Part Two of the correspondence between the Director of Dialogue Ireland and Cardinal Brady

Earlier this week we published part one of the correspondence today we continue with part two:

——– Original Message ——–
From: – Mon Aug 11 17:20:57 2014
From: Dialogue Ireland

To: Cardinal Sean Brady

Subject: Proposal to meet before your retirement

Dear Cardinal Brady,

I want to hereby acknowledge the receipt of your letter of August 1 which I received on August 9th.

I am going to make a detailed response to it but you ask at the end of the letter the following question.

“However, if you still wish to meet me, please get in contact.”

I will make this reply over the next few days.

I would like to take up your kind offer and would ask you where it suits you to meet?
I believe this issue will need some time to flesh out. I could take the bus to Armagh from Dublin, or at any location which you might suggest. One idea would be to meet in a monastic situation like Bolton Abbey or another location to be able to study this in depth.
I see you you do not seem to be informed on the serious issues concerning Christina Gallagher, the accumulation of serious assets and Fr McGinnity’s clear involvement in this. We have documentation and I have eye witness evidence in this regard. In 2009 a serious book, entitled ‘Immaculate Deception,’ by Jim Gallagher, documented all this and showing the evidence linking Fr McGinnity. I am going to put this evidence in the post today for you to review. It also shows Christina living a life of luxury and one of her closest confidants evidenced her contradictory lifestyle. I must add though the House of Prayer claimed this was false they have not once taken a case for defamation.
I will also attach my MA thesis from the Milltown Institute in which I address the issue of a visionary Debra from the MMM in Australia.
Here I try using Catholic categories try to outline why this issue needs to be addressed. I believe what I found in my research there is paralleled in the House of Prayer.
Read thesis here:

Finally, I noted no reference to your role as the Head of the Episcopal Conference nor to the fact that you have not in any way supported your fellow Bishop Michael Neary as he tries to address this. I will reference your statement that you are, “not in possession of evidence that Father McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical.”
I believe the book I am sending does give you that evidence and as you are a Canon lawyer by qualification categories that might inform a proper investigation of Christina Gallagher and a priest in your diocese, Gerard McGinnity.

I look forward to hearing back from you in regard to meeting up and in the meantime may I offer my congratulations as you celebrate your birthday next Saturday.

——– Original Message ——–
From: – Thu Aug 14 02:14:14 2014
From: Dialogue Ireland
To: Cardinal Sean Brady
Subject: The House of Prayer/Fr G MCGinnity

Dear Cardinal Brady,
As promised I am going to reply to your letter in a comprehensive manner. I will use your reply to answer you line by line.

I write in response to your email and request for a meeting to discuss issues related to the House of Prayer. I appreciate the sentiment of concern which inspires your request and I presume the House of Prayer referred to is that in Achill, Co Mayo in the Archdiocese of Tuam.

I am referring to the House of Prayer in Achill, unless Fr McGinnity is involved with other branches of this movement having the same name. He usually accompanies Christina Gallagher to various houses in the USA and Mexico where I assume he has a role.
As you reference the Archdiocese of Tuam I will start at that point. As you know as Cardinal you have no role in any other diocese other than your own. The bishop is the arbiter in all areas of faith and morals in his diocese and even the Pope can’t intervene in his diocese.

As you know Archbishop Cassidy originally gave permission to Christina Gallagher to develop a place for priests in Achill. After a short time AB Cassidy realised that Christina had no intention of implementing what was agreed. Later AB Neary asked them to set up a proper association with proper accountability to the AB, including finances, and also integration of the HofP into the parish of Achill. Also the AB wished to appoint a spiritual director but all this was rejected by CG.
The AB then set up a commission to investigate her claims and below you will see my commentary on it:
This happened in 1997 and again in 1998:

With the Eucharist removed by Fr McGinnity the AB finally commented again in 2008:

It is clear that you are allowing a priest of your diocese to give credibility to the HofP when it is clear that AB MN has asked him to not come into his diocese. Also he is giving succour and support to an unrecognised group. This is a flagrant violation of his calling as a Catholic priest.
The AB also asked all the Church in Ireland to not recognise the HofP.

You refer to the House of Prayer as heretical.

Yes I do. I believe that the messages and her lifestyle are in breach of Catholic teaching. Also she has made people pay for salvation by purchasing particular icons and she indicates
that people need to connect to her personally to be safe from the judgement to come. This is simony.Have you studied her teachings which are Manichean and make Mary the Mother of God a very judgemental Figure? We have no emphasis on the public teaching of the Church centred on the Eucharist. Why do people have to go by bus every Saturday bypassing their own parishes?
Because they believe Achill is where the real Catholic experience is to be found.
Ask any parish priest in the country and you will find very few of those involved with Achill are really grounded in their parish.
So it is my judgement that this movement is not Catholic, but I also believe it is participating in the wholesale fraud and misrepresentation and is targeting a vulnerable category of persons the elderly.

