Christina Gallagher the con continues .. who will be the successor?


Recently the House of Prayer celebrated its 22nd year of operating a total scam. However, the emergence of Ms Martina Caffrey is part of the reshaping of the organisation with Fr McGinnity still under a cloud and reaching the age of retirement.  His cover has been the presence of Cardinal Brady who as the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland is able to dampen down any criticism of of developments in Achill. It is clear that someone has something explosive on Brady as even though he is a Canon lawyer he seems incapable of seeing the clear evidence for the abuse of his members and the terrible toll this taking on the victims. Likely Caffrey is to feed the lie that this is a youth movement. After her mother brought her and her sister from when they were quite young. They are really HofP groupies.


I heard about another case of young woman who was told she was going to Knock only to end up in Achill incarcerated for the day.


People have written to him and have sought redress but he is fighting to exit from his ministry without slipping on a banana skin. He has left a terrible legacy in regard to his failures in regard to child protection issues and has been resolved in the courts with major financial settlements. Now added to this are vulnerable adults incapable of being able to protect themselves due to lack of internet knowledge. also they are warned to keep away from the papers as they are from the devil. I wrote to Cardinal Brady in the middle of June seeking a meeting and have like most people not even had the acknowledgement you give to a communication.

He clearly does not want to have to open a new front before he hands in his notice on August 16. There is a new Archbishop waiting in the wings, but his exit is going to be a stage managed event. It now looks like we will now have to stage a major protest when he in fact leaves. He has rejected all overtures to resolve this.

In fact already Pope Francis who has been approached by the victims has bottled this one and he is already showing signs of falling into the Curial ways of the Vatican. As a commentator on this issue for over a decade I am struck at the absence of any major reporting on this except for the sterling work of Jim Gallagher whose excellent work Immaculate Deception was published in 2009. He in a very clear and in a direct manner showed the absolute falsehood behind this veneer of spirituality. The failure of the Catholic Church, the Papal Nuncio and also the clergy of a conservative or liberal bent to speak up on this issue and to even mention this open sore will add further to the terminal decline the Church here is headed down. They have lost the elderly, the middle and working classes, intellectuals and show no signs of being able to turn this around. The attempt to hold onto National School Education by forcing people to have children baptised is nothing more than simony- the sacrament offered for an educational inducement when these are National Schools not Primary or Faith schools now described. It is also in breach of the Constitution.

Also it looks like the Directors who currently run the House of Prayer include the most zealous and people who will enter into hand to hand  combat to preserve the status quo.
All the people of conscience have seen through the lies and deceit and resigned to be maligned as under God’s wrath. Even a recent hurricane which came near to one of the former members was seen as the judgement of God on our blog. I would predict that Pat Coleman is positioning himself as the heir apparent to take over from Christina in a palace coup ostensibly to protect her.
Below is a picture of his brother Niall and if anyone has picture of his brother Pat do send it to us

Pat C

He lost a lot of his family’s resources in supporting the HofP but sees himself as great pretender to cash in when the big lie is uncovered. He has no actual training or expertise so is hoping by his zealot behaviour to prove worthy to take over. I saw his fanaticism at first hand in Thurles last March.
This is the silly season but August can spring some surprises. We await the next move and the purchase of the next house. Do let us know if you have seen one near you? Tell tale signs are high walls, security lights and gates.

Abingdon CG1

9 Responses

  1. For someone who holds herself in such high regard that she ‘hears’ supposedly divine messages I am very surprised that she did not concoct a ‘religious’ background.

    It’s hard to fathom why people take Joe Coleman seriously; not the staged ‘reverence’ of Gallagher and McGinnity, his motor mouth religious fervour is very off-putting. Is he aware of the damage done to peoples’ eyesight when staring at the sun?

    As for Martina Caffrey, her religious logic is distorted by Gallagher and her thought process more suited to writing fairy stories.


  2. No we have no real information on her early life. No doubt it was attended by an angel-Lucifer


  3. Sounds like she’s having a ball while the fearful followers are on their knees praying. I would be interested in reading about her childhood and what she did before she started tarot reading. Is there any information on Dialogue you can point to?


  4. No she has not gone away, but where it was all Mary before now she claims Jesus is telling her all this guff.
    1. Jesus said to her one thing you lack give all you have to the poor. She was sorrowful and returned to behind the great wall with security cameras. Why? Because she was very wealthy. Also he did not believe her when she said she was a poor housewife. Now she was off in England with a guy and was observed by one of her supporters.


  5. Has Christina lost her ‘power’ of ‘predictions’? Or has she gotten tired of the ‘holy’ role she plays?


  6. Pat Coleman to overthrow Christina and Martina Caffrey to take over the role of McGinnity. I think she could have written the Ireland’s Eye August advert for the House of Prayer.


  7. Hi Mike, I can indeed confirm that the HoP is targeting youth, I myself was approached by a nice elderly lady about this Youth Day that the House of Prayer was having. Cue a long argument about the canonical status of Christina Gallagher’s enterprise. In addition, I saw the same event being advertised in a local supermarket about a week later. This was about last October, so I will not be suprised if a similar event is being organised for this year. I think young people should be warned about this in case they end up getting sucked in.


  8. We will evaluate your claim after obtaining legal advice. We would see our use of the material as “fair usage.” Also we would need the copyright owner to contact us directly with this request. We can’t respond to anonymous requests. Failing that we have no duty to respond. Mike Garde Director Dialogue Ireland


  9. Mr Garde you are consistently and extensively making use of copyrighted images without permission to embellish what is otherwise a tediously dull totally false and defamatory gossip-shop blog on the House of Prayer. You are hereby notified that you do not have permission from the owner for use of these images and texts and you are publishing them outside the boundaries of ‘fair trading’ and you are prejudicing the rights of the copyright owner. You are required to cease your use of all these images and texts and to remove them from your blog on this and all previous posts and to immediately desist.


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