By Nicolla Tallant, Sunday World, 22 June 15, 2014

PDF’s Courtesy of the Sunday World
Quinn 1
Quinn 2

Look who’s back Quinn town

MUCKY Messiah Tony Quinn looks like the ultimate Monte Carlo sugar daddy as he goes for a stroll with his young lover near Portmarnock in North Dublin.

The mullet-haired 70- year-old, who many followers believe is ‘Jesus Christ’, took to the strands with blonde bombshell Amelie Hattingh for an early morning hike – but he failed to walk on water.

Quinn renamed the glamorous South African ‘Eve’ after she met him at one of his pricey seminars in the sun. The 28-year-old quit her ambitions to become a professional boxer and moved into Quinn’s cult-like inner circle.


She travels the world with the self-styled mind guru, who is back in Ireland to encourage supporters to attend his €50,000 seminars claiming his has ‘The Answer’ to the secret of success.
Up to 400 devotees attended a meeting with Quinn last Sunday at Clontarf Castle, where he led ‘Eve’ on to the stage as a walking example of his ‘Educo’ lifestyle. The playboy prince, who is based in the Bahamas, hasn’t been back in Ireland for years since a bust-up within his cult over an oil company. Now Quinn wants to drum up more business in Ireland as the economic crisis has somewhat abated. The Sunday World first photographed the odd couple in Monaco in 2009 during a major
investigation into the guru and his cult group Educo. Quinn, originally from Arbour Hill in Dublin, has amassed a staggering fortune through his cult, while many former followers complain that they lost their homes,
savings and livelihoods through their devotion to him.



For years many Quinn devotees have believed  that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, claiming he was in Nazareth and could walk on water.



Amelie was only 19 when he set his sights on her ample charms and quickly the pair became an item. Amelie moved to the Bahamas, where she lives with him on Paradise Island and caters to his every need. In outlandish claims, Quinn has said that those who study his “mind and body science” will increase their earning powers by 263 per cent and business
turnover by 360 per cent. Quinn is in Ireland with his sidekick – oil millionaire Susan Morrice – who tried to use the High Court to force the Sunday World to reveal details about our sources of information for articles about Morrice and Quinn.

The case, won by the Sunday World in a huge victory for free speech, resulted in a historic ruling which saw the rights of a journalist to protect their sources being recognised by the Irish constitution for the first time.
In his ruling, Mr Justice Gerard Hogan said: “If, as she [our reporter Nicola Tallant] maintains, Mr Quinn is effectively the leader of a religious cult… the media are clearly entitled to educate the public on cults.
Read the full judgement here:

18 Responses

  1. Disappointed Educoist, none of us understood the Educo philosophy. A ‘side-affect’ to his experimentation Quinn said is how it can either lead to genius or madness. I witnessed his controlling experiments on people and saw no sign of genius emerging. The attraction is the feeling of ‘wellness’ and how important they are made to feel in the overall scheme of what is required from them. There is also the powerful feeling they get when they believe they have acquired control over theirs and others lives! Human potential is said to be limitless and the Educo workers have no controls on how far they push someone mentally to acquire what they want from them when focused on selfish self-seeking outcomes that puts the clients at risk of dissociation from reality and/or nervous breakdown. When students/clients are under influence they are loathe to believe there is an evil side to Educo that is potentially very damaging.


  2. Are people given receipts when they attend seminars?


  3. 1. No taxes were paid on money paying for requests that dropped through the letterbox every day for years
    2. Attenders at relaxation classes in Eccles Street were never given receipts of payment
    3. Therapists like Margaret Forde never gave receipts for sessions of psychotherapy at her home address
    4. Her then husband Martin Forde operated as an osteopath and never gave a receipts for treatment


  4. It’s probably true to say there are a some hard-core who knew exactly what he was “attempting” to do. The ‘energy’ is used as a front that explains nothing. Quinn’s ‘process’, it seems, is the plan he makes and his scheming to bring as many people on board as possible.


