Phony Tony’s at the ponies by Mick McCaffrey, Sunday World August 17, 2014

Here unlike the Sindo the Sunday World knows why they are keeping an eye on Tony. They were involved like DI with a major court case which was all about keeping Tony out of the courts. The Sunday World recently received a major financial settlement from the oil company that Guru Tony has under his mental conditioning. Note the bride of Christ is now not known as Eve but Amelie a South African. Earlier we had heard she was a golf pro, now it is boxing. She should have a few rounds with Steve Collins to understand hypnosis, and mental control….
PDF Courtesy of Sunday World:
Phony Tony

Phony Tony1Phony Tony2

22 Responses

  1. I like the image of the “frayed thread” as it is easier to imagine it disintegrating. Quinn’s projected image is very weak.

    Cowman talked about imagining the “enemy” as a quacking duck ( I presume the result being that no-one understands what they are saying) or a black spot that gets smaller and smaller till it disappears (that one still does the rounds). Imagining the “frayed thread” of undue influence disintegrating is far easier and more satisfying.


  2. Maybe the ones who leave are desperately trying to put their lives back together again and they do not want to draw any attention. Even though they are conscious of the harm done, it takes a brave soul to talk openly about what it was like for them in the Tony Quinn cult. I believe it will happen one day.

    Last but not least, good luck with your book.


  3. Disappointed educoist comment
    “I feel a blockage inside myself that I can’t seem to shift and somewhere I guess that if I open Pandora’s Box I don’t know what will happen so I keep a lid on it. I wonder whether other ex-educoists feel the same way?”
    I think so too. It is frightening when rage surfaces that is why I think the majority of his followers block it and try to have a normal a life as possible after leaving and the ones that cannot leave, Quinn keeps them placid when they question or disagree with him. Working hard with no time to think. He uses his followers to express anger, to keep each other in line. Cowman was lethal especially if she thought they were gossiping about her. When followers or ex-followers openly admit they have a problem with his philosophy his followers automatically blindly defend him. Perceived enemies are deliberately left defenceless and the feeling of helplessness of not being listened to, not being able to prove abuse, the anger can turn into rage.


  4. Had strange dreams over x-mas period about making great breakthroughs and looked at in the light of day it is garbage. Have the sense that Quinn is hunting to recruit with the ‘energy’. His power has diminished to a frayed thread that is so easy to break. Would I open another ‘door’ for him? No, I firmly slam it in his face.


  5. I would buy your book. I find it easier to write as memories crop up and it clears my mind and I grow stronger. It all comes together; an achievement to be proud of!


  6. “Of course when one starts to imagine things well it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.”

    I think, because of the type of environment he keeps them in, fears like that are ingrained. I cannot remember certain things being said but I do know that I was hypnotised to fear doing or saying anything because of how my ‘therapy’ and times with ‘top brass’ turned out.

    Writing a book is a great idea! If people do not get justice while Quinn is alive we will certainly get it when he is dead; another shocking Jimmy Savile like scenario!


  7. I have thought about writing a book about these experiences. It will imagine be a very therapeutic exercise.


  8. Hi Angie I have been at work over last few days and unable to get back here to comment.

    I think the motive that the TQ organisation had with those of us who attended the seminars was a level of control. The closer you came to TQ the greater the level of control especially if you might have been perceived as a threat. By telling me that he had the ability to block people’s energy was to frighten or stop me or anyone else from trying to challenge, or expose or anything of the like. It keeps you in the fold to get you to do what they want. Even if you don’t want to do what they want it serves the purpose of putting a little bit of fear into you of what might happen if you start to cause “trouble”. Of course when one starts to imagine things well it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Clever bit of hypnosis to control susceptible people. Of course not everyone falls for this but some of us do more than others.


  9. Disappointed Educoist

    Submitted on 2012/05/31 at 5:19 pm

    To jog your memory you commented on the above date: “I think it is true that TQ has found a way of taking other peoples energy. I remember one of the “top brass” telling me that there are ways to block and take someone’s energy if they weren’t doing what was required.”

