Mark Finley on cultism in Dublin, a Seventh Day Adventist Church, (SDA) perspective


Mark Finley has been part of an Evangelistic Mission to Dublin and as part of this he gave a talk on cults.


Unfortunately due to technical problems we can’t produce a video from last Tuesday September 23. However, we have his notes for people to study. DI is hoping to cooperate with Seven Day Adventist Church, ( SDA) in regard to cultism.

The Fatal Attraction of cults0001

The Fatal Attraction of cults0002

The Fatal Attraction of cults0003The Fatal Attraction of cults0004As we do not have his actual presentation we have found one he presented in Melbourne in 2011:

Mike Garde was able to have a brief meeting with Mark Finley to discuss this cooperation. He was joined in his presentations by his wife Ernestine, “Teenie,”  who gave challenging talks on health food and dietary concerns.

We have no

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  1. Here was some feedback from my visit to the meetings:

    On Sabbath afternoon, between services, Mark and Ernestine Finley hosted a luncheon at the Ranelagh church hall for one hundred of these new contacts and campaign staff. Among these visitors was Mike Garde, Christian activist and blogger at He took an interest in the advertised meetings because of his interest in cults and cultism in Ireland. Mike attended several of Mark Finley’s presentations. The presentation on what happens after death, elicited quite a response from Mike. It has set him off on his own journey of exploration and earlier this week, Mike wrote in a message, “I am in a monastery in Co Kildare and I led a bible study on the issue we discussed last week. Death, soul sleep et al.” For Mike the questions have not yet been settled, but he appreciated the conversations at the luncheon and the stimulation of Mark Finley’s meetings. “You need to be commended,” he said, “for actually trying to make an impact on the City of Dublin.” – See more at:


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