Part One of the correspondence between the Director of Dialogue Ireland and Cardinal Brady

——– Original Message ——–
From: – Tue Jun 24 19:26:18 2014
From: Dialogue Ireland

To: Cardinal Sean Brady

Subject: Proposal to meet before your retirement

Dear Cardinal Brady,

I am writing to you as you come near the end of your time of service to request a meeting to discuss issues related to the House of Prayer.
I have been assisting the victims and the families of this unrecognised group for over ten years.
I visited your predecessor, Tomas O’Fiach in Ara Coeli in 1978. He was the President of Maynooth when I was a the first Mennonite student to study there between 1973 – 6.
I also met Fr Gerard McGinnity there when he was the junior dean.
I am offering to come with no set agenda and for you to receive me so you can hear at first hand the abuse and results this heretical, unrecognised sect is having throughout the country.

I am coming with nothing other than concern for these people who I have learnt to know over the years.

I look forward to hearing back from you





1 August 2014
Dialogue Ireland Trust
7/8 Lower Abbey Street

Dear Mr Garde

I write in response to your email and request for a meeting to discuss issues related to the House of Prayer. I appreciate the sentiment of concern which inspires your request and I presume the House of Prayer referred to is that in Achill, Co Mayo in the Archdiocese of Tuam.
You refer to the House of Prayer as heretical. In our tradition, such a pronouncement would normally come from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome. I am not aware of any such pronouncement being made.
I presume that you may wish to discuss, with me, the involvement of Father Gerard McGinnity with the House of Prayer, due to his being Spiritual Director to Christine Gallagher. I have discussed this matter with Father McGinnity often. He assures me that he is not involved in fundraising for the House of Prayer and his activity is confined to spiritually directing Christine.

He also assures me that he is convinced that he, and his family, received so many graces through her prayers that he could not refuse her request. I don’t have the power to see into his soul and contradict him.

What I do know is that when I visit Father McGinnity’s parish, I find a congregation there that is among the most attentive, prayerful and devout in this diocese and l am reminded of the words: “By their fruits you shall know them” I sometimes get complaints from the families of people who go to Achill who resent the fact that their relatives donate to the House of Prayer. I have raised such concerns with Father McGinnity.
I am not in possession of evidence that Father McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical. We do live in a country where citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement and in a Church where there are many different ministries.
Since you already know Father Gerard McGinnity, perhaps you should seek to meet him. However, if you still wish to meet me, please get in contact.

With every good wish
Yours sincerely

+ Sean Brady
Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh

Please open the original here:
Reply from Cardinal Brady

5 Responses

  1. Fr Brady would go on appearances in the House of Prayer when Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado founder of the Legionaries of Christ appeared saintly with shining eyes testifying to his drug addiction.


  2. ‘Proof is always served when you witness it yourself .’

    Try actually reading this:

    ‘He described Ms Gallagher’s purported divine messages as “appalling” and “all about chastisements and the end of the world”.’

    And this:

    ‘”She was always talking about the anti-Christ and the wrath of the beast,” he told the Irish Independent.

    The final straw for the 39-year-old came in 2006, when Fr McGinnity read out a message in which Ms Gallagher was allegedly told by Jesus that if pilgrims did not provide money for a new House of Prayer in Texas, he would destroy the whole state.


    “I was present when he said that and I said that is the end for me – how could anybody of any intelligence listen to that kind of rubbish?” asked Mr Power.

    “It is true heresy. She has told them that the only thing that will save them during the great chastisement is a €250 picture available in the House of Prayer shop. That’s simony.” ‘

    Is that not proof enough for you that you are indoctrinated to the point of not being able to tell the difference between a big fat greedy vain lying woman’s desperate love/need of material things and of herself, and real Catholic teachings?


  3. what i would say to everyone here go to House of Prayer and see yourself instead of hearsay .Cardinal Brady has shown and knows there is nothing wrong with people coming to pray there especially pray Holy Rosary .Proof is always served when you witness it yourself .So many in Ireland take easy option and agree with criticising House of Prayer because in Truth they dont want to admit their own faults and go back to Sacraments like confession and honour Holy Eucharist as Real Presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Eucharist .Been Catholic is lot different to what you think .Ive met many people who regularly go to House of Prayer and all of them honour Sacraments more than lukewarm Catholics in or cafeteria/cradle Catholics .The fact is real Catholics are been persecuted by their own families and neighbours and will only get worse as hatred towards Remnant Catholic Church intensifies .The public Catholic Church nowadays as been directed from Vatican (as can be seen from synod just last week) is adopting nothing short of protestant principles and lutheran and calvinists are having good laugh but is it something we should be laughing at seen as world is infested with evil all around us indiscriminate murders/suicides/rapes child sex abuse in all areas in society /racism discrimianation and all 10 Commandments been broken every minute of every day .Fact is 6 million people in Ireland how many are living in State of Grace outside of mortal sin ? Fact is very few so any congregation which is there to atone for these indiscriminate and unchecked scourges on families/neighbours and society in general needs to be encouraged rather than suppressed dont you think ?
    The alternative is not something Ireland should consider where we listen to those outside Church outside Ireland telling us what we should be doing when really in our own hearts and minds we all know what we should be doing but how many are doing it ? Reject God and what comes in only the epitomy of evil and embrace a society which embraces freemasons openly will bring roof down on Ireland its a no brainer eh ! God bless you all .


  4. Clearly he doesn’t seem too eager to dissuade anyone from attending HoP or from associating with Fr McG. Why would anyone expect an honest answer from someone who most believe was culpable in the cover up of child sexual abuse and exploitation. His answer was hardly surprising, if not expected.

    If you want an honest answer, go to an honest man.


  5. Cardinal is afraid to burst the bubble of faith of the victims of this outrageous scam out of fear for the knock on effects to more benign Marian devotion .
    Also afraid to openly confront Fr McGinnity out of fear of resurrecting the Maynooth scandal where he was the whistle-blower.
    It’s the sin of silence when he should protest that makes cowards of men .
    Why does the shepherd not care for his flock maybe because the Institution of the Church is more important to protect from scandal
    so to hell with the victims and their concerned families.
    This is the ultimate betrayal of all .
    The Cardinal has no clothes should be the cry


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