Tony Quinn on charm offensive. I am just a regular guy in love

Tony Quinn kissing in HowthThere are a lot of people who would like to know where their money has gone. We look forward to the next installment of this new cuddly Tony and what his next move will be. Ours is eternal vigilance and waiting for people who have come to awareness about Quinn to speak out……

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  1. What a load of nonsense clearly paid for advertising to promote himself again, he must really think people will forget the nasty evil side of this man that has robbed and pillaged good people.


  2. You say: “I hope to move on fairly soon from this environment but I had to go through this to gain experience”

    Whatever opposition you perceive, knowing what you need to do and following it through is testimony to your strength of character.


  3. I fully understand and sympathise with your dilemma. It is only when women share information about the ‘relationships’ they had in the cult will they fully understand the manipulative control Quinn had/has and how other members of the cult were used to manipulate each other for the benefit of the cult. Bringing two people together when they are in a trance state of ‘love’ is not conducive to a long term relationship; there is no foundations accept hypnotic suggestion. I understand why you would think you “would be judged harshly as being foolish for getting involved in the first place”. The reality of it is, you did not know what you were getting into and are not responsible for other peoples’ well thought out plan of action to control you and others, including the guy you believed you had a relationship with. He was and still is controlled by Tony Quinn and, as such, he is not in control of his life, Quinn is.

    You say: “I don’t want to have to explain to anyone what happened for it to be misunderstood and my trust & confidence to be broken.”

    I agree that you need to be careful about who you discuss cultic experiences with. If they are educated in the area of cultic practices and mind controlling techniques there is always the fear they will use them without consent for purposes unknown to you, however, many professionals, for instance, your doctor and psychotherapists, do not use hypnosis. They are sympathetic and intelligent enough to understand the seriousness of the effects brought about by unscrupulous cultic groups; talking about it helps you to appreciate the terrible wrong they have done to you. What they do is a deliberate shock to the whole system and to come to an understanding of what happened is also quite shocking. Yes, it can leave you speechless; I feel it as having my frontal lobes stunned and my thought process put out of action, however, as you have previously expressed, this state does not block out the awareness of the depth of cruelty involved on their part and the dangers of Tony Quinn and ‘top brass’ manipulations. Ignoring it leaves one in a state of limbo, a serious wrong left hanging in the air. What needs to be done to resolve it?

    It takes a number of years of undue influence to damage a person and possibly the same number to regain fully what you have lost to the cult/abusive relationships.

    With support the illusion of choice within a cultic group/s will pinpoint where the real fault lies; our generation is bombarded with self-help books to recognise and make use of inner power and the guru’s power supposedly to help us become enlightened. The scale of abuse is being uncovered daily. The only scenario I see open to us is to rectify it by whatever means are available no matter how long it takes and for individuals to take it seriously, deal with it and educate their families about the dangers.


  4. Hi Angie I shake my head
    Good to hear from you as well.

    How I resonate with the comments you make “Be very wary when a cult member, who looks like butter would not melt in his/her mouth, is ever so friendly and interested in your life. The man/women of your dreams might suddenly appear and pull the rug from under your feet.”

    I was played and strung along in such a manner. When I look back now I actually don’t know that person who became so entrenched in this organisation. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    I shake my head in amazement at how quickly I became influenced and at how hard I tried to “fit” in. How I completely lost my confidence and my ability to stand up for myself. I am still working on that one.

    My involvement in Educo has such far reaching ramifications that I shake my head even thinking about them. I now long hours for appalling pay and I can see my co-workers wondering what I am doing here? With all of my expertise that is not recognised by my bosses. I have been treated very poorly and spoken to very badly but I hope to move on fairly soon from this environment but I had to go through this to gain experience.

    I don’t speak about my experience in Educo as it would be poorly understood and I would be judged harshly as being foolish for getting involved in the first place. I can’t be bothered to spend much time with most people outside of work as I don’t want to have to explain to anyone what happened for it to be misunderstood and my trust & confidence to be broken.

    I am glad that I am managing to piece my life back together although it is a slow process and sometimes it is easier to just stick my head in the sand and not think about anything. That of course is not the answer in the long term.

    I wonder if others who have left the organisation have felt this way? Educo has been excellent at keeping us all apart and distrustful of each other. Such is the culture of this organisation.

    I worry that this charm offensive is going to start to persuade the public that TQ is harmless fellow who does no harm. Please do not be fooled this is not the case.