  5. Hi Angie

    At the time I didn’t take their comments as meaning that Tony was planning to take over INE but more along the lines that I didn’t understand how energy and thought processes work according to the Educo philosophy.


  6. “I didn’t understand what Tony was attempting to do according to the hardcore devotees.”

    Who are the “hardcore devotees”? Are they saying they knew that he was scheming to take over INE?

    You did not have to take their products to advertise them.


  7. GMan

    I was also at those meetings. I am glad to find someone else felt the same way as I did. I just couldn’t believe it when he changed tack after telling everyone to stay away from the oil. At the time I spoke about that to a few people and was basically told to shut up. I didn’t understand what Tony was attempting to do according to the hardcore devotees.

    Like you I bought supplements from Holland & Barratt and was told they were of inferior quality. I always thought that TQ supplements were over priced and of no better quality than other companies. I suspect a lot more people quietly bought supplements from different suppliers but just didn’t say.


  8. Mindlessly “cheering and praising Tony” with absolutely no idea of what was ahead of them. I copied and pasted part of the “Unofficial Transcripts of the case before Justice Edward Bannister” as I think the following is proof that educoists were used to fund the search for oil and plans made, by Quinn and Morrice, to deny B shareholders voting rights and dividends.

    “An important tit bit was from the amended operating agreement, in which Susan, Tony & Co. eliminated all Class B voting rights. Thankfully that document was demonstrated to have been changed after signing by the then directors, and signatures forged, so it has been declared invalid.

    Another document demonstrated to have been forged was a letter from the Directors confirming Tony’s position as an ‘originating member’ and director.

    The Forensic Accounts run to about 180 pages, and analyse the cash flow patterns in detail. This is probably the document which is of particular concern to us as investors.

    INE employed various auditors simultaneously. They came up with greatly differing profit figures. The question put to Susan was that this might indicate the keeping of more than one set of books…
    In a three month period alone in 2008/9 INE paid some $1.4 Million to security and hacking companies!

    We are told that the court case in Tortola has cost some $10 Million. The Board had indemnified themselves against paying any of this themselves, presumably we the owners (B shareholders) are expected to pay.
    Some 90 ‘Profit Centre’ companies were identified by the forensic accountants. These were owned by the directors and others close to them, and large amounts of money were paid to them for ‘consultancy services’ etc. until it abruptly terminated as Paul’s case was about to be heard. Interesting!

    Oil production has fallen to about 2,500 Barrels per day, about half of peak, and will continue to wane. We have about half of our reserves remaining. We are, due to over hasty extraction, now pumping some 32% water, which has to be removed by centrifuges.
    The forensic accountants have apparently identified, from the partial accounts they have seen, a shortfall of many millions.

    Note to readers: Q: for question. TQ: Tony Quinn and SM: Susan Morrice

    Q: When were 15,000 class A shares transferred to you?

    TQ: I don’t remember. We wanted to give members a dividend but $6m was still owed to the bank.

    (Really Tony? This is what was happening to the money)

    B.8 pg 2522/2523 analysis of cash flow. 2005 to 2011.
    2011 $17,188,000.00 in unrestricted cash.
    2010 $30,994,000. in unrestricted cash.
    2009 $11,899,000. in unrestricted cash.

    Pg 1216 Tony Quinn signature, had option to sell his shares for $285.00 per share, Giving him $23.4m.”

    Q: You were living the high life, private jets, yachts, while members got nothing.

    TQ: Nonsense.

    Q: Tony Quinn said to focus on the asset not the members, members to be kept in the dark.

    SM: Definitely not.

    Q: Tony Quinn talked about setting up a bank?

    SM: Yes for a better interest rate.

    What about setting up profit centres?

    SM: Absolutely not.

