he really knows how to work that altar, the way he can alter people’s minds with his hypnotic voice. Hitler also had that same gift, as attested by so many after the spell was broken, I remember one saying in a documentary, it was as if he had the whole country under his spell. Of course, Gullible hasn’t the same sized audience, but he’s definitely on a par with Barry Sinclair. So it’s no wonder Brady is also still under his spell.
    So yes, education is key.


  97. Yes, she does prepare them to automatically react by telling them that she is under constant attack. It is the same in the Educo cult and this behaviour should be expected because they cannot separate themselves from their guru’s angry mind-set. What disturbed me and led me to question what was happening was the behaviour and speech patterns; cult speak, and how they aped Quinn so much it was difficult to get to know them at all. Emptying their minds he brought the focus onto himself. They lost their individuality in aligning themselves with him and the sad part is, they were not aware of it, believing they were on some higher level when under hypnosis. Truth be told, the pleasure centre in the brain cannot sustain it just as drugs eventually lower the level of the natural feel good factor. When the low feelings get the upper hand they are primed to blame everyone else. If they asked questions or asked for help in the cult they were rejected and told they were being too negative. It all comes down to education.


  98. Angie,
    also, did you notice, the hop battalion at the airport didn’t have a single coherent or rational thing to say between them. Mass hysteria is what takes over when logical thinking goes out the door. They felt so threatened, when in fact, to any passing onlooker, there was nothing to feel threatened about, only their collective mass hypnosis that their guru, as ordered by her, was to be protected from, imaginary monsters, with cameras…


  99. And they certainly attract many undesirables, these monster ego types, as witnessed here many times.
    When I say it’s like a drug for them, it literally is. As there is only one pleasure centre in the brain, and when the reality of their version is exposed as nothing more than thin air, a fantasy, it is also very threatening to them. It’s like removing alcohol or cocaine from an addict, one who is not ready yet to face the horrendous facts of their ‘drug’, you end up with comments like above, and worse. When they are in that deep, they have to hit rock bottom first, like any addict, before realising they need professional help.
    I mean, seriously, who leaves comments like above, and others, only someone who has no respect left, for anyone, never mind themselves. It’s a sort of cry for help, really, when they come here.


  100. Why dont you give a lead for us to follow, put your money where your mouth is?


  101. Out of millions of people in Ireland, only a handful are making comments here on these pages. Clearly the majority of Irish citizens don’t believe Christina (con-artist) Gallagher is of any import.

    Do a leaflet drive and hand them out to every person who enters the gates at the HoP. Leave them at the pubs and hotels and restaurants in Achill. Put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

    She gets away with her bullshit because not enough people are taking direct action against her.

    That includes the Catholic Church. They probably don’t care that much because HoP’s parishioners are Catholic and will remain Catholic, so they have nothing to lose.


  102. I believe Christina Gallagher is a consummate con artist. No amount of haranguing her on these pages seems to be making any difference to what she does/does not do. Please don’t take your anger out on me. AS for Fr McG, he is even worse. The Catholic Church is acting out their best portrayal of Pontius Pilate in this matter and for that they have much to answer for, in my view.

    There are two sides to every story, however. Those who are affected by CG and HoP are those who have been conned, and of course their families. But what can one do? I have two sets of friends who follow CG and their brains are so twisted by CG’s b.s., I don’t see any turning back for them.

    Bitching about how she’s ripping people off will do nothing. Like I said earlier, if you are involved with someone or care for someone who she has ripped off, get your placards together and hike down to Achill and protest. Unless the Church and local people of Achill Island and others do anything, I can’t see much changing. She will continue to get away with it until she’s caught doing something illegal.

    Unfortunately, what she is doing is the oldest trick in the world and there are always people who will get sucked in.

    Be proactive, not reactive.


  103. its ok Angie I love you


  104. Mother of God

    Yes, I have met Quinn and his partners in crime. He and Gallagher share psychopathic character traits; a superiority complex devoid of conscience.

    You say: Gallagher “loves the power she has over these people. Some people have a craving to be told what to do, and don’t want to question anything, and then in turn dictate same to others, which in turn gives them their false sense of power, thereby confusing the feelings they get from the whole experience as ones derived from religion.”

