Eamon Darcy a strong advocate of Christina Gallagher with Joe Duffy on Liveline

Monday October 20th October.

Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer was in the news again recently. Eamon is a strong advocate of Christina Gallagher and talks to Joe about how he has supported the House of Prayer since it was opened 21 years ago.
Eamon is caught in a bind. He knows that the critics are wrong but does not have any knowledge of what is really going.
Eamon Darcy from Wicklow mentions he gets a bus from Carlow and they stop in Knock for Mass. This gives the game away. They are traveling 5 hours and when they get there there is no Eucharist. He really believes everything in Achill is kosher. Does he know there has been printed evidence for over 6 years showing that Fr McGinnity was involved in fundraising? That people were put under undue influence to cough up cash. This was covered by Prime Time over 6 years ago. Look at Miriam O’Callaghan’s face?

She has a portfolio which would make the Vatican feel cash strapped.
Does he know that the Archdiocese of Tuam does not recognise the House of Prayer? Does he not understand that one of the reasons they stop in Knock is to give the impression that the House of Prayer is a Catholic entity? If your destination is Achill why would you stop in Knock? It is to confuse vulnerable people that they the HofP is genuinely Catholic.
Is he not aware that Christina refuses to accept the authority of Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary? It is unrecognised!
Also Fr McGinnity is going to a diocese in which he is not wanted and neglecting his duties in a diocese where up till about a month ago the Cardinal was negligent in not disciplining him for supporting an entity which is schismatic. He completely neglected his function to maintain the unity of the Catholic Church in Ireland. This was a role he had as head of the Irish Episcopal Conference. Not only did he not do what he should he gave the impression to victims he would act and then failed to do so.


The Cardinal agreed to meet the Director of Dialogue Ireland in a monastery to thoroughly address these issues. Again he reneged on his word stating he was no longer Archbishop of Armagh and could as a result not fulfill his word to meet. We intend to publish the full correspondence in this regard in due course.
It will show a pattern of neglect from someone who was charged to protect the faithful.
We note today that his successor Eamon Martin is claiming to represent a new direction in regard to the media and we assume a new response to elder abuse which is at the heart of the failure of the Catholic Church to protect its members in regard to this situation.
Eamon Martin
Eamon Darcy is a genuine person who told his story and it was one of genuine commitment to his faith. He did not see his visionary taking off for Italy last Saturday leading a lot of people whose families are very badly effected by their loss of relationship with their family member.

She was like a business executive reeking of wealth and privilege. The hair done beautifully at 4:30 AM and bejeweled to the hilt.

Eamon she is selling the house she lived in and has bought one in City West. He should go to 2 Abington, Swords Road, Malahide next Saturday. Christina gets home that day and perhaps she will be showing the house herself?

OPEN HOUSE – SATURDAY 25TH OCTOBER – 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm ***



Is this supposed to be the way a humble visionary lives in the lap of luxury?

She is a disgrace and the Catholic Church in Ireland should be ashamed they have done nothing to address this spiritual disaster. Also we saw how the Taoiseach was able to address the issues of sex abuse but is he willing to address the issues of elder abuse in his own neighbourhood and constituency?