    What motive do you think the person had to say that to you? What effect did it have on you?


  10. If your anger is blocking you, you need to find a way to release it.


  11. Part of the healing process is to understand the reasons why you feel the way you do. It is natural to want to deny Quinn access to your energy. It is also natural for someone to hold back from expressing themselves when they fear being taken advantage of again. I do not think that anyone can fully understand the extent of emotional trauma that happens when abused in this manner. Due to the effects of Quinn’s influence, in rejecting him we also reject who we are now because both were intertwined while the process was taking place. Coming to terms with loss, financial and friendships, however difficult, is necessary for change to occur.

    I sincerely hope that you work your way through it, taking note of automatic reactions to certain stimuli in order to undo/change the hypnotically placed thought or feeling that comes up.

    The lesson for all of us is that positive thinking is good as long as you don’t fall into the trap of believing the fantasy driven distorted ‘philosophy’. Quinn is intent on proving that IT works. I would say that psychopaths usually do get what they want by lying and abusing others. All of them were taken in by his lie of “making the world a better place” when in reality he was focused on attaining wealth and living the life he wanted and all they got in return was a paltry sum of money to get them off his back. How do they feel about it? I do not know, however, it would be unnatural to feel no resentment or even hatred towards him and ‘top brass’ depending on the extent of abuse they were subjected to while under his control.


  12. Disappointed Educoist

    Initially, I was of the opinion that no-one would understand the level of abuse that happens in the Educo cult, however, I was listening to a programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday evening and I know that questions are being asked and answered about the true nature of what it is to be human and the, so called, benefits of fantasy driven guru philosophy and self-help books that are infiltrating the market. Educated people who practiced meditation now understand that it was not for their own benefit, they realise that they were disempowered and used to empower the guru and this is exactly what Quinn did. He used hypnosis coupled with knowledge gained about how to access other peoples energy and used it for his own benefit. His true purpose was and still is hidden from new recruits; ex-quinnites who knew his true purpose worked very close with him and paved the way by drawing people into the cult. The vast majority, however, had no inkling of this and they were totally under Quinn’s influence and seduced into believing a pack of lies. Since many ex-quinnites have been thrown out of the cult, rejected by Quinn because they could not accept the level of his greed, I doubt very much that they would say now what they said then that hurt you so much.

    The abuse can takes years to accept never mind heal from it. It all seems unbelievable and that is exactly what they would want, that you would question whether it did happen and whether people would believe that what you say is possible in the first place. Have no doubt that your experiences were real and accept that you were influenced to give Quinn what he wanted from you at that time.

    You may find that certain cult members and hurtful incidents are uppermost in your memory, take centre stage. It is very helpful, although it takes time, to put the whole story together, however, I would advise that you first ignore what is uppermost and write about the journey taken, starting from the beginning, as if listening to someone else telling their story, bearing in mind when looking at the overall picture that much of it happened because of Quinn’s influence on the people who initially introduced you to the Educo cult. It all falls into place and made easier to talk about. It is no reflection on you if your doctor, or anyone else you choose to speak to, does not fully understand the negative group dynamic, hypnosis and energy manipulation.


  13. Hi Angie

    I can relate to your comment about not understanding why many more ex-quinnites & ex-educoists have not spoken out.

    Out on those seminars you see and experience things that just don’t happen in everyday life that it is difficult to make sense of it all. I can only speak from my experience but I would agree that there is an element of fear involved.

    I question myself did it all really happen the way that I think it did? Am I mistaken regarding the things I witnessed and experienced, have I done something wrong and missed something in the “teachings”? Was I compliant in anyway that means that I am to blame for my so called lack of success? Is there something wrong with me because things didn’t work out the way that I expected them to? Why were people so nasty to me at times during the seminars & Sunday meetings? Am I to blame for all of this?

    I understand only too clearly the dangers of unregulated hypnosis and the use of it. I feel a blockage inside myself that I can’t seem to shift and somewhere I guess that if I open Pandora’s Box I don’t know what will happen so I keep a lid on it. I wonder whether other ex-educoists feel the same way?

