Cardinal Brady replies to DI and agrees to meeting concerning the House of Prayer, Achill

The Director of Dialogue Ireland received a reply from Cardinal Brady in which he had expressed his concerns about the activities of the House of Prayer in Achill. He has replied in terms the Director is totally familiar with as the victim families have informed him of similar sentiments.

The Cardinal is open to a meeting so obviously the content of the communications will remain confidential.

August 9 2014




5 Responses

  1. ‘Yes! dialogueireland your lies and hate fest will be exposed!’
    ‘Decent Catholic’,
    that is a typical Patrick Coleman type of comment. Deluded.
    However, question is, why didn’t he show up sooner for the CG money scam?
    God does work in mysterious ways after all.


  2. Yes! dialogueireland your lies and hate fest will be exposed!


  3. Maybe he cannot come to terms with a heresy because to acknowledge same would require action on his part and for what ever reason probably because of other issues in the closet that they dare not confront
    they leave it lie an open affront to decent Catholics. The end result will be a nation of collapsed Catholics where the pillars of the Church have crumbled and the roof has come crashing down crushing the faithful .
    The Hierarchy could have sent the matter to Rome for judgement but dare not confront McGinnity head on.
    I am reminded of Christ teachings about the Shepherd going to rescue the lost sheep.
    Clearly he cares more about the Institution of the Church than about those that have been abused by the HOP leaving the vulnerable in a confused state of error rather than being put back on a straight path.
    They don’t need to see into McGinnity’s soul which is clearly a very confused one, a room full of people praying the rosary believing in a false visionary and her fabled usury message should not get succour. To mix up the metaphors, it’s the silence of the lambs.
    Never have the words sheep and flock being more apt to describe the condition of the faithful here abandoned to their fate by a Shepherd who could not care less. The sin of silence makes him a coward.
    There is none so blind as those who see the evidence as plain as the nose on your face but refuse to acknowledge the tsunami of evidence out there. He would rather see them drown than rescue them from their fate. Hopefully DI can bring the issues to the Cardinal’s attention if he is indeed ready to meet you?


  4. This is brilliant news…Maybe the Cardinal has at long last seen the light and will finally do something to put an end to the travesty that is the HOP…The only way I see this happening is to disipline Fr McGinnity and confine him to his parish and break off all contact with CG…Everybody knows that she cannot survive without him He is the one who has given her credence over all these years….So I shall await with bated breath to hear the outcome of this meeting…I hope you get the appointment soon as I believe he is due to retire shortly….You might convey to him that in dealing with this and finally putting to bed this long and sorry saga will be his greatest swansong before leaving office….Good Luck…Mick


  5. Congrats!


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