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  1. Decent Catholics in a nutshell:
    As DC didn’t contradict (by omission) Eamon Darcy, believes pain and suffering is a good thing for everyone else, but not for Christina(She needs protecting by further raising of millions. It was the only way(ie It was Mary’s plan). Eg. What would you do if you had toothache? Is the toothache really a ‘gift’? Or the result of poor hygiene and diet?
    Won’t touch Eamon Darcy’s comment about Gallagher’s completely unfounded claim of huge weight-fullness while she’s said to be in ecstasy.
    Can’t explain Eamon Darcy’s comment, that after 21 years of going to the House of Prayer, he believes and tells us wholeheartedly that the country (and why stop there? The world.) should go down on their knees(this by definition, includes people of all and no religion). Defended the existence of an imaginary voice recording, if they do have a recording, but it’s not what they what it to say(Pat Coleman, a House of Prayer Director, no less…a man who really needs to get a grip and cop himself on, as witnessed by many. Any sign of him doing that yet?). Didn’t contradict Gallagher when she tells Joe Duffy ‘I do nothing’ and ‘I have no influence…’ regarding alleged miracles, ie. it is completely random, completely as you one would expect.
    Didn’t know, and Eamon Darcy either that Kathleen O Sullivan from Kerry completely disowns the HoP. What percentage still believe in the HoP who have ever visited?
    Gallagher talks of cheques, but pays in bags of cash for installing hidden listening devices(google Peter Popoff for effective use of same)
    No evidence found for a miracle, pretends that it’s in the process, (‘proper ecclesiastical investigation’), there is, and never be one. Keeps playing that same card, as if it trumps everything else. How many amputees have been cured?
    Says, Christina says she’s a Vessel?! Name the 7 deadly sins? Lust(for Chalky is one). Try greed, and a few more while you are at it…
    Won’t comment (omission) on Gallagher saying she no interest in material things but miraculously had a multimillion international property portfolio.(that includes living an multimillion huge mansions, regardless of ownership)
    Gallagher has nothing whatsoever to do with Medjugorje, tried saying it did.
    Pretended there is any evidence Gallagher knew in advance of the 2004 Tsunami.
    Hasn’t contradicted Mick Power’s testimonies even once:

    ‘Firstly I will address the story of Kathleen o Sullivan who was terminally ill and believed that she was cured thru the intercession of CG….I spoke to her some years ago and she conveyed to me her shock at discovering the enormous wealth of Christina Gallagher She now attributes her recovery to her own deep faith..She told me how Christina phoned her and pleaded with her in tears to return to the HOP and give public witness to her cure…Kathleen who is a very straight talking person asked her straight out where did she accumulate all her wealth….’


    ‘….I suppose the final straw for me was the infamous message back in 2005 when Our Lord said if people did not cough up the money to pay for a Hop in Texas that he would destroy this whole state….and what do you know…the money was paid up and Texas was saved…’

    Conclusion: Decent Catholics is a paid Troll sent to desperately muddy the facts, has zero credibility, is willing to lower morals, as the circumstance dictates, shows no functioning discernment and incapable or simply too lazy to perform/demonstrate any act of of any independent thought. Hence, has been thoroughly brainwashed by years of indoctrination.
    Topped off with being a blatant liar:

    ‘You are known to the Guards and the people who witnessed your stalking of CG.’


  2. There is a saying, no fool like an old fool.


  3. Angie this is not Jim Gallagher. I will edit tomorrow. It is our usual troll.


  4. Jim, where are you going with this? You say: “The fact is real Catholics are been persecuted by their own families and neighbours and will only get worse as hatred towards Remnant Catholic Church intensifies .”

    I have yet to hear about any Catholics in Ireland being persecuted by their family and neighbours because they are catholic. Yes, the Church has come under scrutiny and public criticism. Yes, there are many concerned family members when it comes to the House of Prayer so I will take it that you are referring to the House of Prayer? If anyone is criticising Catholics on the basis of their beliefs it is you.

    You say: “The public Catholic Church nowadays as been directed from Vatican (as can be seen from synod just last week) is adopting nothing short of protestant principles” and that “the world is infested with evil.” Are you referring to the Roman Catholic Church when you say that “Ireland should consider where we listen to those outside Church outside Ireland telling us what we should be doing”. God forbid we should listen to you lot. Not all of us want to go back to the middle ages.

    You ask: “How many are living in State of Grace outside of mortal sin” Jim, how many do YOU think are living in mortal sin?”

    You say: “di said “Eamon she is selling the house….”
    She lives in the house”

    Usually when people are selling their house they advertise it, which she did. There is nothing stopping her from living in the house while she waits to sell so I don’t understand what point you are making.