    Critical to understanding how the mind is influenced we need to understand the sick mind-set they are seduced into. When this false sense of superiority is challenged they grow very angry which can lead to separation from family and even from themselves; a second persona takes over, the cult personality becomes evident and nourished by the cult group.

    ‘Sure, it’s only money, Christina was told it will be worthless very soon anyway, what about their souls?!’ and so on…

    Trickery on her part does not go unnoticed.

    They need, as you know, to see how they were seduced to be free of it and go through the pain of separation from the cult leader/group. Speaking out against Gallagher, I feel, is a positive step on the road to mental health.


  105. Dialogue

    The comment at 12.53 is not mine. I take it the troll has returned.


  106. Your advice to “sit down with their parents” is extremely unhelpful considering the families are estranged.


  107. Angie is a convicted sex offender


  108. E. Gallagher
    Your choice of quotes, that lead to distortion of what is actually happening on this blog, points to no religious beliefs on your part and a total lack of understanding of the damage being done by Gallagher. Your lackadaisical attitude to criminal activity points to weakness of spirit. Jesus, who she claims to give her divine messages, would be the first to speak out against what she does to dispel the darkness you fear so much.


  109. Thanks for your comment, perhaps you should not comment here as you are wasting your time.


  110. Nothing lasts forever, not even for C Gallagher. Maybe she should be left to it. Scripture tells us to stay away from the evils of others, to not get caught in the sinful trap they create for themselves. We have all been culpable of getting ‘involved’ with CG here on these pages. Leave her to it, she’s going to pay for it eventually.
    2 Corinthians 6:14 – Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?


  111. Angie,
    Have you met Quinn if I may ask? Not unlike Gallagher, I heard all sorts of banana stuff about his over the years.
    It seems clear enough he has a God complex, is a raging megalomaniac and is super confident and comfortable among his true believers. But very nasty when challenged, naturally. Hence, he also seems to fit the bill as a psychopath, as I assume he has never acknowledged any harm that he has ever done, either. Surely that says it all, right there. it’s pretty much a giveaway he too is one. That’s the bit the true believers just cannot believe about their Christina, that she’s the complete opposite to what they think she is. The logic being, she must, and couldn’t if she tried, not to have done anything wrong, so everyone else must be lying and out to get and her ‘holy work’.
    Where it gets really interesting, and even more destructive, is when other like minded, psychopath types are drawn to these self declared God-phones. Think people like, Rooney, Pat Coleman and Tony FitzPatrick, etc I mean, imagine, say, naming your child after one of these ‘parasitic lifestyle’ type people? Remember the movie, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Where the conmen get conned, and only discover it, at the very end.
    But as you say, the emotional trauma stops people from, maybe never, breaking free. And sometimes pride too. It is truly tragic, their egos will also stop them from seeing, if they are the type who always thinks everyone else is inferior to them, it can be part of the emotions of what keeps them so driven to not look and stay.
    Quinn only has to answer whatever his conscience dictates, if anything. Gallagher is much more strange and harder to figure out, as what on earth is she actually? An atheist? Obviously she has grown to love her great wealth, and living in same, more than anything, and clearly will do anything to protect that and it’s continued growth. It’s her drug. Maybe too, for a long time now, she also just loves the true believers too to crave her, or maybe she loves the power she has over these people. Some people have a craving to be told what to do, and don’t want to question anything, and then in turn dictate same to others, which in turn gives them their false sense of power, thereby confusing the feelings they get from the whole experience as ones derived from religion. They need certainty, and to get it, will believe anything Gallagher says. Disobedience to Gallagher’s(ie God’s, VM’s or JC’s) wishes are commands. and any questioning these, would spell the end, as it would signify independent thought, which cannot be tolerated. Cults collapse if the leader is put into question or doubt, and of course she can’t answer, they must blindly believe. But they surely do know on some level that it’s all a form of brainwashing they are going along with? A paradigm they are running along with, as well as the social aspect of self reaffirming and to each other:
    ‘Sure, it’s only money, Christina was told it will be worthless very soon anyway, what about their souls?!’ and so on…


  112. Mother of God

    Your comment: “It’s much more like a commandment, which comes all the way from the top. ie God himself has decreed the money to be acquired, as far as the true believers are concerned. It doesn’t really matter how.”