  5. Being set up to ‘fall in love’ was also part of the seminar experience, walks on the pier in Howth instigated by ‘Top Brass’, set up with someone increased the chances they would remain in the cult. Walking on air with the one you supposedly ‘love’ and how sweet it looks. The fairy tale come true; at least, that is how it looks.

    They take note of what you say and use it to take advantage. Be very wary when a cult member, who looks like butter would not melt is his/her mouth, is ever so friendly and interested in your life. The man/woman of your dreams might suddenly appear and pull the rug from under your feet. Waking up from the induced so called ‘higher’ dimension can be the worst experience of your life.


  6. Disappointed Educoist

    It has been a long time and It’s good to read your cautionary comment on Quinn. You may have had to start from the beginning career wise, however, I am sure your expertise is invaluable. So many were manipulated to give up their career and now working thanklessly for Quinn, finding out the hard way that the short period of time he spent with them was enough to ruin them, taking a path he hypnotically suggested rather than staying with their choice of career. It’s good to know you have peace in your life now.


  7. I intend to post this comment on the blog. Thank you


  8. I have not commented on this website for sometime as I have been piecing my life back together after my experience at the hands of Tony Quinn and Educo.

    This photograph makes me feel sick. I guess the organisation now feel that it is time for Tony to make a reappearance in the public domain after the fiasco of the oil and the subsequent court case. Please do not be fooled.

    This man is dangerous for your mental and financial health as I can attest to. I spent far too many years following Tony and attempting to put into practice what he preaches with little success. I have now had to start again at the bottom of my chosen career and have lost everything because of my involvement in this organisation.

    If anyone is reading this website and is thinking of going onto a seminar don’t go. It will screw up your mind. The kind of techniques that Quinn uses are dangerous for the normal member of public who are persuaded to attend these seminars. Your mental health could be severely compromised.

    If you dare to question anything you will be treated in a disgusting manner and if you work for them you will be working long hours and little reward except that you are working for Tony. If you are lucky you may catch the great man’s attention if you are an attractive female or if you are willing to do anything to sell the seminars. Otherwise you will be laughed or spoken about in disrespectful terms.

    Of course the die hard Quinnites will come out and start insulting me and blame me for my lack of success. The one thing I will say that since I have removed myself from this organisation I have more peace in my life as I am no longer beating myself up and blaming myself for my lack of success in Tony Quinn’s eyes. I do however still blame myself for ever getting involved with this organisation and the damage I caused to my financial future. I should be earning mega bucks at the top of my career instead of earning what I earned when I first started out over 20 years ago. I have lost everything my house and am bankrupt because of my involvement in Educo.

    Be careful of the Educo publicity machine it is very subtle and it is also very easy to be manipulated into putting money into an organisation that does not have any respect for most of its followers.


  9. That photo gives me the creeps. It looks staged.

    Prolonged eye contact is how Quinn keeps them connected to him and them with each other and encouraged particularly between cult couples; gazing into each other’s eyes ‘in the energy’ supposedly reconnects them to the love in each other again, however, this practice does not create meaningful relationships nor does it guarantee that the ‘pleasure’ of each other’s company will last. Judging by what Quinn said on a seminar, the ideal result is the cognitive mind will forget/let go of relationship problems and the resulting hypnotic trance has benefits; if you can’t feel your husband physically standing on you it is not a problem then, is it? Non reaction to what is said or done is seen as positive according to Quinn; stunning and stunting a person’s cognitive and emotional ability to express themselves.

    He uses hypnotic eye contact on seminars to bring them under his influence and control and he also affects their energy; under these circumstances it is too easy to convince them that they are ‘amazing’ and guys are easily led to believe that the opposite sex will find them irresistible. We all know about the effect he has or had on his mesmerised female followers and the alleged sexual assault charges brought against him.

    “I wear shades because my future is so bright”, an American expression used like a mantra in Educo. Influencing people to make eye contact for whatever purpose, can be avoided somewhat if you keep your shades on and helps to avoid very awkward situations. Even when unintended, the programmed ‘magical’ eye contact can mislead when mistaken for love or sexual interest.

    Deliberately holding prolonged eye contact is a well-known tool that psychopaths use to influence and control, to use and abuse. It is known that Quinn puts people into a state of unconsciousness without their consent and this being the case; he is a person to be avoided totally.


  10. Poser shot for his foolies? For years he’s done that to all the girls a guys. Look into the eyes. Mesmorise and control. ‘in love’ with himself more like…….


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