In our tradition, such a pronouncement would normally come from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

You are correct in this. But do I believe the AB MN is now negligent having found that their was no substance to her claims 17 years ago and to not have referred her case to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.
The faithful has been treated with contempt and by your failure to discipline Fr McGinnity you have brought the Catholic Church in Ireland into public contempt.

I am not aware of any such pronouncement being made.

You are again right about this, but the people to have brought this to the attention of the appropriate authority is the AB MN. He is said it is unrecognised, but has not gone beyond that point. This means he is not treated seriously and Christina has the ability to continue her pillage of Irish Catholics. Before moving onto your next point may I present you with the conclusions of a Canadian Canon lawyer who was involved with Le Febvre’s movement and who was involved in advising people around the Legion of Christ group. He gives very clear guidance in regard to these new movements:
I have been appalled by the lack of canonical response to this group and believe there are many defects which have not been addressed. I myself studied canon law under your fellow county man Fr Cunningham, but had no sense of its relevance before reading the article above.

I presume that you may wish to discuss, with me, the involvement of Father Gerard McGinnity with the House of Prayer, due to his being Spiritual Director to Christine Gallagher?

That is one of the reasons, but also because you have met with delegations of people who brought concrete evidence of the spiritual, mental and financial abuse at the HofP. You promised to act on this but have not done anything at all.
But how could you as you used subjective criteria to reach your conclusions which in fact recognise an unrecognised group. Let me give you one concrete example. Over fours years ago Majella Meade who at one time was very close to Christina and lived with her in her house in Malahide came to see you.
She was a Director of the HofP and head of their fundraising efforts. She came with overwhelming evidence to you to show how Fr McGinnity was up to his eyes in raising these funds. You told her you would do something. Again you did nothing. I have talked to over a hundred people and many have contacted you and some also came to see you. You can not claim ignorance of this.

I have discussed this matter with Father McGinnity often.

With due respect when investigating claims it is not normal procedure to ask the person who the claims are being made against to be the basis of your research.Obviously in natural justice you must give him a hearing, but not before you have made independent attempts to verify the charges people are bringing to you.
The book gives conclusive evidence of his involvement in fundraising, also the video mentioned in this article in July 2009 I have attached it.
We have proof of cheques made out to him:

He assures me that he is not involved in fundraising for the House of Prayer and his activity is confined to spiritually directing Christine.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

When Prime Time made a documentary on this in April 2008 you again said you were working with Fr McGinnity. It is clear you were actually doing nothing to investigate the serious charges and as I mentioned you have told people you would act and have not.
Later you ask me whether I have sought to meet Fr McGinnity.
As the documentary above shows he actually has run away from interviews and does not give a reason for the hope that is in him. He did it with RTE, Prime Time and the Sunday Times, and with a TV3 documentary. So to put it clearly to you when Fr McGinnity tells you he is not fundraising he is deceiving you and you know it as you had a direct witness of his involvement.
Majella Meade a former leader and eye witness told you he did.
She confirmed this evidence for me yesterday.

He also assures me that he is convinced that he, and his family, received so many graces through her prayers that he could not refuse her request.

Do you not understand undue influence? He is totally under the influence of Christina Gallagher and by your responses you have lost the ability to exercise your critical faculties in regard to the exercise of your spiritual vocation. You seem to be under his influence?
Pic Fr McGinnity

With due respect how does his loss of mental ability and your acceptance of his criteria remove the fact that McGinnity has allowed himself to give credibility to a scam and complete fraud?
I know that Fr McGinnity suffered grievously at the hands of the hierarchy. He was cast out into outer darkness. He was placed in the Cromwellian scenario of to Hell or to Connaught. Christina gave him the ability to be a big fish in a small pond after he was a small fish in a big pond.
Your refusal to act is going to end in tears.

I don’t have the power to see into his soul and contradict him.
I find this sentence one of the most disappointing I have ever read from a Christian leader.

It is not your business to look into his soul but rather to examine what he is done and to remove him from ministry like you have done to other priests for serious doctrinal issues. Their activities measure about 1 on the Richter scale while what Fr McGinnity is up to is around 9.
You owe this to the public to examine his record and gather evidence and bring him to account. Instead you have allowed him to vacate his parish every single Saturday to give succour to someone who does not enjoy the support of the Archbishop of Tuam.
Do you not see that you have totally undermined his position by allowing your priest to go there against the wishes of AB MN?