    An apple would not fit into my eye to need removing but thanks for your attempt at making a joke. It makes a big change from what you usually rant on about.

    I spoke too soon. Jim reminds me again of the terrible institutional abuse, the rape of children by the Church that appears to be accepting the House of Prayer, a church he does not accept yet is depending on to prove the ‘miracles’.

    What a debacle, an unholy mess!


  5. Lazy, your words remind me of the old saying, “empty vessels make the most noise”. HoP case in point.


  6. ‘The messages given by CG from Our Lady and Jesus describe her as a vessel,’

    This statement will not, and can now never be declared to be true by the Catholic Church.

    It is complete and utter heresy/bull to state it as though it is a fact very Indecent Lad, except for those like you who have no integrity, and everyone indoctrinated by your also well proven to be a liar, priest. This is just Christina pretending/lying, just as readily as you do. It’s a statement of desperation. So it looks like fate has lead you to her. Because that’s probably all you know, and are comfortable with, lying.
    You really are two peas in a pod…


  7. “I have just seen your new post Angie – I am not criticising people’s religious beliefs. (well, apart from HoP. ) My comments directed at D.I. were to hammer home the point that at some time either now or in the future, their own beliefs will be scrutinised and possibly criticised.”

    I understand what you are saying. I didn’t say that you were being critical, just that the blog is about highlighting abusive cultic groups. I have criticised the Educo cult many times. It is difficult to highlight the differences without doing so; however, I think it is necessary when people are getting a very raw deal by adhering to crazy belief systems that compromise cognitive faculties and mental health.


  8. I have just had a message from Mary and I also have the image of Jesus in my patio crazy paving. I have diabetes which means the slightest graze to the lower half of my body results in days of bleeding (stigmata)

    I must now disseminate my message on social media, talk to a few break away religious groups, create some crowd funding and whilst I write an e-book regarding the messages I received I will set my sights on making a million by next April.

    that’s how easy it is.


  9. I have just seen your new post Angie – I am not criticising people’s religious beliefs. (well, apart from HoP. ) My comments directed at D.I. were to hammer home the point that at some time either now or in the future, their own beliefs will be scrutinised and possibly criticised. An organisation that spends so much time on “cults” must have its own collective belief system, an ethos. One could say the conservative party or FF is a “cult”. All depends on how you look at it. In order to effectively debate, one must be able to argue both sides of the argument equally well. That’s what I try to do. I could easily argue for CG as well as I could argue against CG. Not because I agree with what she and HoP do, but because I try to leave sentiment out of the equation. I personally think she is the biggest con artist to come out of Ireland since time immemorial and could argue that point effectively. But, I could also argue her case quite effectively if I wanted to, minus the emotion, and rhetoric that was seen earlier on this thread. Know thine enemy as they say.


  10. Truly confused at the post by Decent Catholics. No more than a rant. At the risk of sounding sarcastic, are you aware that there are de-programming facilities available for your kind of brainwashing?

    Also, are Catholics who know that Gallagher is a fraud “in”decent? or was that just an unfortunate choice of name title? Methinks one protests a wee bit too much Decent.

    Angie, everybody has their own belief systems as you know. I don’t know that much about Dialogue Ireland but I am sure they have their beliefs too. So be it, nothing wrong with that. My point was that the admin/members of D.I will know they too will be scrutinised for their beliefs (should they intimate them) I presume they are up to that challenge. They couldn’t be any worse than HoP. Everyone has a motivation. HoP – is it greed, ego, insanity? I don’t know. But we all are compelled to do things for certain reasons. Isn’t it abundantly clear what the HoP is up to? How can people, in this age of information be so gullible, particularly Catholics?

    Yet, it’s well documented, the gullibility of some Catholics, and many reasons why ‘they’ seek “direction” outside the Church.