    (Evidence she is lying)
    B. 3 pg 1399 Susan Morrice witness statement
    Para 46. Categorically deny that money went from INE/BNE to other companies.
    B. 8 pg 2427 White Knight Enterprises – owned by your cousin Josh Stewart.
    Aug 08 Josh became director of INE.

    2009 $220,000.00 Consultancy
    $ 13,377.00 Travel
    $233,377.00 TOTAL
    2010 $ 85,000 .00 Consultancy
    $ 49,636.00 Travel
    $ 2,809.00 Refund
    TOTAL $365,204.00 09 & 10.

    B.8 pg 2428 Sch 2B

    Transaction details for White Knight.

    Did you authorise payments to White Knight?

    SM: Yes.

    Invoice paid 3 days after invoice rendered, no details.
    No. 10 Aug 1, invoice sent. Paid July 31.
    Pg 2429 Contract between White Knight and INE.
    Signed 29 feb 2009, by Josh Stewart and Mary Ann Malone.
    No specific services provided, $125.00 an hour spent on INE projects, to be billed monthly.

    B.3 pg 1409 para 80.
    White Knight paid as an advance of director fees, director fees were refunded 2010.
    B.8 pg 2428 no details for services provided on invoice.
    $10,000.00 Jan 09 – oct 09 monthly
    $20,000.00 nov 09 – mar 10
    $25,000.00 apr 10. ( $125.00 an hour ???)

    SM: Josh had high level meetings in Dubai.

    Q: There was no true business purpose for these payments. Is this true ?

    SM: False. A downright lie. Investors had to step aside because of the negative publicity.

    Q:This was just a scheme between you and Josh Stewart.

    SM: Totally incorrect. A total lie.

    Maranco sued in 2010 saying INE directors stealing from members, the last payment to White Knight was April 2010.

    Q: In your witness statement you say directors fees were paid to White Knight. Are you on any other boards, do any pay you director fees?

    SM: No. CHx paid back $700,000.00 to INE.

    You arranged for CHx to pay this back?

    SM: Yes.

    Q: One of CHx companies is an owner of XJet. $300,000.00 is a significant amount of money.

    SM: It was to make an investment available to the company and Belize.

    B. 8 pg 2491 Payments to Susan Morrice & Assoc.

    SM: ( Its actually S.Morrice & Assoc.)

    $603,031.00 for 08 – 11 Travel
    $ 7,000.00 Vancouver to Dublin
    $ 11,000.00 London 2008
    $ 35,000.00 Stay Paradise Island, Bahamas.

    Q: Did you submit these expenses after you got control of the board?
    (Pg 2497 Note 4. Jan 2010 $36,768.00 Paradise Island.) You received 2 promissory notes for $100,000.00 each.

    SM: I paid them back very quickly, 1-2 months.

    (Pg. 2424 Round Table Management Inc.)

    SM: I had a small ownership in this for about 6 months, it no longer exists. I owned it with Mary Ann Malone, it paid Mary Ann, Steve de Salvo and assistants, then it shut down.

    $263,803.00 INE paid to Round Table in 2010. (pg 2425 items 1 – 7)

    Contract terms:Signed by Josh Stewart for INE, Mary Ann Malone for Round Table, dec 16 2009. Admin, management and accounting services.

    INE to pay Round Table $1000.00 monthly. 1st payment $35,000.00. Next payment $55,000.00 for next 2 months, then $10,000.00, then $50,000.00.

    ( re changing from WTI to Louisiana Light, which Shell buys at.)
    Pg 2438 $90,000.00 paid to Tom Perkins 2009 – 2010.
    Pg 2439 Terms of contract , INE with Tom Perkins.
    Oct 15 2009, signed by Josh Stewart.
    $40,000.00 payable in 4 equal instalments oct – dec 09.
    Instead he was paid $90,000.00
    Item 1, first invoice , $10,000.00 no detail .
    Second payment White Knight (Dubai)

    SM: Must be a mistake.