    I agree it is a “diabolical psychopathic scam.”

    Having frequented the Educo cult lead by Tony Quinn in Eccles Street Dublin, I can fully understand the influence on followers, the “cue as to how they too should react to any indignation they feel about anything” and their feelings of superiority towards the “less intelligent” who are belittled, bullied, snubbed and worse.

    “The realisation that one has been conned for so long must be deeply humiliating, painful and quite unbelievable to oneself in hindsight.”

    Unfortunately, the emotional trauma can stop people coming forward initially and some never do, however, it is quite heartening to see a healthy reaction on this blog against the House of Prayer.

    As in all greedy cults the undue influence perpetrated on vulnerable adults seems to bring about an incredible lack of financial foresight and my sympathy goes out to the effected families. It is natural that it would be incredibly painful to see a disturbing lowering of standard in their relatives overall lives.

    Gallagher is a psychopath and should be stopped!


  113. E. Gallagher, I forgot to mention that Christina is also declared a living saint as she has been induced into the IAAF hall of fame along with other fellow greats like Jessie Jackson, Bertie Ahern, Paddy Power, Maisie O’MacLovin and such.


  114. There will always be people who want/need/seek instant gratification in matters of spirituality. Don’t we see this in the new age movement? People want cures in THIS life, they want SURETY in this life. There isn’t any, that was never promised, EVER.

    CG and HoP appeal to human frailty, fear, ignorance and the seeking of hope, regardless of whether it’s false hope.

    Jesus Christ never said, “Give me Money and I will save you.”

    Mary Mother of God never said, “Give me Money and I will ask my Son to save You.” Mary asked for only one miracle – Cana. Out of all the people in this world, it is highly doubtful that she is speaking to a human who uses her name to attract money.

    There will always be someone who is more than prepared to do the thinking (or conniving) for those who don’t want to.

    Here is a quip from St Peter, at the Pearly Gates, to HoP followers:

    St Peter: “So Marie, why should I let you in?”
    Marie: “I was faithful I gave all I had in veneration of Mary, I
    prayed every day and I never once lost my faith.” Peter: “Who did you give your money to?”
    Marie: ” At the end of my days, I gave my entire
    wealth to Christina Gallagher, House of Prayer.”
    St Peter: “My dear Marie – You were naive, you were tricked.
    Jesus and I warned
    you about deception…….did you not read our warnings?
    Come on in anyway, but don’t
    get your hopes about bumping into Christina here.”


  115. p.s. As I suggested in an earlier post, bitching about Christina Gallagher and HoP online does next to nothing. If you have been affected by her con artistry, put your money where your mouth is and organise a picket/protest outside the HoP every single time there is an event. Will you do this?

    It’s simple, organise a bus (just like HoP does) and have a peaceful protest. HoP can do nothing if you remain on the road (get police permission first).

    Get the media involved, provide interviews, etc etc.

    Is anyone here willing to organise such an event? There are Catholics and many non-Catholics, who I am sure would be amenable to this.
    Just ask. If you don’t have money to hire a bus, use your own cars.

    For those whose parents are blowing their inheritance, doing so is in your financial interests. Hopefully, your parents won’t find bingo in the interim.


  116. I’m not sure what the Church can (will) do. What responsibility does the Church have to its parishioners? What can the Church do if a Mosque or a Buddhist Temple was erected in Achill and the entire congregation decided to convert? What if every person in Achill decided to become a thief or a murderer, what would the Church do about that? We all have free will. The Church cannot be nanny to adults who follow their conscience, no matter how misdirected that might be.

    If only Christina was collecting money, honestly for the poor, for the homeless – and distributing it directly to them – the people who complain about their parents’ monies being given away could feel better (or would they?)

    Christina Gallagher, along with her henchmen are ripping people off – we know that, the Church definitely knows that. But, these are adults and I don’t know how the Church can get involved in matters concerning adults using their own money. If the elderly mummies and daddies were playing online bingo, or drinking their money what would/could the Church do?

    If the mummies and daddies contributed every penny they had, to the local parish building fund, what would their kids say about that?

    Christina and HoP is about money. Those who see through her con artistry know where the money is going but let’s be honest, so do the people who give it to her. How can they not?