    I also haven’t taken any medical advice. I approached my GP to get some help but was met with no interest in helping me to find a solution to how I feel about all of this. I am not in a financial situation to be able to afford counseling and I would be a bit wary of it (another program) and that helps to keep me stuck.

    I can’t discuss this with family, friends & certainly not my work colleague’s. I find myself not really interested in people the way I used to be and this experience has had a profound impact on how much I trust people now. I don’t socialise much again due to how little trust I have in people these days.

    Sticking my head in the sand so to speak is not a solution and you are right when you say talking about it helps. It is finding the people with whom you can talk about it and not feel judged. The problem is that it is difficult to find those people.

    To Ex-educoist Angie’s posts have helped me immensely. I often find myself thinking about what she has posted. Sometimes I agree sometimes I don’t. However overall she hits the nail on the head and is attempting along with Dialogue Ireland to provide some insight into cults and in this case the impact Tony Quinn has had on her life as well as encouraging others to speak out.


  14. By the way, I only speak to professionals about personal experiences and you may be very surprised that, even though I believe I have sufficient insight, their input expands my understanding of how I was manipulated and why I experience what I do, even to this day.

    Instead of running away from it in fear of the sorcerer, which so many have done, I wholeheartedly take the opportunity to educate myself.


  15. The real work of informing people who need information is to commend about the cults and how they operate. It is also important that they get insight into leaders of these cults and their motives. I am very happy to inform you that I have come a very long way since I started and continue to observe and talk about how it had and sporadically continues to effect me. I would consider it very unhealthy if I did not comment or speak about it.

    It could be the case that you did not attend Eccles Street for the amount of years I have and possibly you were not targeted and so were not as affected. I cannot understand why many more ex-quinnites and ex-educoists have not spoken out about it. Are they still in fear of him?


  16. Have taken note of your opinion and am very happy to ignore it.


  17. The picture on the right really demonstrates that the cuddly Tony image is only a ploy that the Indo fell for, I guess he recognised the Sunday World photographer and new straight away that he wouldn’t fool them, hence the gloomy look :)
    Fair play to the SW for keeping the heat on him.

    As an ex educoist I’m sure glad that I’ve been able to restrain myself from having to be the most regular person commenting on these posts….hint hint Angie, its not healthy to be so obsessive, less is more most times.


  18. An obvious danger is when people on seminars are hypnotically influenced to sell seminars and family members/partners and people who attend their gyms are, more than likely, subjected to the sales pitch and very vulnerable to the result of Quinn’s focus on recruiting. They need to be informed of the controversy that surrounds Quinn.


  19. Quinnites wake up to a jumped up butcher
    he is no more than a snake oil salesman of his twisted logic of deception and deceit


  20. As for their belief in Quinn’s ability to walk on water he has yet to prove it. It is very rare that a mother’s belief and adoration of Jesus would have the effect it had on Quinn. It is well known how competitive he is and I speculate that her faith caused feelings of envy to a point where he set out to prove himself as good as if not superior to Jesus, brainwashing his followers into believing that he is the reincarnated Jesus, demanding complete loyalty in a ritual of kneeling before him to gain entrance into the cult and demanding that they have complete faith in him!


  21. INE shareholders denied dividends seem helpless while Quinn gambles their money. He struts around with a young woman hoping that he will be the envy of onlookers, no sign of remorse for his criminal activity. Amelie IS a good example of the Educo lifestyle; she also benefits from “other people’s money”.

    When I question why Educoists and Quinnites stay silent I can only think that it is the measure of Quinn’s influence. I honestly do not know how followers can reconcile him being Jesus/God and the lifestyle he lives. It reminds me of a story I heard from ‘top brass’ about the flower that twists and turns, growing very crooked, in its attempt to get life from the sun. Quinn has no conscience about what he does; using hypnosis to distort and twist their minds into believing they cannot live or achieve anything without his input and all of this deliberate on his part.

    He reaps what he sows and the eternal nightmare awaits him!!!


  22. Money talks especially when you can flaunt it .
    Supporters wake up and smell the coffee.


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