House of Prayer: Mick the former insider calls it a scam

Mick’s comment on the post, Fake Visionary’s Gallagher’s plush Malahide Mansion is up for sale is being made into a post due to its important content.
Submitted on 2014/08/20 at 2:35 am
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Well once again we are made aware of more cover up which is endemic within the Catholic Hierarchy. I recently watched Cardinal Brady’s defence of his handling of the Brendan Smyth affair on RTE. It was so pathetic and nauseating and showed so little compassion for the victims of this terrible abuse and always passing the buck to his so called superiors who were also trying to brush everything under the carpet. I would go so far as to state that the new Saint Pope John 11 was well aware of what was going on and tried to suppress this scandal in order to protect mother Church. Indeed his endorsement of the Legionnaires of Christ and their founder who was later found to be a sexual predator says it all. Note in the latest news article by Jim Gallagher in the Sunday World newspaper that CG has a new right hand man, a Mr Jim Lyn who is supposed to be the owner of her former mansion in Dublin. This is very interesting as I recall very well that this guy used to plant himself at entrance to the HOP and was always seeking donations at the request of CG and of course Our Lady. I also recall this guy called John Rooney. I had not a clue who he was until one day back around 2005 there was a big commotion when this guy arrived from the US and was given great adulation and special pew in the chapel. When I asked who he was I was told that he was chosen by Our Lady to help CG and Mc Ginnity to expand her HOPs throughout the US and I was even told that he was a living saint even though I thought he was a little corpulent to merit that title. We all know now that he is the guy who used to front her wealth in Malahide and when so many vulnerable people made out cheques in his name and were never given any information except from McGinnity who persuaded so many people that this was the desire of Jesus and The Blessed Virgin. I remember when McGinnity went on the Joe Duffy show and lied through his teeth that CG needed a place of refuge and due to ill health stayed with friends in this palatial property. When I look at all I have just given witness to I can only sit back in despair and just wonder where is the Catholic Church in this whole scenario? Rooney obviously got out when he finally saw the light and as he is a convicted felon in the US he quickly jumped ship and we need not expect to hear from him again.

Immaculate deception

So I now go back to Jim Lynn her latest front man. My memory of him is not very clear except that I remember he came from Greystones in Co Wicklow and he was and still is obviously a fanatic in the same genre as Pat Coleman and co. The other extraordinary fact which I just learned recently was the departure of Majella Meade from the HOP. She was director of operations at the HOP for many years and one of CGs chief fundraisers. I am told that she finally saw the light and will have nothing to do with the HOP ever again.
In conclusion, I believe that Sean Brady and Bishop Neary are afraid of McGinnity and what further scandals he has to tell if provoked. This of course is blackmail and there has been no serious restrictions placed on this man who has lied through his teeth in defence of this charlatan Christina Gallagher. There is much publicity today about child sex abuse but little given to elder abuse. They are one of the weakest members of our society. I can only hope and pray that the new Primate of all Ireland will sit up and listen and study the absolute nonsense perpetrated by CG and Fr McGinnity.
How could he possibly sit by and say that it is ok to speak as though from the mouth of God these crazy apocalyptic messages which predict …..The Mark Of The Beast….One World Government….The world taken over by Satan….The Second coming etc….I rest my case…God Bless..Mick

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  1. Mick’s well crafted word document deserves special credit and deserves to be read a number of times for both in depth understanding and comprehension.

    On a different matter, It is interesting to note that in the contact details tab of CG’s website that it cites the decrees of Pope Urban V111 stating that the publishers of these writings and revelations submit to the future judgement of The Holy See. This five line paragraph deserves to be read in its entirety because what is exposed by contrast for nearly quarter of a century in the Achill HoP is a complete lack of obedience and subjection to Holy Mother Church. Indeed, the words ‘obedience to the church’ would be considered anathema to CG. She has simply gone off and done her own thing and I would strongly contend that for many they have sustained personal damage to their faith and morals.


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    all pro life groups in Knock co. Mayo and also all charity trusts in Knock need to be investigated by fraud squad whats ………………….Have a good weekend DI!


  3. A series of abusive off topic comments by our resident HofP Troll either deleted or placed in commenting section

    the noose is closing in on the neck of freemasons ……..


  4. HofP Proxy your comments are getting a bit desperate. The end is indeed getting near. Enough is enough


  5. Mick, your post shows only your mastery of distortion and deceit. The people have made clear their desire to provide a place of refuge for CG, which is their right, and they have stated the depths stalker Jim gallagher has plunged to destroy their efforts to provide such a refuge. They have naturally wished this refuge to remain private from the beginning – the very nature of a refuge. The SW has published the stalking activities of Jim Gallagher at CG’s home. These and other stalking behaviours have been witnessed by the people themselves.


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