    If anything, I see HoP as holding up a very big mirror to the Catholic Church. The bums on seats in Catholic churches have been declining for some time. pews are cold, even on a Sunday. What is HoP providing to good Catholics that the Catholic Church itself is not? Where has the message of Catholicism gone wrong?

    Or has it? Is it simply that people today have a paucity of mind, or an inability or lack of desire to understand the beauty of Christianity? Christina seems to be offering certainty – (follow her and you will get into heaven) I can see this appealing to some who can’t be bothered studying and living their own faith. I have a few friends who do attend the HoP on an irregular basis. None of them own a bible! They do, however, now own various and sundry HoP paraphernalia. It’s sad really.

    What would the local Catholic Church in Achill have to do, to attract the HoP followers? What would they have to offer, say or do to bring HoP groupies to their doors and not HoP’s ? The whole CG thing is, in my view, more about Catholicism than it is about HoP.

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Do you understand this Bishop Neary and the rest?


  11. My response is to Eimear Rafferty’s comment about this blog being focused on criticising people’s religious beliefs.


  12. Angie we have no interest in peoples beliefs or their religious views. Our only interest is in undue influence.


  13. It is not my blog. Eamon said himself that he thinks everyone should go down on their knees to Gallagher. I merely point to the thinking process of Eamon. He thinks she is a cut above the rest of us and worthy of worship. Since he considers himself a catholic and part of the Roman Catholic Church I’m surprised he is ignorant of worshipping false Gods.

    As for the rest of your comments they are not worth replying to as you repeat them over and over again like a mantra. So much abuse greed and false messages in the House of Prayer; what makes you think that people who read this blog will take you seriously?


  14. “Making it ones mission to uncover and expose the belief systems of others will inevitably result in “others” questioning your own beliefs.”

    My understanding is that Dialogue Ireland expose abuse within belief systems and not particularly interested in religions.


  15. Another thread by Mike Garde trying to deceive and discredit the visionary, mystic and victim soul, CG. Anyone reading this should of course listen themselves to the interview with Eamon Darcy on Joe Duffy’s radio show ‘Liveline’ http://www.rte.ie/radio1/liveline/podcasts/ . Scroll down the page and you’ll find it on 20 Oct 2014.

    Mike Garde said “Eamon Darcy from Wicklow mentions he gets a bus from Carlow and they stop in Knock for Mass. This gives the game away. They are traveling 5 hours and when they get there there is no Eucharist.”
    The HoP was set up as Our Lady intended, as a place where people would come and pray. To pray is the God-given right of every baptised person. To suggest that people should only pray where the Eucharist is present is nonsense. Our Lord Himself said “where two or three are gathered in My name there am I in the midst of them” (Matt, 18:19-20)

    Mike Garde said “…Fr McGinnity was involved in fundraising?”
    The voiceofourladyspilgrims .org reveals that this allegation is 100% false with the written statements of 100’s of people who attended the meetings arranged by Majella Meade and who challenge the scandalous accusations pushed on the readers of this blog by Mike Garde. Miriam, quite clear for all to see, did not conduct a full and balanced investigation.

    Mike Garde said “does he know that the Archdiocese of Tuam does not recognise the H…?”
    dialogue ireland knows well that the HoP is a private house. Perhaps he does not know that Christians do not need to seek the recognition of anyone or to ask permission from anyone to pray.

    Mike Garde said “… goes to a diocese in which is not wanted…”
    FrMG, like any other Irish person, is free to travel the length and breadth of the country unhindered.

    Mike Garde said “… neglecting his duties..”
    Nonsense, the parishioners of FMCG have made statements of their support of him, making clear the respect they have for their parish priest. They do not support your persecution as you have wished your readers to believe.

    Mike Garde said “…elder abuse… at the heart of this issue”
    Really Mike Garde, at this stage if you have evidence of this you must go to the Guards. Of course we know that you have already done this and that the DPP after a full and lengthy investigation have dismissed your whole absurd accusation. To continue to push this is deception.

