Maria Divine Mercy: My brother has gone missing, not geographically but mentally

We are happy to publish the testimony of a family member about the loss of affection and connection with their loved one… It is also the loss of relationship and engagement… Send us your story too….

Mary at wedding May 31 2014


Maria Divine Mercy

I have a family member which has become under the influence of the Mary Carberry/prophecies.

For over a year now my brother has been following the messages of this self-styled seer and I feel both his health & the closeness of our family is suffering under the strain of the hold this woman’s fear inciting teachings has on him. I feel as though my brother’s life is becoming consumed with these fantastical messages relating to a second coming, dooms day & the Anti-Christ. He feels he ‘must’ go to mass each day, pray the ‘recommended’ prayers, frequent prayer groups and is constantly checking online for new messages & signs of the prophecies coming true.

It has become increasingly difficult to discuss with my brother his beliefs in these messages, as there is no logic or common sense involved, it is just blind faith in the fear inciting messages that Mary Carbery produces. And because of this, it is difficult for us to ascertain whether my brother has handed over any money, although I suspect he has purchased the book He has also bought numerous religious trinkets & crucifixes, but I do not know if these have been through the MDM website.

To me, it is wholly obvious that Mary Carberry is a cunning business woman, knowing exactly how to create ‘stickiness’ to her website (as she mentions in an article for Irish Business and Leadership journal in December 2009 –, a well known method to make users return to a website – The stickiness technique that she employs is fear & the audience she has chosen are the vulnerable.

I just hope my brother will realise soon that Mary Carberry is a business women out to make money and considering her association with other murky business people in this area, it will hopefully only be a matter of time before this fraud is fully exposed. In the meantime, it is a very distressing and frustrating time for our family.

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  1. Holy moly. Was that THE “Joe Duffy” who made that comment above in support of MDM? There must be more than 1 Joe Duffy, right? Compare that comment with the “Joe Duffy” who hosted a radio program last week asking callers “Who is Maria Divine Mercy.” One and the same?


  2. I can not accept MDM at all. To call yourself Maria Divine Mercy is suspect. Only Jesus is Divine Mercy. Sister Faustina was known as the apostle of Divine Mercy but never referred to herself as Maria does. There is only one book of truth and that is the Bible. Even her messages distort the true bible text and truth handed down by the church


  3. If she is false, and I really don’t know, she can only ride this train for so long. What happens if Pope Francis passes away down the road and there is no antichrist that he has welcomed into Rome? I have read most of the messages and continue to do so, some are very beautiful (even if not written by Christ himself) The problem I have with it all is that ALL the Saints have always been obedient to the Church, even when the Church was cruel to them. Look at Padre Pio, he even had to stop saying Mass for a time because he was obedient! Always, every Saint followed direction from the church, right or wrong. Also, some of the messages say for us to gather extra food and water and have the seal of the living God visible in your home. I don’t ever remember in the bible God saying to worry about these things. In fact, in the bible God does not want us to worry but place all our trust in Him. I doubt a piece of paper will save us from harm. How many Christians have been persecuted and died for their faith? God allows these things to occur, not because he wants them to happen, but they do happen all the time. There is many good people on this website, but to have to pray all these crusade prayers everyday is a huge task, not to mention a rosary and divine mercy (which are wonderful prayers.) You would need at least a few hours a night to put aside. I do not not know the real answers, but I do ask for discernment everyday. I appreciate your article. I hope the truth is given to us all.


  4. It is clear that the aim is to incite suspicion, fear and hatred of the Catholic Church. They use and abuse the words of Jesus to promote their, so called, predictions. How much mileage can Mary Carberry get out of the words “a breath of fresh air”, supposedly a description of the new Pope that proves he is an antichrist? Whatever the difference in beliefs she cannot deny documented proof that she is scamming people, a self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ interested in profit, she is no different to any other opportunist who uses religion to fill their bank accounts. If anything it points to a total lack of conscience, based on a foundation of lies that should be a warning to everyone.


  5. Jesus warned us in the Bible to beware of false prophets who are wolves in sheeps clothing. Jesus reveals himself in the Bible – read it and discern. Blessing to all





  7. I’ve investigated Maria Divine Mercy fully over last 3 years and find no one under any duress to follow anything on website .

    And who are you when you are in your right mind?

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  8. I’ve investigated Maria Divine Mercy fully over last 3 years and find no one under any duress to follow anything on website .Unlike other movements this one is left completely in free will of person who reads message and decides to say Crusade Prayers .There seemingly has been many people brought back to Roman Catholic Church through these messages and Crusade Prayers .Fruits from what I have gathered show me everyone who has genuinely taken on whats said in messages become a fervent follower of Holy sacraments in Roman Catholic Church .Unlike other movements and dialogue ireland there is no money making exercise through donations all proceeds go back into sale of Books Of Truth and and Medals of Salvation .All people who work for Maria around world give their time freely because they wish not because they are forced to do it by any mind controlled techniques or anything else .Maybe you all may learn something by reading messages yourselves ! God bless


  9. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I have a friend who is the same way. It is so sad when they get totally consumed with these “end time so called prophets.” The money they give to these people is astronomical.

    Finally I sat down with my friend and explained to them the way I felt which was:

    “Not even Jesus knows when the world is going to end. Only God does. If Jesus does come tomorrow what are you going to do about it? The main thing is to live our lives for today. Do the best we can today, and pray for mercy tonight. It is more important that we are “raptured” with God daily, and not wait for one single day.”

    I also told them: “If I knew for a fact Jesus was coming tomorrow and I was going to plant a tree today, I would plant my tree today. I firmly believe that is how Jesus expects us to live the life, God has bestowed upon us.”

    After much thought on the matter they agreed, and I have heard no more. To me they miss so much joy they could be having with our Lord. So much peace, as they are always in a turmoil.

    Since the beginning of time there have been wars, plagues, diseases, famine, climate change and anything else these people are using as a so called “sign.” It could be true. Jesus wants us more than anything to have peace, and these people to me destroy so much of it in others.

    Praying for your brother. God Bless, SR


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  11. Thanks for keeping me abreast of the latest novelties in Irish spirituality Blessings, Paul


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