Church ‘must tackle House of Prayer’ by Sarah Mac Donald Irish Independent Published 27/10/2014

Today we publish a series of articles which indicate the failure of the Catholic Church to respond to the out of control House of Prayer in Achill.

Indo 4

Christina Gallagher, founder of Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer, Achill Island.

Self-styled visionary and multi-millionaire Christina Gallagher should be excommunicated by the Catholic Church, an ex-member of the House of Prayer has said.

Mick Power got involved with the House of Prayer with his wife Paula in 1998, when their only child Tommy died of meningitis.

But the former member of the cult-like movement has spoken out for the first time, demanding that the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith investigate Ms Gallagher along with her spiritual director, Fr Gerard McGinnity, for heresy and unproven claims of miracles.

He described Ms Gallagher’s purported divine messages as “appalling” and “all about chastisements and the end of the world”.

“She was always talking about the anti-Christ and the wrath of the beast,” he told the Irish Independent.

The final straw for the 39-year-old came in 2006, when Fr McGinnity read out a message in which Ms Gallagher was allegedly told by Jesus that if pilgrims did not provide money for a new House of Prayer in Texas, he would destroy the whole state.


“I was present when he said that and I said that is the end for me – how could anybody of any intelligence listen to that kind of rubbish?” asked Mr Power.

“It is true heresy. She has told them that the only thing that will save them during the great chastisement is a €250 picture available in the House of Prayer shop. That’s simony.”

Mr Power believes the Irish hierarchy needs to make a more concerted effort to examine the improper nature of Ms Gallagher’s visions and the funding mechanisms employed on behalf of House of Prayer.

A group of concerned relatives of devotees and ex-members is also campaigning for the Archdiocese of Armagh to take a more pro-active stance on the House of Prayer’s spiritual director, Fr McGinnity.

They have called on Cardinal Sean Brady to stand over his agreement to meet their representative to answer questions about the priest, who works in the Archdiocese of Armagh, and who they claim is key to the religious group’s operations.

Last August, Cardinal Brady, who was then the head of the Church in Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh, agreed to meet in a monastery with cult expert and the Director, of Dialogue Ireland, Mike Garde.

The meeting was to discuss the role of Fr McGinnity, who is parish priest in Knockbridge in Co Louth.

But Cardinal Brady is accused of doing nothing to address Fr McGinnity’s involvement.

Having agreed on August 15 to meet Mr Garde, Cardinal Brady notified him three weeks ago that he would not meet him.

Cardinal Brady told him that he is no longer Archbishop of Armagh, following the acceptance of his resignation by Pope Francis on September 8.

“I do not believe that a meeting between us would contribute to the resolution of the difficulties which you wish to discuss,” he said.

Mr Power said he was “disgusted and very disappointed” by the Cardinal’s response but not surprised by it.

“Over the years, the Cardinal has used all sorts of excuses so as not to actually deal with this issue directly” he said.

In correspondence seen by the Irish Independent in August, the Cardinal defended his reluctance to tackle Fr McGinnity to Mr Garde, saying: “I am not in possession of evidence that Fr McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical.

“We do live in a country where citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement and in a Church where there are many different ministries.”

In the same letter dated August 1, 2014, Cardinal Brady stated that he had discussed the issue of fundraising with Fr McGinnity, who had assured him that he was not involved in fundraising for the House of Prayer and that his activity was confined to spiritually directing Ms Gallagher. However, Mr Garde and a number of people associated with the House of Prayer say they have presented the Cardinal with documents which suggest Fr McGinnity was sent cheques intended for the House of Prayer, including one for €40,000 made out to Fr McGinnity.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Armagh told the Irish Independent that because Cardinal Brady is now retired, all his leadership responsibilities have transferred to his successor, Archbishop Eamon Martin.

“Archbishop Eamon is currently familiarising himself and examining all of the issues involved,” spokesman Martin Long said.

Irish Independent

7 Responses

  1. What’s needed is a priest to stand up to her, and exorcise her and HoP demons. What a sight that would be, a Priest on the grounds of HoP calling Satan to come out.

    Failing a priest, any lay people willing to conduct same? I can see it now, the police would be called, there would be a riot. Maybe that’s what the Church needs to do to put an end to all of this. Or maybe not – maybe it would just give her and HoP more credence. Don’t feed the monster might be the best way. But, just for example, …….imagine……

    “In the name of Jesus, I command you Satan to leave this place and to exit the body and mind of Christina Gallagher, Fr McG and and and.”

    I do not, however, believe she has been duped, she knows exactly what she is doing (as you say Chalky). Allegorically, and from the Bible, Satan is for the most part an example of our own dark, egotistical and selfish hearts. Genesis started with ego and it seems it’s going to end that way too. Good luck Christina, you will need it. I think God might forgive a simple thief who doesn’t use Christ’s name to do his dirty work.

    Christina is a different kettle of fish. Her wealth has been spuriously amassed in the name of Christ and his Mother. I believe that will result in a very different verdict once the time comes.