    Mike Garde said “…He did not see his visionary taking off for Italy last Saturday…”
    Many pilgrims accompanied CG on a pilgrimage to SanGiovani Rotondo and Assisi last week, a deeply spiritual journey for all who travelled. All the ladies had their hair done beautifully and none of them including CG were bejewelled.

    di said “Eamon she is selling the house….”
    She lives in the house, the people have put in place for her, a refuge from the stalking activities of Jim Gallagher witnessed by the people, stalking that is fully supported and endorsed by Mike Garde.

    Anne comments on the reality of ecstasy and reverts back to the archbishop’s “no evidence of anything supernatural…”
    All relevant papers relating to scientifically documented healings – “declared by consultants to be medically, scientifically and psychologically inexplicable and far exceeding the proof rountinely accepted by the Church” – were presented to Archbishop Neary. So he has yet to investigate much evidence of supernatural phenomena.

    “people’s queen of the …” said “extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence”
    The Lord has upheld the extraordinary claims of CG and the HoP by over 700 recorded extraordinary healings, conversions etc, five of them medically approved healings declared by consultants to be medically, scientifically and psychologically inexplicable and far exceeding the proof rountinely accepted by the Church. We await the proper ecclesiastical investigation.

    “people’s queen of the …” made further nasty, hate-filled comments
    Yours, is hardly an intelligent argument, merely sticks, stones and hate. You are no match to the mighty power of the Lord. You are known to the Guards and the people who witnessed your stalking of CG.

    Angie said ” Everything Eamon describes as evidence of miracles is nothing more than hypnotic influence….”
    Over 700 recorded healings and the five major healings professionally investigated and mentioned above is by no means ‘hypnotic influence’ and it will be the Church that will finally establish this – not your woeful despicable blog. The testimony of the person in question still stands, her public witness still stands, her medical documents still stand, and at the proper ecclesiastical investigation she will be invited, with all the others, to give witness to this or to deny her healing through CG and the HoP – in her God-given free will.

    Angie said “That says it all really.”
    The messages given by CG from Our Lady and Jesus describe her as a vessel, important only because of the message she brings from God to the world. The healings come from God, not her, something she herself has always stressed. We should all go down on our knees to God not to CG who would never, never endorse such a thing. Speaking of going down on our knees to God, Sinead makes some good comments about recognising our sins, asking for repentance and prayer. Our Lady’s messages through CG calls us indeed to do this, when She says “please come back to “Me and My Son”.

    Anne and Angie then said “bla bla bla”
    I disagree with Anne and Angies’ nonsense and applaud Sinead’s comments and see them as particularly relevant. The truth of the messages of this visionary, CG, are upheld by the over 700 healings and conversions that I have referred to above. Enough said!


  16. This is to the directors of Dialogue Ireland – it’s a quote from Kung Fu Panda. Oogway said…..

    “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.”

    What we battle “outwardly” is often what we are battling “inwardly”. Making it ones mission to uncover and expose the belief systems of others will inevitably result in “others” questioning your own beliefs. No one has a monopoly on what is true when it comes to beliefs, and one can spend a few lifetimes arguing the toss that they are or are not true.

    Life is very short so good luck with that.


  17. A simple and even cursory reading or re-reading of the Bible (do Christina’s worshippers even read the Bible?) will inform the reader of the dangers in our time, regarding the corruption of Christianity by those who wish to see Christians destroyed.

    1. Beware of liars, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. No need to quote the bible here, countless references available.

    2. Beware of Satan masquerading as an agent of God (and performing “miracles”) and using good Christians to do his dirty work. (Matthew 12:26) etc.

    3. In terms of Revelations, do any of HoP’s followers understand the utter irony of what is being claimed, heard, felt at HoP, in term of number 1 and 2 above?