  9. When I did my seminar back in early 2000’s they were all talking about investing in the Oil in Belize. I shared a room with a guy who lived there and was investing in it. Another person on the group was organizing investors to put money in, I nearly did myself. Then when we came back from the seminar I remember Tony standing up on the stage and announcing that the Oil thing had nothing to do with him and to stay away from it!!!!!!!!!!

    Then when they strike the oil he is standing on the stage praising the people that were involved and talking about the information being used and him directing his energy towards the project and making it work. I sat there thinking I was losing the plot, the people around me were at the same meetings and they were now cheering and praising Tony.

    Tony strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Spellcheck – shareholders


  11. Duped hareholders in INE make it possible for them to have Bentleys and Mercedes. If it were my money Quinn stole I would scream it from the rooftops.


  12. Most of the members are deluded. He gets involved in a lot of their businesses and takes a cut for given them some crappy advice. Then if the business goes bankrupt he is nowhere to be seen or doesn’t offer help to the business owners.

    His new poster for the group is man that runs a private jet company, I met him a few years back and seems like a nice fellow just heavily brainwashed. His aunty is Quinns right hand woman and he is married to another TQ fanatic.

    Any success they have in life they accredit to Tony and his information, I once questioned somebody that their success was down to them and nobody else, I nearly got attacked for saying such a thing.

    i also remember another time I was at a monthly meeting in Ballsbridge, after they all pulled up in their Bentleys and Mercedes they then just waffled on how well they were all doing. I told a major follower that I buy Omega 3 fish oils from Holland & Barrett as they were cheaper than TQ’s overpriced one’s. A difference of 35 euros, they attacked me and said the Holland fish oils were of inferior quality and Tonys were of superior quality and worth the extra money. They were both made by the same producer.

    I look back now and laugh at some of the crap, but I know so many people that got badly burned by the organization and his deluded crap.


  13. Tony Quinn fools Educo members into thinking they are co-creators of the perfect life. I was shocked at the way his staff are trained to work the room. The long drawn out slow paced talk puts them in a trance and some have catatonic seizures. His work is unmonitored and no medical standards adhered to and puts them at risk of developing mental health problems. They are discouraged from attending GP’s and mental health workers. This is a very serious matter.


  14. Who are the “famous mates” he talks about? He lives in his cult bubble with hypnotised servants.


  15. Quinn is stuck in his self-inflicted mind programming. Set flame to the lists of names.


  16. Are you the John the Baptist announcing the arrival of the young pretender. Is it the Xjet man or are we to look for another?


  17. Some of his followers had assigned roles also, some of them thought they were Moses and Mary. Bloody weirdo’s, they would have the beards.

    Tony is a complete Muppet who is making a fortune selling his crap. His new information, which is just the old information which still doesn’t make sense. I could never understand what the information was?? Every month you got a new letter from Tony saying how excited he was about the new information and the future.

    The monthly meetings were like a perv session for Tony, all the young big boob women would sit up the front with the low cut tops and short skirts, hanging on Tony’s every word.

    The guy had the biggest Ego of anybody I ever knew, he would take about his father and his own achievements and all his famous mates. It was interesting the first time, but after that it is boring. He is still going on about Collins and the boxing match, the operation and all the other crap he comes out with.

    Mad to think he is still getting people on the seminars!!!!!

    Tony also has a younger version of himself waiting in the wings to take over when he is no longer around. Another maniac with a big Ego

    Hail Tony


  18. “For years many Quinn devotees have believed that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, claiming he was in Nazareth and could walk on water.”

    His favourite projected picture and don’t I know it well; a desert-like scene looking at members of the cult and led to believe it was another lifetime of service to the mucky ‘messiah’. He preferred to use that one when they were new to the cult and gullible to whatever he said and so many of them throw to the wayside if they did not bow down to him. Stories like this were never meant to get out. They are not relevant to the new projected lifestyle.


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