Tony Quinn: From Comm2Post A salutatory Story from Disappointed Educoist

DI has met this person and confirms this tragic story. Sold a pup and lost all. We suggest a case for misrepresentation and fraud. Tony has escaped the courts and is back on Howth Pier… you get my drift?
Protest off INE+Educo

Disappointed Educoist protesting outside the Fake AGM in in September 2012.

Submitted on 2014/08/06 at 12:40 pm to the post
Tony Quinn on charm offensive. I am just a regular guy in love

I have not commented on this website for sometime as I have been piecing my life back together after my experience at the hands of Tony Quinn and Educo.

This photograph makes me feel sick. I guess the organisation now feel that it is time for Tony to make a reappearance in the public domain after the fiasco of the oil and the subsequent court case. Please do not be fooled.

This man is dangerous for your mental and financial health as I can attest to. I spent far too many years following Tony and attempting to put into practice what he preaches with little success. I have now had to start again at the bottom of my chosen career and have lost everything because of my involvement in this organisation.

If anyone is reading this website and is thinking of going onto a seminar don’t go. It will screw up your mind. The kind of techniques that Quinn uses are dangerous for the normal member of public who are persuaded to attend these seminars. Your mental health could be severely compromised.

If you dare to question anything you will be treated in a disgusting manner and if you work for them you will be working long hours and little reward except that you are working for Tony. If you are lucky you may catch the great man’s attention if you are an attractive female or if you are willing to do anything to sell the seminars. Otherwise you will be laughed or spoken about in disrespectful terms.

Of course the die hard Quinnites will come out and start insulting me and blame me for my lack of success. The one thing I will say that since I have removed myself from this organisation I have more peace in my life as I am no longer beating myself up and blaming myself for my lack of success in Tony Quinn’s eyes. I do however still blame myself for ever getting involved with this organisation and the damage I caused to my financial future. I should be earning mega bucks at the top of my career instead of earning what I earned when I first started out over 20 years ago. I have lost everything my house and am bankrupt because of my involvement in Educo.

Be careful of the Educo publicity machine it is very subtle and it is also very easy to be manipulated into putting money into an organisation that does not have any respect for most of its followers.

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  1. One of the main features in any abusive cult/relationship is to isolate the person from supportive loved ones and friends, curtailing relationships that do not serve their purpose. When loved ones are vilified, considered inept, perceived as critical and rejecting, it is no surprise that those who leave a cult, having experienced all of this, are over cautious about speaking out for fear of rejection, yet again.

    I did not believe that the first therapist I went to was capable of helping me come to terms with what happened. I saw her as too ordinary (very different from the cultic therapist who used the ‘magical force’ of hypnotic suggestion.

    It was her ordinariness that grounded me. I remember her as being sensitive, kind and caring. She did not understand Quinn’s cultic undue influence; however, I had the experience of a therapist who had no agenda accept to support me in moving forward with my life.

    When victims of abuse manage to open up in therapy or to anyone else who they perceive has having good intentions towards them, it is quite possible that the support they receive may not be sufficient at this time. Rather than cutting them off it is best to keep some semblance of communication open when possible, to avoid isolation, and persist with it.


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