    The wider issue here is why do Catholics feel the need to go to a HoP in Achill when yards away is a legitimate and long established Catholic Church?

    There will ALWAYS be people on the fringes who are after something different.

    If she is conning people, the Guards and the courts should be involved. Why aren’t they? She’s clever, she’s not breaking the law.
    If she is not breaking the law, I see little anyone, can do, including the Church. If Fr McG hasn’t broken Canon Law, what can the Church do about him?

    At the end of the day, if your parent gives money to this con artist, or gives money to the homeless or gives it to a cat home, that’s their business. That’s unfortunately the way it is until Christina and her minions get a conscience or get caught.

    I’m simply being devil’s advocate here. This has been going on for decades and continues to. There does not appear to be any resolution. The gnashing of teeth over this woman and her fakery achieves nothing. So what’s the next move?

    I suggest you sit down with your parents, and show them a dossier of the collected news articles, comments etc and try to dissuade them from being fooled and duped. Read scripture together, particularly all passages to do with money.

    This issue is about money on both sides. Let’s remember what the Bible says about money – Mammon – give it back to Caesar, etc. It won’t do any of us any good in the end, ESPECIALLY Christina Gallagher. Good luck to her, she’s going to need it.

    Your parents and others who give to Christina give money out of good conscience – your parents are compos mentis – theyknow what they are doing, obviously they are getting something out of the HoP.

    Whether or not, it’s the biggest con job in the world, is beside the point. It’s your parents’ money and ultimately they can do what they want with it. So, perhaps a different tack is needed to convince them otherwise. Berating them about your inheritances isn’t working.


  117. ‘I had one experience where my body did go up into the air a number of feet…’
    Christina Gallagher

    Following the discovery of this obscure little known statement, and after a gullible IAAF independent stewards enquiry and an impartial nothing whatsoever to gain but bolts of love Fr Gullible-less McGinnity, it has been determined that Christina Gallagher did not tell a big fat porky on this one specific occasion, hence, is in fact now declared, retrospectively, the world record holder for the high jump, beating the old record by roughly a number of feet, as she was found after a doping test to be clean, apart from being over the alcohol limit allowed to drive a 7 series BMW, and a long history by Christina herself making lots of other completely unprovable unfounded outlandish sensationalist claims, which have been determined to be not worthy of any investigation whatsoever by the Catholic Church, despite 99.99999% of ‘the people’ or anyone else for that matter, not protesting online anonymously for this to happen.

    Christina, shockingly, has declined to travel to the 15th World Championships in Athletics scheduled be held in 2015 in Beijing, China, due to some evasive and vague reason.
    The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe, refused to comment when questioned on the matter, except to say that there has since the IAAF decision been a marked increase in tourists on the island of Craggy…


  118. ‘It would seem he has no problem believing Gallagher is entitled to other peoples money and displays a lack of conscience about how he achieves this.’

    I would go much further than that, there is clearly some form of hierarchy at play. There always will. We, the unbelievers, will, by their dogma, and very definition, burn in hell, and are the bottom-feeders, hence, are not even worthy of any such consideration. So it is much more a duty and a right, than an entitlement. An entitlement only suggests, that it is an option. It’s much more like a commandment, which comes all the way from the top. ie God himself has decreed the money to be acquired, as far as the true believers are concerned. It doesn’t really matter how. There must also be an attitude by the true believes of being superior, as they are among the few who have figured it out, after all, does their god really what fools like us among his true believers in the afterlife as, the logic being, we heard the messages, and ignored them. We are to be sneered at, for being less intelligent etc, their rules for themselves do not apply to us, until then. Reference McGinnity’s reaction to the indignation of having to return what was to be otherwise their god’s and Gallagher’s righteous money, the true believers take his reaction as a cue as to how they too should react to any indignation they feel about anything. It’s just copycat stuff.

    The notion that Gallagher would now ever own up, is completely beyond any hope. She will instead, simply run and hide for the rest of her life. She knows it, and has prepared accordingly. As she is very clever. The appropriate saying, and pigs will fly(or levitate) comes to mind is as likely as Gallagher owning up to diabolical psyopathic scam.

