RTE’s reluctance to condemn Seán Brady is a Cardinal sin by Justine McCarthy, Sunday Times September 28, 2014

Dialogue Ireland is making Catholics and the general public aware that the issue of Elder abuse and negligence by the Catholic Church has not yet come to the surface either in the media response to the retirement of Cardinal Brady nor in the great damage done to thousands of families throughout Ireland by the House of Prayer. It is clear that many now get the issue of child protection and the failures of 40 years ago. However, in the present the issues of Elder abuse are waiting to be addressed.


cb1The question now does Cardinal Brady now a simple parish priest deal with the House of Prayer issue or does his successor Archbishop Martin do so?

emOr do they both have to address it?


Justine McCarthyedit1JM1

6 Responses

  1. exactly


  2. Believe what exactly?


  3. Why do you believe that Michael Garde?


  4. ‘everyone knows at this stage…’
    Evidence my dear Watson, evidence. It’s elementary…


  5. everyone knows at this stage RTE is anti-Catholic and so is Mike Garde what load shite this article is who is victim here RTE? Archbishop Neary and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in Dublin are both responsible for House of Prayer in Achill nothing to do with Archbishop Brady and new Cardinal of Ireland does Mike Garde think we are all so stupid to try and swallow this rubbish .Its now time Mike Garde and his cohorts are investigated fully by an independent body the noose is tightening on Mike Garde’s head and its only matter of time before Mike Garde will be shown for what he truly is a complete fraudster too who has made lot of money preying on vulnerble people also .Dialogue Ireland may as well be just another cult !!!


  6. To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.
    All those clergy who knew and denied so much are very great sinners


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