What I do know is that when I visit Father McGinnity’s parish, I find a congregation there that is among the most attentive, prayerful and devout in this diocese and l am reminded of the words: “By their fruits you shall know them”

Now I am totally familiar with the line of reasoning you have used above. I have been informed by family members who have come to you seeking support about the loss of contact with their families. When they read these sentiments you make them very angry. Not only have they lost their family member to a cult like organisation but all communication has been lost with their family member involved. They report that people are like zombies and funds intended for the family have gone missing presumably extorted under the fear of hell and the loss of the after life. Now the money is not the issue, but the loss of a family member, the love and affection they had known is. Their Catholicism is unrecognisable.
What type of spirituality do you see in his parish? From what one sees at Achill he drones on without reference to any major themes of Catholic theology. He has lost the critical qualities of a Parish Priest. He after all obtained a doctorate in Classics from TCD on Ambrose of Milan. He is clearly not using his intellect any longer.
Furthermore as his ordinary how do you support him going away from his parish every Saturday? Is that not a problem for canon law? Everyone will attend other parishes, but go to one where he has been asked to not go there and with your endorsement is mind blowing.
His presence is an affront to AB MN and your endorsement of Fr. McGinnity’s involvement with Christina is a matter of serious concern.

I sometimes get complaints from the families of people who go to
Achill who resent the fact that their relatives donate to the House of Prayer.

As I wrote above you have only a limited understanding of the agony you have put Catholics under by your responses and also many of them are now former Catholics because of the failure of your pastoral response. This is not just about money but throughout the country people have written to you and you were not a wounded healer but a wounding Cardinal.Many are in despair due to your response.

I have raised such concerns with Father McGinnity.

You keep repeating this Mantra, but talking to him when you have had the facts in your possession is extremely serious and could involve a case for dereliction of duty in the courts in due course even after you leave office.

I am not in possession of evidence that Father McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical.

I believe you have had the information and after today you can’t claim this at all, but I believe you have wilfully neglected to act on this for over a decade.

We do live in a country where citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement and in a Church where there are many different ministries.

We do indeed, but we also live in a country of which you are a bishop of the Catholic Church. You seem for some reason to have given more weight to the concerns and views of Fr McGinnity when you have known for years what he has been up to. Do you not realise that people regard your inaction as inexcusable? Do you not see by allowing Fr McGinnity to define what ministry he is involved with you have undermined the Archdiocese of Tuam?
Also from reports the economy of Achill has become dependent on this woman.
Indo 4

Since you already know Father Gerard McGinnity, perhaps you should seek to meet him.

I mentioned earlier that Fr McGinnity is not open to rational dialogue and is completely under the influence of Christina. The House of Prayer claims to be in full communion with the Pope. No one can be in communion with the Pope who is not in union with the local bishop.
Please along with AB MN and the Papal Nuncio bring an investigation to the attention of the CDF. I do not need to meet him, as I have no role in the Catholic Church. I am an Anabaptist so am not under the discipline of the Catholic Church and have therefore no function in the church.
However, if you still wish to meet me, please get in contact.
I realise you will find my reply extremely painful to read, but I wanted us to have the truth set us free. Yes I would like to meet you and this is because as a representative of a lot of people affected I have a duty of care to take up your invitation and follow the teaching of Matthew 18 in regard to dealing with serious issues we have here.
I am totally open to your reply and to meeting you without any preconditions. Other than the board of DI this matter will remain confidential until we resolve the issues above. If you renege on your invitation to meet I will take advice, but would be inclined to publish this correspondence due the gravity of the issues involved. Before doing so in that context I would send this correspondence to AB MN and through the Papal Nuncio to Pope Francis. As you know he has a responsibility to represent the Pope to the Irish State and also he has a function of representing the Pope to the Irish Episcopal Conference of which you are the head.
With every good wish
Yours sincerely

+ Sean Brady
Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh




——– Original Message ——–
From: – Fri Aug 15 14:36:42 2014
From: Sharon Murphy
To: ‘’

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:49:02 +0100
Subject: Message from Cardinal Brady

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your Email and book. I suggest Mellifont Abbey, Co Louth, for our meeting where a bus passes the gate every hour (Matthews Coaches).

I go on holidays this weekend but I will get in contact in early September to firm up arrangements.

With kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,

Cardinal Seán Brady
Archbishop of Armagh

7 Responses

  1. Reading the Cardinal shows he is afraid to burst the bubble of faith of the victims of this outrageous scam out of fear for the Knock on effects to more benign Marian devotion .
    Also afraid to openly confront Fr McGinnity out of fear of resurrecting the Maynooth scandal where he was the whistle-blower.
    It’s the sin of silence when he should protest that makes cowards of men .
    Why does the shepherd not care for his flock maybe because the Institution of the Church is more important to protect from scandal
    so to hell with the victims and their concerned families.
    This is the ultimate betrayal of all .
    The Cardinal has no clothes or cover should be the cry


