House of Prayer Scandal: Mick Power tells us about his relationship with Betty and Michael Morrissey and their experience of Elder abuse

Paula and Mick

Originally Submitted on 2014/09/10 at 10:54 pm

At the request of Dialogue Ireland I will write about of my relationship with this wonderful couple Betty and Michael Morrissey. I first met them in 2007 and as they lived close to Dungarvan, Co Waterford where I live. We were able to meet up and discuss our mutual interest that being CG and the HOP. What they proceeded to tell me caused the hair on my head to stand up with shock at the way these people had been treated. Michael who was in his mid eighties at the time and is now sadly deceased RIP, and Betty who was in her mid seventies and is very unwell at present. They told a story of gross deceipt. Betty who is a feisty woman with deep Catholic faith first of all spoke of how they used to drive to Achill every few weeks and she spoke of how privileged they felt being in the presence of this visionary and who claimed to speak to The Holy Mother of God.

Over the years they donated large sums of money to the HOP believing that they were contributing to work of Our Lady represented by the messages given to CG. They regarded Fr McGinnity as a saint and beyond reproach They then described to me how they were summoned to a meeting in a nursing home in the midlands hosted by Fr McGinnity and CGs chief fundraiser Majella Meade who I am told has now seen the light and has extricated herself from any dealings with the HOP.

(DI can confirm that Majella Meade has indeed left the house of Prayer. She is a primary witness of events in the HofP. She was deeply involved with fundraising, actually resided with Christina and was a witness to the involvement of Fr McGinnity in fundraising. She personally reported all this to Cardinal Brady who promised her he would act on her evidence. She has been severely ill and does not want to have any enquiries currently to maintain her fragile health. Any attempts to attack her on our site will be greeted by instant deletion. She has now come to an awareness that she was radicalised and brought under undue influence) influence.)

They then proceeded to tell me they were told by Fr McGinnity that Our Lady had requested through CG a project that would save millions of souls. Betty described what happened next, Majella Meade stood over her and demanded that they write a cheque for forty thousand Euro to be made payable to Fr McGinnity. The collection made over a million but Fr. McGinnity was not satisfied and ordered a further a new round of fundraising. At this stage Betty and Michael were ordered to write a cheque for fifty thousand to be made payable to a John Rooney who they had never heard of before. The final tally that night came to €1.8 million. Betty and Michael had now contributed over €150,000 which was their life savings. They felt as they were contemplating their mortality and that this money was being used to give glory to God and was in the safe hands of Fr McGinnity. So now you can imagine their shock when they learnt of CGs wealth and her massive mansion in Dublin and other properties scattered around the countryside. I can still see the tears in her eyes as she tried to put into words the terrible betrayal she felt at the hands of CG and Fr McGinnity. What happened next is on the public record. She consulted her solicitors and a writ was delivered to CG and Fr McGinnity at one of their big days at the HOP and ended up in the High Court, where a settlement was reached which included the amount owed and their legal costs and full return of their one hundred and fifty thousand. Also on that day another pilgrim whose name is Paddy was awarded a hundred thousand which he had pledged to the HOP. CG and FrMcGinnity were very anxious to make a settlement as quickly as possible as they knew they would not have a leg to stand on if this went to an open court. The last piece of this saga is when Betty and Michael joined a group of disaffected followers of the HOP and went to meet Cardinal Brady and discuss their issues regarding their ill treatment and betrayal and in particular FrMcGinnity who they thought was above reproach. Betty told me that she told the Cardinal everything…down to the meeting in the nursing home…the vile predictions perpetrated by CG….and how she and Michael finally saw the light. She never heard from the Cardinal again and is convinced that Cardinal Brady and Fr McGinnity are in cohoots. This is a sad and sorry story. When I recently saw Cardinal Brady making pathetic excuses for his role in the Brendan Smyth affair and silencing those children victims of child abuse I think of the testimony I heard from the Morrissey’s and the heartbreaking experience they endured I believe that they were the victims of Elder Abuse and were given little or no hearing by the powers that be right up to the top of the Catholic Church namely the Primate of All Ireland Cardinal Brady. Betty subsequently appeared on Prime Time on RTE and told her heart breaking story which was so moving that even the inveterate broadcaster Miriam O Callaghan was reduced to tears.

And so I will conclude….When I think of this wonderful couple I see that they could be my mother or father living out their twilight years and wanting to do some good and give some glory to God….And then to experience their betrayal shock and sadness ….I can only say to CG and Fr McGinnity may God forgive you for your maltreatment of this wonderful couple….God Bless Mick

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  1. why ask god to forgive them. You’re not Jesus, they are not at all repentant, they did nothing against you. No. Forgive? NO! t’ell wi’em.


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