    Gullible McGinnity has invested way too much of his emotions and life to ever turn back, he has simply too much to lose in his relatively short time he has left, he would lose it all, not just face, to even give any consideration to doing so now. He is too much of coward. He knows not only he, but Gallagher too are lying their arses off, but is deluded by his apparent great works & adoring fans.
    Don’t underestimate the power some have to self delude.

    The real damage, in some ways is yet to come. Those who will be left behind, who have many years yet to live. Are they really going to be on their deathbeds telling everyone else, that every BS Gutless Gallagher told them is still near at hand? It is very sad.
    All these people need to do is to start asking themselves and mg/gg basic questions. Better sooner rather than later. And when they get nothing back, that is when the internal light starts to flicker, and once that process begins, there is no going back really to before that time.

    The realisation that one has been conned for so long must be deeply humiliating, painful and quite unbelievable to oneself in hindsight. Like a bad living movie. Mick Power has said as much himself here. That is why it is important that he and his wife are acknowledged for their inner strength and true courage for speaking the truth.


  119. It is well worth studying what Gallagher says to her followers:

    “It would be nothing strange for a priest to go through his entire priestly life feeling no spiritual consolation, a prey to many temptations, emotional loneliness, inner emptiness and as if abandoned by God.”

    “In addition, they suffer the lack of knowledge to understand the spiritual fruitfulness God draws from their victimhood – a wealth of spiritual riches to lavish on His little lambs.”

    Gallagher is well aware of their psychological “victimhood”. She has taken advantage of their inability to have an out of body experience (assumed to attest to spiritual knowledge) and makes them a victim to an appearance of ‘divinity’; this”spiritual wealth” she boasts of is very conducive to deception.

    She says: “God draws from their victimhood”; replace God with “Gallagher draws from their victimhood” as she clearly has abused “the lack of knowledge”. McGinnity, by word and action, has conned vulnerable believers on her behalf. It would seem he has no problem believing Gallagher is entitled to other peoples money and displays a lack of conscience about how he achieves this.

    True enlightenment comes from seeing through their lies. Contrary to what they believe, receiving the last rites does not protect them from going through ‘hell’ when they witness their wrongdoing.

    It is time they both reflected on their actions, however, I am inclined to think that Gallagher’s earthly fear is whether or not she will be able to ‘retire’ to enjoy her accumulated wealth in ‘peace’.


  120. Where have all the Trolls gone?


  121. An, Ode to Christina, by Christina:

    Christina Gallagher has expressed her concern over the fact that so few people have heeded the call by Our Lady to receive Her protection…
    (A clear reference to her Marian money protection racket)

    She points out that over the past decade, on many different occasions, she has been shown disasters and calamities…

    Christina wonders why people cannot see …

    My children throughout the world could understand the value of what God freely gives through My little one…

    Her, ‘Infused Knowledge’

    I do not know what happens…

    All I know is that during Mass or sometimes while I am in deep personal prayer, I experience light, ‘bolts’ of light taking me over…
    (Note: Think now of the whys of Gullible McGinnity, and his laughable staged antics)

    I have a deep spiritual insight into the matter raised or the question put…

    I experience, however, being in the mind or spirit of the saint…

    I will now facts and details concerning the life on earth of that holy person and not only that – I will be clearly aware of the way the saint thought, reflected and reacted…

    I will even know of hidden details and deeply personal conditions in their regard…

    What I have received in this way will be verified by my spiritual director… *cough*

    It would always be a delight to me when my spiritual director would confirm from reading, studying or checking what is given… *cough cough*

    …but irrespective of this I would always know that it is correct despite the fact that I had not acquired it in a human way… *cough cough cough*

    I had one experience where my body did go up into the air a number of feet…

    Q. Would you say there have been a number of occasions where you have been taken into the complete experience you described of the weightlessness leading into the ecstasy and being left helpless?

    A. Yes, on many occasions and sometimes without notification that it was coming on me. At other times I could feel an experience within and also in my body. That experience was a calling and it would only be a matter of seconds until I was no longer aware of my body or those around me or where I was. I have experienced that on a number of occasions.
    (Note: Eamon Darcy stated that the way to tell the difference between someone who is a real visionary and a fake one, was that when in a state of ecstasy, the weightless one is fake, and the weightfull one is real. It’s all rubbish, but they can’t get their stories straight, there is just too much BS to remember.)