    4. Achill Island needs revenue. I have never actually seen a concerted effort put up about HoP. The residents of Achill may be quite happy to have thousands of “pilgrims” spending money on the Island and for that reason, remain generally tolerant and apathetic, including the Diocese. The Archbishop, I am quite sure, has more pressing things to worry about than HoP. Whilst the HoP hangs on the Catholic Church’s coat tails, is it really a major threat, it does not attract 10 million people per year, it will inevitably fizzle out. My own belief is that if it contributes to the loss of even one soul, then it must be condemned, but that’s just me.

    While the Church could carry out a Father Ted type protest (“down with this sort of thing”) such an act would probably and only lend credence to the HoP and would draw even more attention to it. Best not to feed the monster.

    Followers of HoP would do well to remember that Christianity is about SO much more than the end of the world or physical miracles. I cannot imagine living my life in fear, worry, dread, the kind of
    messages I believe are being delivered by HoP.

    Remember Matthew 21:13. For those who follow Christina, and have copies of the Bible, they can read the passage themselves.

    We live in strange times (haven’t we always?) It is very sad to hear of good people (often vulnerable and in need) being led astray and/or offered false hope. For good Christians out there, say a prayer for Christina and for Fr McG that they open their hearts and minds to the true word of God. I cannot imagine being in their shoes. How sad for them, how sad for their followers.

    Fools jump in where angels fear to tread.

    Eimear Rafferty


  18. The argument Sinead uses is surely redundant. Why do they think that we should turn a blind eye to what is going on? It is the oldest trick in the book that cults use to cripple enquiry; look at your own sins, wrong doing and repent and never mind the cult/church’s wrongdoing. Sure we are only human, they say, and get down on your knees and pray. In this day and age diversion does not work as it used to. THEY would rather put you on a guilt trip than be honest about what they are doing! If they manage to lock you up in guilt and pain they don’t expect retaliation or enquiry.


  19. I think Eamon Darcy’s experience gives an honest account of the type of person that follows the House of Prayer, he is genuine in his belief of these alleged visions, he’s an ordinary guy. Proof of these visions is limited and ambiguous. The other problem is that 15 million euros in property can all be traced back to Christina, fact. Visions and money going hand in hand. The stuff that Sinead is recounting is redundant and irrelevant in the face of Christinas visions and money. Ive seen many of these messages reputed to be from ‘Our Lady’, why do all of these contain a sentance that Christina needs to be protected? a genuine message wouldnt contain this? Angie’s comments are spot on, why do the Church keep ducking the issue? I wonder if Archbishop Eamon Martin will be more proactive than his predecessor?


  20. No 1 rule of house of prayer followers: don’t mention Christina’s mansions.
    No 2 rule of house of prayer followers: don’t mention the Archbishop of Tuam.


  21. Eamon must not be wealthy or he would have been invited to a meeting for urgent funds


  22. And it’s a good job she decided not to go into ecstasy mid-fight, or she could have brought the plane down on the way over to Italy… Obviously, she didn’t.


  23. ‘Noone wishes to endorse or defend Christina Gallagher because’…
    there is no evidence to support what she says except ‘well lots of loopers go there .I reckon’
    I don’t know about you Sinead, but I’m still going revving up my JCB.


