Mick Power who featured in Sarah Macdonald’s Independent article on the House of Prayer does not mince his words.

Yesterday Mick Power was quoted in this article by Sarah Macdonald:

Paula and MickMick and Paula Power
Last month he had given personal testimony concerning the activities he observed before he left.

We are here publishing his response to Fr McGinnity’s fraudulent claims made in his interview with the Irish Independent.
So troubles was he that Mick Power who buried his mother only over a week ago and is currently in England send us this response.
We note his eye witness testimony corroborates the book written by Jim Gallagher and which has been in the public domain since 2009.
Immaculate deception

2014-10-27Christina Airport1
First of all can I extend my congratulations to Sarah on this very well written and balanced report on the HofP. As I am in the UK with my brother and sister as we are still grieving the loss of our beloved and darling Mum, I managed to get hold of the Indo just an hour ago and Wow, Two whole pages and brilliantly executed. Mick Power here. I know that some of you think that McGinnity has got a soft ride but let me tell you all that he has shot himself in the foot with his lies. Firstly I will deal with his statement that CG had a heart attack due to stress. This was a statement issued by the HofP in 1998 when she decided to close the HofP following the recommendations of Archbishop Neary which would have integrated the HofP into the parish of Achill and all donations willed or otherwise would be under the supervision of the Archdiocese of Tuam. (The impression the current interview gives is that this is a current condition.)
Needless to say she was furious at this outcome. I was present that day when she ordered Fr McGinnity to remove the Blessed Sacrament from the chapel. This of course automatically turned the HofP into a private organisation. We were led to believe in an indirect way that Bishop Neary was to blame for the closure of the HofP. To put this in context this was the 16th of July 1998, people were crying and so deeply upset with her announcement of the closure. A few weeks later we heard that CG had a heart attack due to stress. I spoke to her daughter Mary out of concern and asked what hospital she was in as we were going to send her some flowers. She turned white and after awhile told us that it was a false alarm and that her mother was advised to take a holiday on medical advice.

As I discovered later and some years on when I spoke to an elderly lady called Peggy from Belfast who was at the time Christina’s best friend explained that very same summer of 1998, when she was supposed to be recuperating from her heart attack she was in fact in Southern England and as Peggy related to me she picked up with this guy called Chawkie with whom she had an illicit affair. Peggy described to me how CG would dress up in a sexy leotard and as she was so much older and at this stage horrified by CG’s behaviour that she felt the need to tell Fr McGinnity. She already had experience of Christina’s behaviour in her house in Newport, Co Mayo which she described as gaudy and tacky but no money spared, i.e. Jacuzzis, massive bedrooms walk in wardrobes full of designer clothes and how she watched Christina counting the cash and getting such pleasure from it. She also recalled how she was present when a four poster bed from Harrods in London was delivered to the house in Newport. When she told Fr McGinnity about CG and Chawkie and their bedroom frolics he just told her that we need to pray for Christina and that she is only human. Peggy was so disgusted and in fact was severely affected by his reaction, as she adored Fr McGinnity. She told me she was in danger of loosing her faith.

So this is the truth regarding her famous heart attack. She never had a heart attack as she was never admitted to any hospital here in Ireland. That I checked out and is the truth…..

The next issue in relation to Sarah’s interview with McGinnity is his denial of the Texas message. What crap! I was present when he read this out and it is on the record and I am sure can be located in the recorded messages by CG. There were many people present on that day and many such as myself became very uneasy at this message and came to the realisation that this was the biggest scam ever. Of course the money was paid up out of fear and Texas is still standing.

Next I will address McGinnity’s support of Christina’s multi million property portfolio. This notion that she had been guided by Our Lady to seek refuge from the media is pure nonsense. CG was living in her mansion in Malahide for at least two years before it was discovered by the SW. I remember so well when McGinnity went on the Joe Duffy show and denied that Christina was the owner of any property in Dublin. What a liar is this guy? However, he is clever and not to be underestimated.

His next assertion that many young people have been converted through their contact with CG and the HOP. Well all I can say to that is that I never saw anybody under the age of forty with the exception of myself and Paula.

Editors note:
We note that Mick is referring to the period ending in 1998.

I shall leave now as I think I have addressed the issues…..Sarah…Wonderful job….I know that you may have received some criticism in relation to the McGinnity interview but it is actually brilliant and a big Thank You….Mick

Mick Power has confirmed to the Director of Dialogue Ireland that in the event of case for defamation he will confront her in open court as well as McGinnity

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  1. A comment on our donations page has been moved here: mick, on July 16, 2014 at 12:48 am said: Edit Comment

    As we are on this date the 16th of july 2014….What can we expect from the wonderful prophet that is Christina Gallagher…I have no doubt it will be sensational….This is there big day which is their anniversary of their opening of the HO)P all those years ago and cant help but wonder what sensational message or messages she has received trom above….No doubt we will all be given a warning and chastisement if we have dared to critisise this Holy Saint who receives these messages directly from God…Indeed I remember so well her message ie.2006 ……As Our Lord was so unhappy with his desire to complete one of his HOP… in Texas and if the people didnt respond he would destroy the entire state of Texas….I was so horrified by this crazy message and knew it was not from God….Ofcourse Texas was not destroued ….but the people paid up….out of fear….For all those people who are attending this event today and I know you are doing so with a free and loving heart I just beg of you to stand back and reflect with a critical eye…..and that you will conclude that there is much here that is condemmed by the Catholic Church…and will never be accepted or ever given credence by any cardinal bishop or priest in this isle of Ireland….My advice to you is to pray to theHoly Spirit for guidance….People need to pray for the soul of this woman CG who has deceived so many people and in the process has built up a property portfolio based soley on donations from the simple people of Ireland…..And Wow….I have to say that I do remember CG saying to the pilgrims that she had no interest in material goods and could gladly live in a tent……Wow….This is a woman who has betrayed so many people and who has refused to give any explanation for her enormous wealth except for her whining about how she is so chased after by the media and needs this sanctuary of absolute luxury for her safety and to make matters worse ……That this was a message given to her from Jesus and Mary…..Shame….Shame….Let the people who have been taken in by this travesty wake up and learn to examine with your godgiven intelligence and extricate yourselves from this cult which has damaged so many people and so many familys..God Bless you all….Mick


  2. Cardinal and Hierarchy is afraid to burst the bubble of faith of the victims of this outrageous scam out of fear for the Knock on effects to more benign Marian devotion .
    Also afraid to openly confront Fr McGinnity out of fear of resurrecting the Maynooth scandal where he was the whistle-blower.
    It’s the sin of silence when he should protest that makes cowards of men .
    Why does the shepherd not care for his flock maybe because the Institution of the Church is more important to protect from scandal
    so to hell with the victims and their concerned families.
    This is the ultimate betrayal of all .
    The Cardinal has no clothes or cover should be the cry


  3. Colossians 2:8

    See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.


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