Tony Quinn plays voodoo with his product prices in Jersey and Revenue thinks he is kosher in Dublin?


We need to clarify that most people who are reporting on the health store accounts are missing what is happening here. We need to understand from former insiders is not to look at the profit and loss accounts, but rather what is happening in Jersey with the pricing before anything happens in the stores in Ireland! Follow the pricing trail…. I did make this point to business journalists last year.
Irish Times 11/9/2014
Irish Times11914

Phoenix September 12
TQ Health

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  1. Advice I got in Eccles Street is fabricate a story of extra earnings and add to income on the application form for a loan and make up a story about what it was for. Also told they could set me up with person working in bank to pass the loan.

    Banks would have the percentage who received loans for seminars if borrowers had been honest about what the money was intended for. Advice from Eccles Street was definitely not to tell them.


  2. The revenue need to contact followers of Quinn who worked for him when they set up the companies, Collette Millea in particular.


  3. When you control the price of products you can cook the books .
    What else could you expect from a snake oil salesman like Tony
    Revenue should investigate such fraud


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