Imam Abdul Haseeb profit of Islam or agent of Gannonistan?

Just as we do not take any interest in the beliefs of any religion, so we stress our own interest here is not about the Religion of Islam but in Islamism, the process which leads to the transformation of meaning, the loss of autonomy and the radicalization of a person or group using the form of Religion for political purposes.

Jerry Gannon

Dialogue Ireland has been reporting about Islamist groups, that is groups using undue influence in promoting their beliefs. This can be in the form of extreme radicalisation leading to the support of ISIl, or it can be similar to that found in our own country which is more gradual. This is exemplified in the way the Irish Republican Brotherhood managed to infiltrate and take over our own process towards independence. A clear example of this is Michael Collins who joined this organisation in London. More recently this strategy found Ireland at the centre of gradualist infiltration with the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in Clonskeagh. It was the HQ for the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. Originally it was funded by the Maktoum’s from Dubai. They had funded the building of the mosque and school, but it was similar to the way people used to have to pay insurance to paramilitaries here in Ireland to keep them happy. In the gulf it was to keep the radicals off the emerging states. However, when Morsi came to power in Egypt the Maktoum’s were dumped and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with their fellow travelers in Gaza, Hamas were on a the pig’s back, to use a very unIslamic term. They were hopeful of great support for the European project. However, the takeover by Sisi coincided with trials in the Gulf where the MB were ousted except in Qatar. Obviously suddenly Clonskeagh had lost its patron and you could see how quickly Sheik Hallawa’s children found themselves on the wrong side of history as far as Egypt was concerned. This link gives us a good sense of the issues involved:

So how are we to see the role of Abdul Haseeb?

In a recent interview with Ger Ledden of Near FM Coolock which indicates the lack of critical awareness of who Ger Ledden is dealing with he asks about when the mosque will be built?

Ledden does not seem to be aware of the kind of programmes Abdul Haseeb himself was involved with at the same station.
You would think butter would not melt in his mouth.
In the interview he is asked when the mosque will get started and at 1:37 suggests at the end of 2014 or early in 2015.
Cloud cuckoo land, la la in Nama, Walter Mitty all come to mind. Here we have a guy playing with his Irish audience and trying to put himself at the centre of history. The reality is that nothing is happening here and it all based on this mosque with enough people to fill a couple of phone boxes.
New Mosque
This is a fantasist seeking attention, either funded by someone or in a delusional state.
Mosque notice
See this link to get a sense of his background.

This what the site looked like in 2012:
So the public can get a sense of the location in the present we are publishing an album of photos taken last month and we are grateful to Micks Metaphors for permission to publish them here.
Gannonstan 1
Gannonstan 2
Gannonstan 3

Gannonstan 4
Gannonstan 5

Gannonstan 6

Gannonstan 7

Gannonstan 8

Gannonstan 9
Gannonstan 10
Gannonstan 11

Gannonstan 12
Gannonstan 13
Gannonstan 14
Gannonstan 15
Gannonstan 16
Gannonstan 17
Gannonstan 18
Gannonstan 19

Gannonstan 20
Gannonstan 21
Gannonstan 22
Gannonstan 23
Gannonstan 24
Gannonstan 25
Gannonstan 26
Gannonstan 27
Gannonstan 28
Gannonstan 29
Gannonstan 30
Gannonstan 31

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