    If you or your minions are reading this CG you know exactly what we are all talking about here. We are all sinners, but using Christ’s name and the name of his mummy to make your millions is the big no no.


  2. Eimear, Christina Gallagher is a hardened con-woman who made a decision long ago to ruthlessly and shamelessly scam, the emotionally vulnerable, the old, and the just plain gullible. It takes someone with no real sense of shame to do such a thing, for so long.
    It would be very naive to think she would ever admit it.
    She is now a prisoner of her own making. And she really has nobody else to blame but herself.
    So she may as well enjoy her worldly goods with what time she has left, and the undeserved adoration of those she has duped.


  3. CG and HoP gives life and form to utter irony. She and it uses the very things the Bible warns us against but for her and its own profit.

    Clearly the majority of Ireland doesn’t really care. The people who care about the harm being done by CG and HoP are those who have been or whose loved ones have been scammed, conned, hurt, broken and more. This too is ironic, the very thing which allows the likes of CG and HoP to exist, are the very things we are warned about by Christ and his Apostles. CG and HoP are using Christ’s warnings to make money.

    Classy act altogether. I hope that CG and Fr McG and the rest have their “fun” on earth because it’s going to be very long eternity for them.

    Best thing one can do is pray they see the errors of their ways and get back to God. Imagine if CG WAS to admit what she has done – what a boost that would be for the Church!! If only she would confess her sins and admit she has been/is lying – wouldn’t that put a boot into Satan’s plans?

    Only she can do that and I wonder how long that will take to happen, if ever. In the meantime, I believe it’s the Church’s responsibility to advise and inform parishioners of the con artists out there. Seemingly there are still thousands of people who don’t understand scripture and who fall prey to scam merchants. If they loved their faith and lived it, took counsel in good and informed priests, then this should not happen.

    Where are the Priests and clergy in general who have balls?


  4. To my dear,dear people in response to your comments this terrible fraud has now finally been uncovered….This has now been exposed as gross abuse of our most deeply loved and respected and elderly people who have played such a huge and integral part of our lives…..What can I say…..This woman….and I name her as Christina Gallagher has destroyed and indeed split families apart with her threats and indroctination of a faith that is like something out of a horror movie…..She speaks of the mark of the beast, great chastisements a New World Order and great upheaval in the world………This is total bullshit….I now plead to the new Archbishop of Armagh to sit up and take heed of the many families who have been destroyed by these so called messages from heaven…Jesus is a reconciler as with our blessed mother….and so I say and with my deep love of Christ and his infinite love and mercy to end this travesty once and for all…..My darling Mum who passed away just a short time ago believed in the HOP and the earlier messages…..However even she with her simple faith could not comprehend the material wealth of this so called saint CG….Dont forget that she always told us that she had no interest in material goods and would gladdly live in a tent….I rest my case…Mick Power


  5. Of course, we must remember that there are people who are up to their eyeballs in this, individuals like those already proven, and convicted of fraud, who will desperately try and keep this going, who think they will gain materially, like brazen Golden ballsy Gallagher. People who will try and keep this going, regardless of whether or not they still believe the now proven lies.
    Does one still need a/any court case? When public opinion, at best, laughs, at worst, will walk away from the church, like so many have done before, due to the churches inaction to other abuses.


  6. My mother became involved with House of Prayer after two close family members died suddenly; she was at her most vulnerable. They use the prayers of the Catholic Church but the House of Prayer is ‘better’ because they have a direct link with ‘Our Lady’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ himself through Christina’s alleged visions. She is tricked and now she is hooked, she has donated her heart and soul and thousands of euros. Meanwhile Christina’s need for privacy goes beyond a wall around her house, her accumulated wealth is estimated to be several million in properties which followers like my mother refuse to believe exist. It has destroyed our family. Family and friends try to convince her of this scam, she is unaware she is being abused. The Catholic church needs to remove Fr McGinnity from his position as he is giving credibility to her unproved visions (Archdiocese of Tuam evaluated and found no evidence of supernatural goings on) and they need to flush this abuse out. When vulnerable people like my mother are abused in this way, it is up to the rest of us, the public and most importantly the Catholic Church which is directly involved in this, to stand up to this abuse.


  7. In correspondence seen by the Irish Independent in August, the Cardinal defended his reluctance to tackle Fr McGinnity to Mr Garde, saying: “I am not in possession of evidence that Fr McGinnity is breaking the law – either civil or canonical.

    “We do live in a country where citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement and in a Church where there are many different ministries.”

    Here we go again! Sean Brady blatantly lies and I can only think he is running scared. Are we to believe that McGinnity is on a mission to bring people back to the Catholic Church? Does he honestly think that scare tactics will fill the pews? Even the thought is disgusting. It is criminal that Irish citizens are blocked from getting justice. Have they not learnt yet that the stance they are taking will galvanise people even more to open the can of worms just as it did with institutional abuse. The truth has to come out now. It is inevitable!


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