Mick Power bursts the bubble of the HofP Balloon

Paula and MickMick and his wife Paula were deeply involved with the House of Prayer. Now after Paula’s serious brush with cancer they are trying help those affected.

Mick from comm2post Fake Visionary’s Gallagher’s plush Malahide Mansion is up for sale

Submitted on 2014/09/09 at 11:08 pm

In reply to recent comments about my associated connection with the HOP…I would like to firstly state that my name is Mick Power and not Michael McCrory as is implied in recent comments posted on the web…


I have never spoken to any journalists and have only recently spoken out on this website to share my own personal experience and as an eye witness to the happenings in the HOP I have spoken already how I and my wife first went to Achill after the tragic death of our only son Tommy aged just five years of age from meningitis. We were very vulnerable and somebody suggested that we visit the HOP. This was 1998 and all we were seeking was comfort and prayers to help us heal from this terrible loss. At first we were impressed and went there on a regular basis but as time passed on I was beginning to suspect that there was something not quite right. The so called messages from Heaven were becoming more and more threatening and instilled fear in people with warnings of impending doom and she even stated at one stage that the only way to be saved was to receive the seal of the living god which could only be gained at the HOP in Achill. Naturally this was a huge money spinner and people started coming from all over the world and the island of Achill never had it so good. Another disturbing factor was the sale of a picture of Our Lady for €250 which Fr McGinnity told us would be a protection during the great chastisement. As there were postcard versions of this picture I was told in no uncertain terms that only the €250 picture will be acceptable to Our Lady during the great tribulation. Also the money making scams for example the sale of old carpets from the HOP and the sale of tacky beads grossly overpriced. Indeed I can remember being within earshot one day when CGs daughter was complaining that a new set of green beads were not selling well in the shop and Christina told her that she would use the beads when she was praying with pilgrims and once they saw her with these beads praying the rosary to have no worries…and sure enough the shop was sold out that day….I suppose the final straw for me was the infamous message back in 2005 when Our Lord said if people did not cough up the money to pay for a HofP in Texas that he would destroy this whole state, and what do you know? the money was paid up and Texas was saved.


How could people with any level of intelligence believe that this was coming from Our Lord and saviour constantly threatening and berating those who did not support Christina. This was the end for me and my wife. When the news broke in 2007 with the exposure of CGs property portfolio I was not shocked just greatly disturbed at the terrible damage done to so many people who revered her as a saint with no interest in material goods and as she so often said would gladly live in a tent…I wish now to refer to various people I met along the way.

Firstly I will address the story of Kathleen O’ Sullivan who was terminally ill and believed that she was cured through the intercession of CG. I spoke to her some years ago and she conveyed to me her shock at discovering the enormous wealth of Christina Gallagher.
She now attributes her recovery to her own deep faith. She told me how Christina phoned her and pleaded with her in tears to return to the HOP and give public witness to her cure. Kathleen who is a very straight talking person asked her straight out where did she accumulate all her wealth. It is worth pointing out at this stage that the HofP blamed what they called the SW as a cheap tabloid and the work of the devil and should be ignored by any God fearing person…Jim Gallagher who finally exposed the HOP for what it is ……He is now the agent of the devil…..Other newspapers at the time ie. Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Sunday Independent…Sunday Tribune…They all investigated and reported on this saga and exposed what I think is fair to say the exploitation of the vulnerable and indeed the most devout and beautiful people of our society …that is our elderly folk who live and practice their faith so well with beauty and simplicity. Again it must be said that it was not the SW alone who exposed this story…There have been numerous TV programmes, ie. Prime Time, TV3 etc. Kathleen who was once the most devoted follower of the HOP wishes no more contact with the place and has now got her life back together again and TG hasn’t lost her faith.

One other person I will speak about is a lady who I first got to know in my early visits to Achill. She was and is a beautiful person deeply prayerful who spent over ten years leading the rosary and prayers in the HOP chapel. She like many others was entranced by Christina and believed her to be the genuine article. She was thrown out by CG overnight for not having revealed to a recent inheritance. This was Christina’s policy that all members of the HOP had to tell her of their financial circumstances. When I spoke to her she was very distressed at the way she was treated as she is a single woman with no family. She then began to speak of her own doubts in relation to Christina. She spoke of a time when even Fr McGinnity had some doubts about Christina …She then proceeded to tell me about the famous stigmata and which she herself had witnessed. It was a Good Friday and Christina was in her bedroom at the HOP and called for Fr.McGinnity who came up from the chapel. Her two feet were bleeding and Fr McGinnity broke down pleading forgiveness for ever doubting her…..However as she revealed to me she found evidence of various instruments which were used to cause bleeding and to resemble the stigmata.
She has shared all of this with Cardinal Brady and Archbishop Neary as she was asked by them to meet in total privacy some years ago and she told them everything in lieu of her experience with CG Fr McGinnity and the HOP.

Another person who I met along the way was a lady called Peggy and once was Christina’s best friend. She is from Belfast and was a great devotee of Fr.McGinnity long before she ever met CG.  When I got to meet her I got the impression of somebody fearful and greatly disillusioned and even questioning her deep held faith. To cut a long story short she became a great devotee of CG and believed her to be a true visionary and servant of God. She then described to me how she was invited to her home in Newport and could not believe all the luxury between jacuzzis, walk in wardrobes marble floors etc. She also told that she was present when a delivery van from Harrods in London delivered a huge four poster bed. She also recalled seeing Christina in her living room counting up all cash donations and getting such pleasure from it. However the final straw for Peggy was when Christina asked her to go on holiday with her to the UK. Peggy was quite a bit older than CG and when she insisted on going to a night club Peggy resisted but eventually gave in. According to Peggy Christina dressed herself in a very sexy leotard and became very flirtatious with any good looking male around. It is then that she spoke of Chawkie who Christina picked up with during this holiday. She said he looked like an ancient Hippie with no religious beliefs but CG was fascinated by him and entertained him in her bedroom much to Peggy’ s horror and disgust. When she eventually told Fr McGinnity he treated her account of what happened in a very distant manner and said we must all pray for Christina. That needless to say was the end of the road for Peggy and indeed for so many others. It hasn’t been easy to write all of this down but if it helps others to see the light then it will be worth it.

God Bless Mick

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  1. This suggests a rather cursory reading of our blog. Go to our mission Statement and you will see our section on cultism. In fact we do not have any interest in beliefs.


  2. Cult seems to be defined as any group this blogger does not like.


  3. Was that really the best representative they could find? Do they have any idea just how bad they come across? I cringed. Their self preservation comes first. The signs are not good, you will be lucky to get any satisfaction when you meet Cardinal Brady. There needs to be a completely unambiguous statement from him re Gallagher/McG. If he can’t, does that then imply they actually take them in any way seriously? Surely, like everyone else, they do read the papers?
    Also interesting to note, they actually admit to making abused people go through the courts to deter others, just like Christina the Profiteer does too.


  4. This discusses the failure of Cardinal Brady to address child abuse issues. Note no one has gone onto see the issue of elder abuse?


  5. This reads just like a section from Jim Gallagher’s book, THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION, from what I remember. I must go back and start reading it again. If I can find the time. Harrowing stuff.


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