Darren Clarke’s K Club ‘poster boy,’ promotion for Tony Quinn gyms


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Darren Clarke’s K Club’ poster boy,’ promotion for Tony Quinn gyms by Catherine Fegan, Irish Mail on Sunday. November 2, 2014
Boxing with Steve Collins now golf with Darren Clarke?
Also the Jamie Myerscough gyms seem to have succeeded as Jamie is a natural entrepreneur who misattributes his success to Quinn.
This gym shows that the gyms are a car crash where mental control by Quinn is a factor.
No one can doubt the trauma the loss of his first wife brought to him and also the fact that his new relationship has given him a new confidence and the discipline of the Educo Gym equally has helped him to a new balance. We just hope he does not get caught up in the dead end of the Quinn philosophy of greed.
No one is not saying that you can’t have a success at the Educo Gym, but Catherine Fegan shows how the influence is applied.
There are a long list of those who have come under the influence of Quinn.
Read how this influence has worked for over 40 years.

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6 Responses

  1. ”Jamie is a natural entrepreneur who misattributes his success to Quinn.” It is so typical of Quinn to target people who are already successful in the business world and it is disturbing to read what Jamie Myerscough has to say about Quinn’s method. He already sounds like a ‘clone’ of his. It comes across as boastful. I bet he never saw Quinn coming and that he would end up working for him. As a matter of interest, is it usual for trainers to shout abuse at their clients?

    ”Mr. Myerscough denied using the golfer’s profile to get more people into his gyms to recruit people to go on Tony Quinn seminars. “Absolutely not” he says.”

    Since Mr. Jamie Myerscough is already in the business of recruiting people for seminars it sounds ridiculous that he denies using Darren Clarke to draw people in. It makes perfect sense that Clarke was recruited by Myerscough because of what he does. How can he claim that he is not recruiting people when he has an open night for the public to meet him while advertising the Educo cultic system as “the best investment you could ever make”?

    They have picked this time to come out into the open and it is crucial that the public are made aware of the use of hypnosis to get results; let’s face it, the type of hypnosis used is known to be dangerous, so ‘focused’ on creating fame and fortune for Quinn that it has the real potential of ruining the rest of his life.


  2. Nice to see Georgina Dolan on a sabbatical from Boylesports working daily with Darren, she knows about as much about golf as she did about betting. Give it 6 months and he’ll be like a zombie like JB.


  3. Quinn always intended that his educogyms would recruit victims for his seminars. All the hype about Clarke almost a year ago suggested he was going to be a force to be reckoned with on the golf course after his association with Myerscroft but alas it came to nothing. Sounds just like educo to me.


  4. It does not say much for the Irish media when they fear legal threats that stop them from publishing the truth about Quinn. As for describing him as “controversial”, there is no conflict of opinion when you have been robbed of savings, borrowings and second mortgages taken out to fund INE’s dig for oil. All Quinn’s efforts go into frightening them when they should know by now he is a coward and the last thing he wants is publicity!


  5. The media have been constantly harassed by legal threats from numerous cults, not least from Quinn and Morrice in the last few years.


  6. At least the article draws attention to the “controversial” Quinn connection. He deserves a lot more than the adjective”controversial” after he was determined by Judge Bannister to have conspired (along with others) of various frauds with the oil company and his cultist operations deemed to include the elements of a religious sect by Justice Hogan.

    Hardly unique that by attending a gym and having a personal coach pushing you through a programme that you should lose a bit of weight . To the Educoists it must be a miracle that only Educo and Quinn could manage. For the rest of the world it happens every day of the week in gyms all over the world.


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