    This knowledge also permitted Christina to understand the tearfulness she would have felt after a supernatural experience…

    Christina has sometimes been taken into an ecstasy of light. In it she is filled with a heavenly peace. It is as if she is completely absorbed into the Spirit of God.

    All she knows is that she is immersed in a heavenly atmosphere that is God Himself…

    While in this state of complete fulfillment, she desires only to remain there and never have to relinquish it…

    She is aware of receiving enlightenment or wisdom directly imparted to her soul…

    Yet, she knows this enrichment is now part of her soul…

    A question from a priest is the means God will use to ‘trigger off’ or release the knowledge. Only then can Christina express it – even to herself…

    Christina Gallagher has received gifts of infused knowledge; knowledge of the soul; as well as, understanding of bilocation, levitation; as well as knowledge concerning the Most Holy Trinity…
    (of course she has, because she says so herself.)

    In January, 1994, I was given an awareness of the means whereby a soul advances in holiness…

    It concerned ascending the SEVEN STEPS OF PERFECTION, which I had been shown sometime back…

    I was given that God desires the Seven Degrees of His Spirit…

    On October 5, 1992, the Eternal Father spoke to Christina:

    “My daughter, I am your Father. Arise and pray.” The Eternal Father then told Christina that on a later date He would awaken her again and that she was to arise and pray and He would then reveal to her “… what was hidden from the wise and learned.”
    (Her biggest pokey of all)

    Christina has been given the gift of knowledge from Almighty God…

    (And to top it all off, she then goes on to explain, why she, given her experiences, is spiritually superior and knowing, knows better than priests, as they do not have what she herself says she possesses:)

    It would be nothing strange for a priest to go through his entire priestly life feeling no spiritual consolation, a prey to many temptations, emotional loneliness, inner emptiness and as if abandoned by God. In addition, they suffer the lack of knowledge to understand the spiritual fruitfulness God draws from their victimhood – a wealth of spiritual riches to lavish on His little lambs.


  122. A selection of Gallagher quotes:

    ‘In 1993 Our Lady said there will be a third world war if people do not respond to Her message.’

    ‘Christina, from the knowledge of what has been revealed to her is suffering greatly because people do not seem to grasp the reality of the horrors which will come to the whole world if we are plunged into the war now threatening.’

    (NOVEMBER 24 2000)
    “TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE SEAL”. Christina Gallagher

    “People are being given a final opportunity to experience God’s Mercy and to receive His protection, but time is fast running out, and it seems that Our Lady’s words about ‘so many of my children, who do not listen’ are being fulfilled with the Hand of God coming over the world in Justice”, she said.

    The July 16th (2000) message had also made it clear that the times of the Antichrist and the purification were close, she said.

    “God desires His children to go to the House of Prayer carved in the Heavens. There they will find the graces of Solace to comfort them in the days that are at hand…”

    ‘Damned are those who seek to draw down My Hand in Justice.

    Many parts of the world will be devastated.

    France, its sins stalk Hell.

    Italy, I will burn from its pit.

    The North of America will feel its sin. Fire will rage.’

    “Oh you sinful people of this generation. Now I destroy all of you who have abandoned Me.”

    “I had one experience where my body did go up into the air a number of feet and, yes, I was scared because there is no such thing as being able to resist it; you can’t, and on many occasions since that one night I have endured the weightlessness coming over my body – feeling I was going to lift. I would get a bit scared of myself humanly and I would grab onto the seat because I never understood until the knowledge was given to me recently, what was actually happening.”

    “Those who come to My House properly disposed will receive the graces of Solace and Eternal Life…”

    Yes, she has ‘properly disposed’ the elderly and gullible of all they are worth of their life’s work.

    All this self evident BS is meant to frighten the S out of people, and make-believe people into thinking she is a saint.
    Weightlessness, or unbelieveable weightfulness? Take your pick… it’s doesn’t matter, it’s all meant to get the money rolling in.

    Sorry Tony, is it sinful of me to be so frank with my words, about your lady’s safe described, ‘reluctant prophet’, and my personal favourite, ‘…My little one…’?

    Tony, how will your conscience be clear when you are lying on your deathbed? Which is something which will come to us all(‘the days that are at hand’). Knowing you’re only a paid henchman of Ireland’s biggest con-woman of the most vulnerable in society.