  24. ive been down to House of Prayer like every house of prayer there are people of all ages and nations which go there some are very nice and always around any movement there are over zealous people but ive been mind body and spirit seminars and well lots of loopers go there .I reckon its very peaceful place and recognise power of Holy Rosary for protection and healing and if the House of Prayer people continue to do what I saw there over about 6 visits in 2 years on different days i believe everyone should go and visit and see themselves lies websites like this are telling .Noone has ever been under any obligation to buy anything anytime ive been there and ive noticed over the years people who talk about money scandals there are people who find money scandals everywhere they go .Theres trouble makers everywhere who are jealous and i believe most people in Ireland nowadays choose to believe in nothing because THEY DONT WANT TO RECOGNISE THEIR OWN SINS .
    Ignornance is bliss would be common ground in Ireland today .Noone wishes to endorse or defend Christina Gallagher because if they did down the line they would have to look at their own lives and recognise sin .Sin doesnt change unfortunately and although God is ever infinite Loving and Merciful there still needs to be a step taken by all of us and that is to recognise each and everyone of our own sins and ask for repentance .As you can see in Holy Bible all men and women through mans and womans fallen nature are subject to sin .Denial of sin is biggest problem of today and essentially is reason why Roman Catholic Church is most persecuted and will continue to be persecuted because it speaks Truth .We all need to through our own free will which is greatest gift God has given to us all to be truthful about state of our souls and ask for forgiveness .When through free will we all come back to God and ask for forgiveness then true healing and protection comes to us all I hope you all find inifinite Love and Peace that God gives through Our Blessed Mother Mary .Learn to pray Holy Rosary and go back to confession it costs nothing only to be honest to yourself !


  25. “The Cardinal agreed to meet the Director of Dialogue Ireland in a monastery to thoroughly address these issues. Again he reneged on his word stating he was no longer Archbishop of Armagh and could as a result not fulfill his word to meet.”

    It is too easy to understand why people are confused about the role of the Catholic Church in society today. When they do not take responsibility they lose credibility. The onus is on clergy in high positions to answer questions put to them and to, at least, give reasons why they have difficulty with closing down the House of Prayer. At least it would go some way in clarifying their position, however, if they are covering up past deeds that would damage the church, an explanation to worried family members may never happen.


  26. It must be very frustrating and heart-breaking for family members. Everything Eamon describes as evidence of miracles is nothing more than hypnotic influence. The lady in question who was supposedly healed from cancer prefers not to have anything to do with Christine Gallagher or the House of Prayer. She knows it to be fraudulent so why is it Eamon does not know about her change of mind and heart towards the House of Prayer? It sounds to me the people who attend are hypnotically focused on ritualistic prayer and too easy to manipulate into believing whatever they are told. Otherwise, how can we explain their lack of comprehension when faced with evidence of fraud?

    He made a remark that people should go down on their knees to Gallagher. That says it all really.


  27. Considering that Eamon Darcy claims to be so close to the Catholic Church, it seems to be a strange oversight that he didn’t reference the public statements of the Archbishop of Tuam on the house of prayer. In these statements the Archbishop of Tuam states that Christina Gallagher refused to co – operate with diocesan efforts to integrate the house of prayer into the archdiocese. Archbishop Neary stated that all work that goes on there is entirely of a private nature and has no Church approval whatever.


  28. Sorry, but I’m now having terrible, I not sure what to call them exactly, visions/waking nightmares/trippings/premonitions of:
    A JCB revving it’s engine to the last, trying to get Prophet Christina off the ground. It fails, as I then see a hydraulic pipe exploding under the enormous pressure, the rams failing, and the whole loader dropping with force on Christina’s head.

    I don’t think it will actually happen, but I didn’t think Eamon’s interview will end well for her, either…


  29. What I would like to know if I was to meet her is, would I be able to lift Christina off the ground?
    Eamon reckons I wouldn’t, even if I used a JCB…
    I know It sounds a little undignified to try do such a thing, but according to Eamon, it’s the only way of knowing, if she’s for real…
    Now, even further evidence needs to be produced, the bigger the claim, the bigger the…
    In other words, extraordinary claims, require, extraordinary evidence.


  30. Eamon states that its easy to test if this ecstasy that Christina allegedly goes through is real because the person cant be moved. Presumably this was tested by the Archdiocese of Tuam? Following their inquiry, they concluded that Christina presented no evidence of anything supernatural and her work is entirely of a private nature and nothing to do with the Catholic Archdiocese of Tuam. He suggests that someone with proper authority to investigate this could stick a knife in Christina during one of these ecstasies to determine if she feels it or not!


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