  2. President of Irish everyday man,
    you are a Troll just like ‘Decent Catholics’.

    ‘Decent Catholics’ in a nutshell:
    As DC didn’t contradict (by omission) Eamon Darcy, believes pain and suffering is a good thing for everyone else, but not for Christina(She needs protecting by further raising of millions. It was the only way(ie It was Mary’s plan). Eg. What would you do if you had toothache? Is the toothache really a ‘gift’? Or the result of poor hygiene and diet?
    Won’t touch Eamon Darcy’s comment about Gallagher’s completely unfounded claim of huge weight-fullness while she’s said to be in a state of ecstasy.
    Can’t explain Eamon Darcy’s comment, that after 21 years of going to the House of Prayer, he believes and tells us wholeheartedly that the country (and why stop there? The world.) should go down on their knees(this by definition, includes people of all and no religion). Defended the existence of an imaginary voice recording, if they do have a recording, but it’s not what they what it to say(Pat Coleman, a House of Prayer Director, no less…a man who really needs to get a grip and cop himself on, as witnessed by many. Any sign of him doing that yet?).
    Didn’t contradict Gallagher when she tells Joe Duffy ‘I do nothing’ and ‘I have no influence…’ regarding alleged miracles, ie. it is completely random, exactly as one would expect.
    Didn’t know, and Eamon Darcy either that Kathleen O Sullivan from Kerry completely disowns the HoP. What percentage still believe in the HoP who have ever visited?
    Gallagher talks of cheques, but pays in bags of cash for installing hidden listening devices(google Peter Popoff for effective use of same)
    No evidence found for a miracle, pretends that it’s in the process, (‘proper ecclesiastical investigation’), there is not, and never will be one. Keeps playing that same card, as if it trumps everything else. How many amputees have been cured?
    Says, Christina says she’s a Vessel?! Name the 7 deadly sins? Lust(for Chalky is one). Try greed, and a few more while you are at it…
    Won’t comment (omission) on Gallagher saying she no interest in material things but miraculously had a multimillion international property portfolio.(that includes living in multimillion huge mansions, regardless of ownership)
    Gallagher has nothing whatsoever to do with Medjugorje, tried saying she did(by omission).
    Pretended there is any evidence Gallagher knew in advance of the 2004 Tsunami.
    Hasn’t contradicted Mick Power’s testimonies even once:

    ‘Firstly I will address the story of Kathleen o Sullivan who was terminally ill and believed that she was cured thru the intercession of CG….I spoke to her some years ago and she conveyed to me her shock at discovering the enormous wealth of Christina Gallagher She now attributes her recovery to her own deep faith..She told me how Christina phoned her and pleaded with her in tears to return to the HOP and give public witness to her cure…Kathleen who is a very straight talking person asked her straight out where did she accumulate all her wealth….’


    ‘….I suppose the final straw for me was the infamous message back in 2005 when Our Lord said if people did not cough up the money to pay for a Hop in Texas that he would destroy this whole state….and what do you know…the money was paid up and Texas was saved…’

    Conclusion: Decent Catholics is a paid Troll sent to desperately muddy the facts, has zero credibility, is willing to lower morals, as the circumstance dictates, shows no functioning discernment and incapable or simply too lazy to perform/demonstrate any act of any independent thought. Hence, has been thoroughly brainwashed by years of indoctrination.
    Topped off with being a blatant liar:

    ‘You are known to the Guards and the people who witnessed your stalking of CG.’


  3. “There is nothing going on in House of Prayer in Achill only people praying Holy Rosary and is all under proper supervision by number of spiritual directors including Fr. McGinnity .”

    How many spiritual directors are there? What are their names?


  4. brendan smyth has nothing to do with House of Prayer in Achill.The obsession that dialogue ireland has and mike garde has with christina gallagher is nothing short of hate speech and hate crimes .There is nothing going on in House of Prayer in Achill only people praying Holy Rosary and is all under proper supervision by number of spiritual directors including Fr. McGinnity .I do find it very disturbing that photographers were in Dublin airport recently at 4:30am taking photos of pilgrims and Christina Gallagher.This is stalking person who is doing nothing wrong under Canon Law and also under Common Law of Irish Constitution .Its a reflection on people who are managing House of Prayer and Christina Gallagher that they have patience to take this on the chin with these ludicrous allegations when worse atrocities are been meted out by freemason controlled Irish State


  5. The level of the man and the institution we are dealing with. Watch it to the end, if you can:


  6. Ireland, home to zombie banks, a zombie Cardinal and Trolls who defend the indefensible.

    DI, are the bishops in any way obliged, completely apart from the fact that they should feel morally obliged anyway, based on the questionable presumption they are actually still in possession of a conscience, which must be questionable, as they too are under the influence of their Cardinal, to warn those residing in their Dioceses who are travelling to the HoP?

    And thank for all you are doing, in revealing this madness.


  7. The stench is nauseating.

    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation.

    He is not a champion of the young, or the old. What is wrong with the Cardinal? This is basic right and wrong.


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