    ‘Our Blessed Mother desires that Her messages in Ireland be allowed to go out to the whole world.”
    That’s right Tony, no interviews and no recording equipment allowed…

    ‘An example of this is when Canice hogan and his wife went to the HOP with a camera and tried to take photos to prove the scam that had divided up his family.’
    ‘On the day in question Tony tried to grab the camera belonging to Canice and his wife and caused an uproar…’

    One more quote:
    ‘The key is surrender. Everything has to be surrendered.’


  123. Hi Mike

    I just remembered today that Tonys surname is Fitzpatrick…Mick


  124. Mick thanks for that feedback. We hope to get further feedback but he is Tony and is one of Christina’s heavies. look at Christina’s web site, I think you are right about Dick Hogan’s wife.


  125. Dear Mike

    Mick Power here. Yes the person in question is a guy called Tony…I cant remember his surname but just that he has been Christina’s henchman and bodyguard for as long as I can remember and is capable of violence and extreme behaviour. An example of this is when Canice hogan and his wife went to the HOP with a camera and tried to take photos to prove the scam that had divided up his family.

    You see…Canice is Dick Hogans son, and they havent spoken for years and all due to his parents obsession with CG and Fr Mc Ginnity.
    On the day in question Tony tried to grab the camera belonging to Canice and his wife and caused an uproar in the chapel ofcourse he believing that this was the tabloid press who were out to print more negative stuff about CG.

    Two other people I can identify in the SW and the INDO are Noel Guinan ….her Manager who I remember as a nice chap but also totally devoted to her highness Christina

    The second person has an almost ghostly appearance and appears just behind CG in the photo…That is and I am sure of is Dick Hogans wife.

    What sadness this must be that Dick Hogan along with his wife have little or no contact with their children and indeed their grandchildren.

    All of what I am stating here is fact and cannot be refuted.

    Any religious organisation newly formed which causes division amongst vulnerable and devout people must be investigated by the Church Hierarchy and the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

    I stand over my previous statement where I have stated that I believe that CG and her accomplice Fr McGinnity should be excommunicated for heresy and simony.

    They have destroyed so many peoples lives and should not be allowed to get away with this any longer.

    Elder abuse is a topic which does not get much coverage in the everyday news papers. It is not fashionable as these people who are elderly and cling on to the faith of their upbringing and childhood are seen to be out of touch with mainstream living.

    And so this is where CG and Fr McGinnity come on board and please this sector of the population and that the world has come to be a very evil place and that people need to pray to be protected from these terrible chastisements which are about to happen due to the wrath of God…And ofcourse here is the crunch line that only through the the purchase of this picture for 250euros can you be saved…Simony?

    Also weekly, and attendence at the HOP can you be protected from the Anti Christ where we will be forced to take the mark of the beast.

    I cannot believe that I am writing all this rubbish down. It is like something out of a movie which I saw long ago.

    Anyway you can gather that despite the horrific experience of the past week that I am not ready to lie down…I am still quite fragile but have become even more determined to bring this evil woman to justice.

    My darling Mum died just a few weeks ago and she was initially entranced by Christina and in particular Fr Mcginnity.
    I did not want to say anything to her that was negative but over the past year I felt the need to explain to her that all was not right with the HOP..She just looked at me and I could sense her sorrow and then she said something that was quite startling ,”Mick” I have a deep faith as you know and I dont need the likes of Christina Gallagher to convince me about the wondrous presence of Jesus and Mary in my life and the wonderful gifts they have bestowed upon me.

    And with that I left her and told myself that she was so, so right…Two days later I received the phone call that she had died in her sleep.

    For this reason now and for all the people of my Mums generation…These are the most beautiful people of our society who lived a simple faith which was so true to their early upbringing and simplicity.

    For this woman to exploit these vulnerable people and frighten them to death is nothing short of a criminal act…This is extortion at its highest level.

    Even tho I am not in great shape at the moment I will in time pursue,,and seek justice even if it means going to the highest authority in the Catholic Church not just in Ireland but to Rome if necessary.

    Paula my wife has traced that phone call last thursday week to some place in Greystones Co.Wicklow .Dont know if that rings true to you or not. Again good wishes to you all out there and fond regards….Mick


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