Supermosque project chief stands behind his invitation to hate preacher by Catherine Fegan, Irish Mail on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why am I constantly
asked, as a Muslim,
do you support Isis?
But nobody asks a
non-Muslim guy if he
supports the American
war, the Israeli army’s
bombing in Palestine?


The importance of this article by Catherine Fegan is that it is nearly a word for word account of her meeting with Abdul Haseeb.

Please find the PDF’s below:

mosque1  mosque2 mosque3  mosque4   mosque5

ah office


supermosque 1

supermosque 2

supermosque 3

supermosque 4 supermosque 5supermosque 6supermosque 7supermosque 8supermosque Clongriffin

5 Responses

  1. Mujaahid:

    A very telling contradiction. You don’t support him yet his actions “will inadvertently” serve his and your beliefs in the cause of Islam. It would seem you are both on the same track.


  2. Support of Gannon – where did you get that from? His intentions are his own business, I honestly don’t expect a kafir to have any desire to advance the cause of Islam, but God-willing his actions will inadvertently do so.


  3. Good try Liam Egan, no one here is going to get suckered by your pathetic support of Gerry Gannon. This has nothing to do with Islam but greed. Walter Mitty has nothing on this guy Abdul. You support him from centre of Arabia. Should we call you Liam of Arabia?


  4. Ireland harbours those who justify terror, oppression and segregation such as the Jewish ambassador, yet the Muslim community is called upon to explain the invitation of a man who defends our right to fight oppression. Well done Abdul Haseeb, for once again exposing the machinations of those who hate Islam and Muslims.


  5. free society does not require division, segregation, hatred, or distrust to be in-bedded in the community.
    The constitution does not permit state funding (teachers salaries) for religious admission policies


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